Dear Hearts,
As September has now arrived and as the beautiful un-foldment of the exquisiteness of the light beingness that you are continues to arise…the beautiful transitional doorways are opening amongst you, around you, throughout you and within every particle of your being.  Enjoy and celebrate the omnipotence that is opening up around you because you are becoming you beyond the ego and all of the outcomes and situations it has created for you. Enjoy the fruition and all of the fruitfullness of the un-foldments that are being offered and given to you and that are becoming available to you.The gifts that are being given to you are the gifts that you have been asking for that are now being offered and received.  These gifts are gifts of freedom that are coming from the universe for you to come into your fullest of potential and to experience your birth rite.  Your eternal beingness is opening up, being offered, being given and now being received through the fourth dimensional plane of this exquisite manifestation.  As you are letting forth creation revolve and evolve around you, let yourself be open and fearless as when you are fearless you are available.  When you are available you are becoming and being shown your omnipotence.

As you look at the phantoms and the deities happening around you, the what if’s, what if not and the colorful thought forms of survival, fear and despair that have been plaguing you.  As you look at them, not process them, you can question ‘what is there to fear?’, ‘what is there to be unsettled about?’, ‘what is there to be unhappy about?’…all of  your phantoms truly no longer have the ability to rule your life, to run your world, to run creation nor to have a place to manifest within creation.

While for eons these phantoms have had the most beautiful impact upon you to assist you in your awakening but yet they no longer have the ability to impact you at all.  These phantoms are no more than just a heightened impulse of combustible energy and deities that are now becoming dis-empowered and demagnetized.  Good-bye to all of the old, good-bye to this once overpowering force that said run, run, run and go, go, go

As you are now questioning ‘why am I running?’, ‘what and whom am I running from?’.  You are questioning ‘why would I run from a phantom? from a deity?’ when it has zero power over me and zero power within me.

You are no longer like a dog being chased by its tail.  No longer divinity being chased by an ego.  Let’s stop right here and listen to the underlying state that is no longer so underlying anymore.  What does it have to share?  Who’s voice has it been?  Let’s let yourself become louder as these colorful deities die off as the clutter is removed by your voices of love, integrity, gentleness and divinity.

Let yourself let all that is not you be fully decomposed, dis-empowered, dissolved and resolved of all of it’s chitter chatter and all of it’s run, run, run, go, go, go from a lot of nothingness, from all of the voices, from all of the combustible energies of emotions that have had the power of nothingness.  You are letting them all be done permanently.  You are being and becoming you without any other manipulated, metastasized facets of chaos that had been without you.  You are reclaiming all of oneself to be filled up with nothing less than lightness, divinity, omnipotence and brilliance.  You without any deities that are being ran and ran by a lot of combustible internalized parts and a lot of an absence of you.

Now you are embodying and being engrossed by the light beingness of the whole universe itself…universes, within universes, within universes.  You are marrying, embodying and being embraced through the murkiness, which at one point was as dense as the most condensed tar pits, and now isn’t it brilliant to watch the cloudiness and fogginess become crystal clear as the purest air.  Now you are watching the density becoming particles of light beingness.  Now you are watching the murkiest crystal from a crystalline structure become the most shiniest particles of the most brilliant diamond as the facet of creator that you are and always have been.

So let’s say ‘I as creator command it so’.  You as creator are saying ‘here I am let’s go’…you as creator are saying ‘let there only be love’ rather than ‘there I was and what happened?’ (rather than ‘bring it on and yet I am afraid and don’t want to be emotionally hurt’.  Fear is nothing but the absence of you.) You as creator are saying ‘I will no longer have any particle of my being without me which is light, love and divinity.  Let’s go’.

You as creator could never be afraid nor hurt by anything.  Bring it on without any contemplation about ‘it’.

We love you and honor you as the light beingness, the brilliance and the beauty that you are.  From creator that we are to the creator that you are…from the light beingness that we will always be to the light beingness that you will always be…to eternity and beyond…


William and Mary Linville