asteroid with 6 dust trails
3 days ago, Nov 11

Might that be a good date for The Event? The portal closes on December 25th, remember and we would then have to wait until March, I believe, for the next opportunity for The Event to take place.

Personally, I feel that Ison is a very important part of what is about to happen. Not all comets get ET escorts, guiding them through space, and I also feel that we aren’t being told everything that is going on. It’s all on a “need to know” basis and a matter of National Security.  ;0)

There have been many strange fireballs or meteors lately—I saw one myself—and that asteroid with six dust trails and THAT has never been seen before.

And there’s that uncharacteristic light in the western sky with all the colours that isn’t a planet, star or satellite and gets larger and smaller, constantly changing. Stuff is happening out there; the stars of the show are gathering quietly behind the curtain, whispering amongst themselves, shuffling props and making their way to their mark, preparing for the grand finale and the surprise party of all surprise parties. That’s my gut feeling on it.

The cosmic bodies up there are not exactly as they seem, and I believe those heavenly orbs are very maleable by those who know their secrets and have powerful tractor beams and technologies that defy gravity. I think we are about to be wowed beyond measure—but for Pete’s sake hurry up about it!!!! When is curtain time?  ~ BP

DAHBOO7 has outdone himself with his research into the ancient calendars vs the newer ones and found that the December 16th date he has been discussing as the date of the perfect trinity between Earth, Venus and ISON, according to the old calendars, actually falls on 13/13/13.

He walks us through, shows the numbers and it is amazing how everything points to the December 16th date as being the end date.

Via the video details:

Ok….First it began with being the end of the Tzolkin 13 Ahau, Then the astonishing find of the perfect trinity between Earth, Venus and ISON! Then the perfect Cross once the Sun was Added….And now this , To find out that hidden this whole time was the fact this date is 13/13/13!! CRAZY!

The actual mayan calendar does not use this configuration, their main calendar has 13 months of 20 days each. Actually I didn’t search that much but there is a chance that at some point in time the they used the 13:28, since they haven’t apparently used only one calendar all the time.

For the 13 months 28 days calendar:



Dec 3rd is the 337h day of the year, the first day of the last month if we consider 13 months. 13 days later is 15th/16th december, the 349th day. This is 13/13/13.