Dear Alexandra, Jeff, Sandy and Team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the great work you have done and still do with me and all others. These were very exciting processes that I was able to experience! At the moment, I am still and often very tired and I try to lay down as often as possible or try to slow down at the office. It does not always work, but mostly.

I'm not able to describe specific changes in my life so far, since most of the time my liver is still strongly working (I have a chronic hepatitis B diagnosed since 1993, which makes me still very often very tired).

But I would like to describe what happened in the 3 processes (step 1-3):

Step 1, IRP: I felt Jerry all of a sudden in my head as he worked there and removed things. It all felt very interesting: energy whirled inside me and around me, I also felt him in my abdomen, lower back, kidney area, etc. I also felt a tingling in my face and I was very, very frozen since I did not dare to get up and get a thicker blanket. I didn't want to interrupt the process. Some things were not exactly localizable, but I felt that he worked in many places inside of me. During the first two weeks after the IRP I did not feel anything, then an immense fatigue came. Physically and mentally I was very fast on my limit. Very often my head was completely empty and I could hardly concentrate on anything. I was partly quite disoriented, just as during the hormone change. At home that was not a problem, but I had to improvise in the office that no one noticed anything about it. I was very forgetful, which still continues to this day.

I notice that I'm starting to be more prudent with my resources and energies. "Which does not succeed, is not pursued further". What has not happened so far. (A small change in my life I see!)

Step 2, Soul alignment:

After I began to smear the oils and essences, the great fatigue came back. I often felt completely energyless again and had no interest in doing anything. My head was still empty and dead.

Soul Alignment Process:

Point 8.59 h it went! Wow! I just felt energy around me. I could neither think much nor locate anything. Everything has only been buzzed with energy! This feeling of buzz hasn't stopped even long after Jerry had finished. Somehow I felt as if 3 people, later in the process then often only 2 or even 1 person, stood in front of my bed. They looked like spectators. They were the "helpers". Once it looked as if something like a dark blanket of energy was taken from me. In between, I felt as if a great number of beings were present. This was a really gigantic trip! I had trouble getting up after all that. If I had not been so hungry, I would have stayed in bed. Wow! How amazing! I can not see any major changes in my life, but I seem to have raised my energies/vibes. I came in resonance with Agnihotra, which I have practiced 99% daily. This also helps my liver to detoxify or whatever.

Step 3, DNA Set up:

I have not felt anything for a long time (during the process). Not at all like in step 2. I had very, very many pictures, which I sometimes more, sometimes less sharply perceived. Many of them had something to do with gene manipulation, cloning. As if I had seen people experimenting on us! Manipulating people, DNA and whatever else. Creating bodies. A kind of violet flash was once to be seen, and once everything was bathed in bright, warm yellow light. Very special, although everything is much more subtle than in step 2.

I am very glad about these 3 steps I made with you. One of my goals for 2017 was actually looking for a new job. But as long as I'm "dead" in my head and tired so easily, I can't do it. But who knows what will happen to all of us in this exciting year 2017?! Thank you again and l'm looking forward to the next steps to come. Wish all of you a nice time! Kind regards Barbara