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Dear All,


Friday, 09 November 2012 18:47

Written by Kerry Cassidy

I said I would reveal the behind the scenes info on what really happened on the making of our recently aired PILOT FOR TruTV: SHADOW OPERATIONS: THE


So here it is.

First off, they wanted to kill the show… They put it on the shelf for 2 years and then when they released it they did NO ADVANCE ADVERTISING WHAT SO


In fact, they did NOT notify us, the other stars (our witnesses) or the Production Company (Fishbowl) or our original producer in advance of the

airing. NO NOTICE. Not to our agent and not to our producer.

The ONLY way we found out within 24 hours was from a Camelot supporter who happened to see the show LISTED in their daily schedule… and notified us.

We then kicked into gear… with our very small Camelot team, and made a poster, and started sending messages out urging our supporters to WATCH IT

LIVE so it would get the necessary RATINGS that would make it go to Series.

Of course even with our substantial following on the net it doesn’t come close to the lowest rated show on TV simply because mainstream TV viewers are

in the many millions even those watching stupid shit like pawn shop stories, auto theft and other brain-dead fare.

Of course they KNOW THIS and so this is how they kill a show. They aired it, to satisfy advertisers and most likely their commitment to the production

company. But without advance notice the show was guaranteed to get buried.

What they didn’t factor in is YOU. Our loyal fans and supporters. Because of you we actually got rated… not great but we made a showing. Pretty damn

good with no advance notice. AND much more importantly you are now making THIS SHOW A SUCCESS because YOU are sending it viral. And we want to thank

you on behalf of all of humanity because without this show… most of humanity STAYS IN THE DARK never the wiser… about the truth behind the Matrix,

the black projects and secret space program that is stealing money and lives from YOU in order for it to survive.


PLEASE GET THE TRUTH OUT…. continue to send this show out to the far corners of the PLANET… let’s make sure our brothers and sisters REMEMBER WHO

THEY ARE… and let’s take back this planet from those who would use and abuse us and our families….


Kerry’s Blog

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We are getting lots of very positive feedback! Stay tuned for my inside report from BEHIND THE SCENES during the shooting of the show :-)


Some quotes from Viewers:

“Sweet! Congratulations! will get the word out.” –DUTCHSINSE


…”I do not have TV cable (if I did I’d not be where I am today, learning with research, a willingness to know), yet found the youtube link to

Shadow Ops via Avalon Forum. The show was a fantastic compilation of hidden reality – though those following your interview, know this… “


“Kerry, I’m a staff writer – Producer for Universal and just watched your show. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the show and wish you the best!!”


“Just finished seeing your TruTV episode, Shadow Operations, and I must say that it was infinitely better than the Jesse Ventura show that preceded it

!!! Being a regular camelot visitor, the show didn’t surprise me information wise, however for the first timer, I am sure that would make their jaw

drop for sure !! It’s like the feeling you get after watching those UFO documentaries in mainstream!”


“Watching the show on try TV ,, this is the most wonderful thing and comes at the most perfect time. Can’t wait to see how this is received by the man

on the street just flipping through the channels Powerful stuff, again thanks for your dedication to truth.”



Wow. You and Bill did an AWESOME show last night. Could not have been better! Excellent! Stellar show! Kudos!

Here’s hoping they pick it up for a full season!”


“Happened to catch the show last night on TRU TV about mars. Great job- very well done!” )

Added notes:

Please spread the word to friends and family to get them to Tune in live to make this a success. The more viewers the greater the chances of going to


Hope you enjoy watching it!

This show is dedicated to Brian O’Leary and Gordon Novel who have since passed on.


..”he asked if it was classified and he was told no,

because you can’t classify something that doesn’t exist.”–Hawk Tales )


And Don’t miss this important New Article:Kerry’s Blog


Saturday, 03 November 2012 05:46

Written by Kerry Cassidy

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6 Responses to From Kerry Cassidy, Regarding Shadow Op: The TV SHOW TruTV wanted to kill

  1. sharir27 says:

    this isn’t about kerry. but i thought it was a good article… what the elite really think of us little people…

  2. Eagle says:

    Have no fear, many of us did catch it. It was plastered on facebook among the many groups that follow this information. David Wilcock also reported it immediately. It followed Jesse Ventura’s season premier about Reptilians. Your show immediately followed. So I got a double header of great information. Thanks. Also, the word was put out to get it recorded ASAP and get it on youtube so it can go viral. I haven’t seen any word about the recording or youtube yet, but I will check and let you know. Thanks Jean for getting this up too.

  3. Eagle says:

    Please do not complain about copyright laws, but someone did post it on youtube…consider it a favor!! Now we can get this out to everyone. SHARE SHARE SHARE.

  4. bacalove says:

    FYI: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice Ann Bailey, who Channelled the Master D.K.

  5. lvarrow says:

    Great show and I saved it and will pass on.

  6. tony lane says:

    we have seen very little that will that will make these creatures that run the secret government allow disclosure to come about,they have betrayed america and the rest of the world since 1947 when truman made deals with the aliens for technology in exchange for humans to be used in experiments for their DNA that included torture and ultimately to be eaten,also this exchange included mainly children and those mainly under 20 years,and when the aliens took more than what was bargained for they still did nothing,even later when a more friendly group offered to put it right, eisenhower who was then president refused because technology was not if a fake alien invasion or otherwise occurs i think then that i would prefer to join the aliens rather than suffer this ongoing treachery by the secret US GOVERNMENT.