The stillness of morning and afternoon was shattered by isolated booms which sent pets scurrying for cover as well as a couple of their two-legged friends.

The booms also created quite a stir on social media as area residents began seeking answers to what might have caused them.

Many residents were concerned that the booms were earthquakes or related to drilling or quarry blasting. Amber Wilson, Ardmore Emergency Management Coordinator, contacted the Oklahoma Geology Department in Tulsa and was told no activity had taken place that would lead officials to believe there was an earthquake. Both the City of Ardmore and the police department received numerous inquiries regarding the booms. Lone Grove dispatch also reported numerous calls as well. The Ardmore Development Authority, which runs the Ardmore Airpark, also received numerous calls and was unable to identify the source of the booms.Paul Tucker, Carter County Emergency Coordinator, speculated the source as a sonic boom and noted that the US Geological Survey had not identified any seismic activity from the morning booms. There was also no activity noted following the afternoon incident.

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