Aug 01, Wednesday. Today marks the traditional August Cross-Quarter (the actual zodiacal cross-quarter is August 7) or Lammas, also known as Lughnassadh: (pronounced Loo-nuh-suh) meaning harvest and victory. 

Before the patriarchy this cross-quarter celebrated the Sun Goddess thanking her for the abundance of ripened grain. As the Solar Feminine was diminished during patriarchal times this festival celebrated the Sun God. The Irish called him Lugh (Light). Lugh’s festival focused on celebrating the skills of the warrior and the craftsmen with less emphasis on the ripened grain or bounty of the mother that was the gift of the Solar Feminine.

We are in when the Solar Feminine is returning and the cross-quarter points are a time for remembering the original Solar Feminine festivals.  For example, the February cross-quarter celebrated the Mother’s power to give life including the life giving light of the lengthening days, the May cross-quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine in her passion for the pleasures of life and the November cross-quarter celebrated the Solar Feminine power to live through death and be reborn to a new life.

The returning strength and power of the Solar Feminine as symbolized by the Venus transit this last June – reminds us this is a great time to honor and celebrate the gifts of life-giving nourishment that we all enjoy. If you feel inspired by this you might use this coming week as a time to give daily gratitude for the Earth and all that she gives us everyday.

The Aquarius Full Moon (10 Aquarius 15) is exact at 8:27 pm. Evidence suggests that many ancient cultures held their seasonal celebrations at the time of the Full Moon closest to the astrological cross-quarter. That would be today.

The Aquarius Full Moon has long been considered visionary and inspirational assisting in connecting humanity to the cosmic overview that inspires radical revolutionary ideas and actions intended to produce evolutionary results. If you have planets, nodes or angles between 0 and 20 degrees of Aquarius this Full Moon places you on the leading edge of what is being activated in this cross-quarter window.

Aug 02, Thursday. Cartago, Costa Rica celebrates La Negrita a small Black Virgin statue found by a young girl in 1635 on August 2 in the cross-quarter window. The La Negrita statue demonstrated magical powers by always mysteriously returning to the spot where it was first found. It was finally decided a church should be built on that spot and this is where that statue of La Negrita resides to this day. Pilgrims from all over Central America journey to honor her.

 The Sun (10 Leo) sextiles Jupiter (10 Gemini) with Jupiter still very near Aldebaran. When the Sun sextiles an outer planet it signals the time when that planet is either getting ready to go retrograde or has completed its retrograde. In this case Jupiter will go retrograde on October 4.

The Jupiter Quest in Gemini is seeking ways to creatively communicate the messages of Spirit. Gemini is often found expressing as the Heyokah, Coyote, Contrary, Shapeshifter, whose job it is to expand our point of view.  One of the ways to engage Jupiter in Gemini now sextile the Sun in Leo is to be spontaneous, to be willing to be seen and to take time to have fun, go to a party, socialize, network, and be creative. This aspect was activated around July 25 and will be felt most strongly today up through August 8.

Aug 03, Friday. The Moon moves into Pisces and conjuncts retrograde Neptune (2 Pisces 21) at 11:04 am and then passes by retrograde Chiron early tomorrow morning. The Moon is amplifying both Neptune and Chiron (8 Pisces) still within six degrees of each other acting as a strong initiatory force intended to heal the wounds that prevent us from acting on and implementing our hopes and dreams.

The events happening now are being divinely orchestrated from the celestial realm for the purpose of accelerating our evolutionary experience even when these events do NOT make sense from a middle world perspective.  Trust your guidance and what you know even when it seems to be beyond the bounds of  logic and reason. Just remember, this is the place of magic and miracles that exists outside of rational, linear reality.

Here is an extra bonus day on the sample Celestial Timings this Month…

Aug 22, Wednesday. The waxing Moon moves into Scorpio at 12:54 am illuminating the mysteries of passionate intensity and the relentless pursuit of  fully living and knowing the regenerating power of life force energy without attachment to external world outcomes. (See August 23)

The Sun moves into Virgo at 12:59 pm traveling until Sep 22 emphasizing our relationship to the pattern of life including the pattern of the natural cycles and rhythms of Earth and Sky. Without a conscious relationship to these patterns, we are only experiencing a part of the whole of life. Returning to wholeness includes returning to a sacred relationship with the Great Above. This is also about knowing and understanding the movement of the planets through the sky and how that that helps to inform our Earthly experience especially as it relates to Living Ceremony.

I do not refer to Ceremony as a formal ritual from a tradition or otherwise. I refer to the new day that is dawning, for a new consciousness IS dawning. It is the consciousness of Life as Ceremony, of Life as Living Ceremony, of Life as the moment of NOW.

Ceremony, in this sense is a conscious celebration. Life as celebration! The forms one can use to celebrate it are infinite. And can spring up in the moment as we allow. And finally, Life as Ceremony remembers that we are living in the Garden. We are already living in the Garden. That is Grace.

~ Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones by Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah

August 2012 Celestial Timings Template (all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

Aug 01, Wednesday. Traditional Lammas The Aquarius Full Moon (10 Aquarius 15) is exact at 8:27 pm.

Aug 02, Thursday. Negrita The Sun (10 Leo) sextiles Jupiter (10 Gemini) with Jupiter still very near Aldebaran

Aug 03, Friday. The Moon moves into Pisces and conjuncts retrograde Neptune (2 Pisces 21) at 11:04 am and passing by Chiron early tomorrow morning.

Aug 04, Saturday. The asteroid Vesta (9 Gemini 25) is approaching Aldebaran passing .16 degrees NNW on August 6. Vesta is within in 10 degrees of this royal star from about July 9 to September 9.

Aug 05, Sunday. The Moon moves into Aries at 1:59 pm

Aug 06, Monday. The Moon conjuncts retrograde Uranus (8 Aries) and Saturn (24 Libra) is 4.5 degrees NNE of Spica.

Aug 07, Tuesday. The Astrological Cross Quarter. Venus moves into Cancer at 6:43 am and Mercury stations direct at 10:40 pm

Aug 08, Wednesday. Moon moves into Taurus just after mid-night and the Sun enters the constellation of the Lion though it has been in the seasonal sign of Leo since July 22. (See Difference Between Signs and Constellations)

Aug 09, Thursday. The Taurus Last Quarter Moon (18 Taurus) is exact at 11:55 am and Venus is Trine Neptune

Aug 10, Friday. The Moon moves into Gemini passing 3.9 degrees SSE of the Pleiades at 1:11 pm so is visible approaching the Pleiades in the early Morning hours before sunrise. Mars Saturn and Spica are in within 4.6 degrees circle of diameter.

Aug 11, Saturday. The Moon occults Jupiter (12 Gemini) again this month and passes 5 degrees N of Alebaran.

Aug 12, Sunday. Perseid Meteor Shower peaks with waning Moon the conditions to see these meteors are good.

Aug 13, Monday. The Moon moves into Cancer at 1:28 am and then occults Venus (5 Cancer) at 12:45 pm visible in Asia, Japan, Mexico and North America except in the NE.

Aug 14, Tuesday. Mars (24 Libra) is 1.8 degrees NNE of Spica

Aug 15, Wednesday. Venus opposes Pluto at 2:09 am and then squares Uranus at 11:49 pm (see August 16). Venus also reaches greatest elongation from the Sun and is visible nearly 46 degrees above the horizon in the morning sky. Mars conjuncts Saturn (almost 25 Libra) passing 2.7 degrees SSW of Saturn at 3:37 am. Moon moves into Leo at 11:05 am and then conjuncts Mercury at 8:24 pm.

Aug 16, Thursday. Venus (7 Cancer) opposite Pluto (7 Capricorn) and square Uranus (7 Aries). Mercury at greatest elongation from the Sun about almost 19 degrees above the eastern horizon in the morning sky.

Aug 17, Friday. The Leo New Moon (25 Leo) is exact at 8:54 am within 5 degrees of the Behenian Star Regulus.

Aug 18, Saturday. The Moon moved into Virgo last night (passing by Regulus) and the tiny crescent may be visible after sunset tonight depending on your location. If so that is the official visible and ceremonial New Moon.

Aug 19, Sunday. The Moon moves into Libra at 9:45 pm

Aug 20, Monday. The Sun (28 Leo) is sextile Mars (28 Libra) at 2:47 pm

Aug 21, Tuesday. The Libra Moon occults Spica passing 1.1 degrees SSE and then passes Saturn at 5 pm and Mars at 11:24 pm. Moon, Spica, Saturn, and Mars (all in late degrees of Libra are within about a 5 degree circle of diameter from each other.

Aug 22, Wednesday. The waxing Moon moves into Scorpio at 12:54 am and the Sun moves into Virgo at 12:59 pm.

Aug 23, Thursday. Mars moves into Scorpio at 8:24 am and tomorrow retrograde Neptune is opposite the Sun.

Aug 24, Friday. The Sagittarius First Quarter Moon is at 6:54 am (2 Sagittarius) near the Nov 2011 Eclipse degree and in square to Neptune is also passing within about 5 degrees of Antares by tonight. Retrograde Neptune (2 Pisces) is reaching opposition to the Sun (2 Virgo) at 5:33 pm.

Aug 25, Saturday. Mars (2 Scorpio) trines Neptune (2 Pisces) at 11:55 pm

Aug 26, Sunday. Moon enters Capricorn at 6:56 am and occults Pluto (7 Capricorn) for the 6th time this year at 7:05 pm

Aug 27, Monday. The Nodes of the Moon are in their last hours of being in Sagittarius and Gemini and are moving into Scorpio Taurus on August 29 to begin about an 18 month journey.

Aug 28, Tuesday. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:38 am. The Sun (7 Virgo) reaches opposition to retrograde Chiron (7 Pisces) just after midnight on August 30th.

Aug 29, Wednesday. Sun (7 Virgo) trines Pluto (7 Capricorn) at 5:20 pm and the North Node enters Scorpio for the first time in almost 18 years.

Aug 30, Thursday. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:31 pm and conjuncts Neptune at 6:20 pm moving on to catch up to Chiron

Aug 31, Friday. The second Full Moon this month is in Pisces (9 Pisces) at 6:58 am and conjunct Chiron at (7 Pisces). Mercury moves into Virgo at 7:32 pm.

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