Don’t hide. The sight of your face is a blessing.

Wherever you place your foot, there rests a blessing
Even your shadow

Passing over me like a swift bird 
Is a blessing

The great spring has come
Your sweet air, blowing through the city, 
The country, the gardens
And the deserts is a blessing

He has come with love to our door
His knock is a blessing.

We go from house to house asking of Him
Any answer is a blessing

Caught in this body, we look for a sight of the soul
Remember what the Prophet said:
One sight is a blessing

The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world
Look, every falling leaf is a blessing.

All of nature swings in unison
Singing without tongues
Listening without ears 
What a blessing

O soul, the four elements are your face.
Water, wind, fire and earth
Each one is a blessing.

And once the seed of faith takes root it cannot be blown away
Even by the strongest wind
That’s a blessing.

I bow to you, for the dust of your feet
Is the crown on my head
And as I walk towards you
Every step I take is a blessing.

His form appeared before me, just now as I was singing this poem
I swear
What a blessing! What a blessing!

Every vision born of earth is fleeting
Every vision born of heaven is a blessing

For people, the sight of spring warms their hearts
For fish, the rhythm of the ocean is a blessing

The brilliant Sun that shines in every heart
For the heaven’s earth and all creatures
What a blessing!

The heart can’t wait to speak of this ecstasy
The soul is kissing the earth, saying
Oh God, what a blessing!

Fill me with the wine of your silence,
Let it soak my every pore
For the inner splendor it reveals
Is a blessing
Is a blessing.

~Jalal-uh-Din Rumi
from The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi
by Andrew Harvey

So what is a blessing exactly?

The dictionary defines blessing in the several ways. A blessing is:

  1. the act of invoking divine protection or aid
  2. the words used in prayer or ceremony to invite or invoke the state of being blessed or blessing others
  3. a short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; also known as saying grace
  4. a short prayer prescribed for a specific occasion or dedication of something like a wedding, or building, or project
  5. approval; good wishes: as in parents giving their blessing to a field of study or vocation or a marriage
  6. the bestowal of a divine gift or favor
  7. a happy event or state of affairs such as being blessed by the birth of child or some other good fortune

Blessings come in all kinds of ways, some we recognize right away and some take longer to notice or fully understand. Traumatic events are often described as a blessing in disguise. It may take years to see what the gift or blessing is. Even the most challenging events can be the biggest blessings when we are willing to shift and expand our point of view.

Giving and Receiving Blessings
Probably one of the greatest things about blessings is we can choose to give and receive blessings on a daily basis. One of the best ways to practice receiving blessings is to give them, because when we intentionally send a blessing we align ourselves to channel the blessing energy from divine source making it easier to also receive them. The more we connect with this inner divine source the more our lives our blessed.

Their is no real right or wrong way to send blessings to ourselves or to others. The main ingredient needed is a pure heart-felt intention and a willingness to channel the energy of blessings directly from the pure source of the divine within each and everyone of us. Focusing your intent on sending blessings is a way to further activate your connection to the divine or to your Higher Self. This raises your vibration and in turn attracts high vibration blessings into your own life. In some ways this is similar to the energy of being grateful and appreciative. Gratitude, Appreciation, and Blessings are all HIGH vibration experiences and are great attractors for more things to be grateful for and to appreciate – further expanding the blessings and sense of being blessed. (See june 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 12, 17)

Sending a Blessing to Yourself
So one way to give a blessing to yourself is to take a moment to imagine your are connected to your Higher Self or the Pure Divine Loving Source within you. Then see this divine source energy filled with loving blessings flowing to you, or showering you, with a steady stream of light. See the blessings of pure love and light entering your your body and filling every cell until you are so filled with this blessed energy it begins flowing from you into the world. Imagine this loving light is blessing you and empowering you with everything you need to fulfill your life purpose with great joy and delight.

This is a great practice to do as you are falling asleep at night. It also works anytime you think about it and will act to raise the vibration of those you are blessing as well as raising your personal vibration.

So in honor of the gifts that blessings bestow, I send you all my heart-felt blessings for a magical month filled with beauty, truth, fun, and great success in all you do! This is the blessing I send daily to all my Celestial Timings Subscribers as I am so grateful you are sharing this important time and journey with me.

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2 In-depth Interviews to Help you Navigate the Month of June 2012
Plus anyone can listen to the in-depth interview I did with Rain Hastings of the Indigenous Cosmopolitan on May 20 all about the coming weeks HERE

And another in-depth Radio Interview I did with Myra Jackson on May 30th on Blog Talk Radio the Gaia Field Radio program HERE FYI…the Gaia Field Show has 4 minutes of music before the show really gets going.

Both shows are loaded with great insights and information about the upcoming events including the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit, Jupiter’s move into Gemini conjunct the Pleiades and the Summer Solstice New Moon and the Uranus Pluto square.

Free Sample of June 2012 Celestial Timings (times are PDT unless otherwise noted)
Venus and Mercury Near the Sun June 1

June 01, Friday. Mercury is .26 degrees SSW of Venus (18 Gemini 20) at 12:31 pm. This is the closest planet to planet approach of the year though not visible due to its close proximity to the Sun. Mercury is technically rising into the evening sky on June 4 but may not be visible until later in the month. This occultation is occurring because Venus is returning to the boundaries of the Sun in the next three days and Mercury just moved out of bounds on May 28. This means Mercury and Venus are doing dance exchanging places in the wild out of bounds arena. In essence Venus is doing a hand off to Mercury who remains out of bounds most of this month. (See June 8)

With retrograde Venus and Mercury so close together in Gemini and the Venus transit occurring in Gemini on June 5 and the South Node is in Gemini with Jupiter moving into Gemini on June 11 the Gemini Mysteries are on the front lines in a bigger way than usual during the Gemini seasonal time of year.

The season of Gemini always takes place 30 days before the June Solstice. With the Venus transit in Gemini this Gemini season features the Heyokah Coyote Feminine Wisdom designed to shift our point of view beyond the confines of duality and polarity. (See May 2012 Introduction about expanding our Point of View)

Many Native American teachings link Heyokah with Coyote Medicine. Both use humor to heal and to help facilitate the ability to go beyond duality by going through it and getting the cosmic joke. Coyote is often referred to paradoxically as the “wise fool”. Thus the transit of Venus as the Shaman Sorceress through the Gemini domain is an opportunity to remember not to take anything to seriously and to have fun with this initiatory process, through engaging the blessings of healing humor that allows us space to be playful and creative, ideally leading to an experience of  total freedom beyond the confines of duality.

In the spirit of Blessings here is a short blessing prayer that can preface any prayer or affirmation you like. You can also you use other descriptors for Holy Divine Mother Father Within and Without. For example, you could use Great Spirit Within and Without or Holy Divine Source Within and Without…whatever works for you! This blessing preface can be used for any of the blessing prayers I share through out the June Timings.

I Bless This Day And Give Thanks For My Life
Holy Divine Mother Father (Great Spirit) Within and Without,
I Am Your Child, Your Loving Child
I Give You My Love And
I Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings

June 02, Saturday. Saturn (23 Libra 14) is getting ready to station direct on June 25 at 22 Libra 46 moving only 28 minutes between now and then. As Saturn is slowing down to station direct this is the perfect time to consciously assess where you are in the process of evolving the relationship you have with yourself, with others and with life. Saturn’s job is to help us create a new way of experiencing life in the middle world reality. (see June 25)

In October Saturn will shift into Scorpio bringing a new archetypal evolutionary edge to our Saturn experience. This means we are entering the last four months of the two plus year Saturn journey in the realm of conscious equal partnership. Plus Saturn is in direct line with Spica the star of the divine feminine. (See Audio)

One of the ways to create a new reality, a new experience with Saturn and a new relationship to life is to practice sending daily intentional blessings to everyone we are in relationship with, especially the most challenging relationships. There are many ways to do this and so what follows is one suggestion. This is designed in a way so you can amend it to work for you or create your own way of sending daily blessings as a way to actively evolve your relationship experience.

Taking a moment to do a blessing upon waking or going to bed or anytime of day will transform your vibration and ultimately your reality. One way to do this is to take a moment or two to imagine everyone  you would like to bless with love and light and whatever other inspiring magical energy you want to send their way. You could imagine this blessing energy taking the form of a golden orb or several golden orbs that originate in the heart of the divine and then emerge from your own heart center. Once you have an image of golden orbs you can imagine them traveling to those you want to bless.

Imagining these golden orbs are showering those you are blessing with love and light and whatever other blessings you are sending is quick and easy yet powerful and infuses the world with this beautiful transformative energy. It is important to remember you are simply sending blessings without being attached to whether the person receives the blessings or not, knowing that each blessing we send is divinely guided.

And don’t forget to include yourself in these blessings. The more we energize blessings, the more blessings we will receive. So go ahead and bless yourself, bless your loved ones, bless those who challenge you, bless those who are teaching you, bless your life, bless the Earth, and bless whatever else you feel inspired to bless. Then open to receive the blessings of life that are showering down upon you everyday!

Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you. ~ Rumi

June 03, Sunday. The waxing Moon (1 Sag 06) is at perigee (closest to the Earth) at 6:18 am, 5.0 degrees N of Antares (9 Sag 48) at 8:00 pm. This opens the partial eclipse Full Moon window with the exact Full Moon Eclipse early tomorrow morning. The eclipse is lining up with the Great Attractor and will be within 6 degrees of the Behenian Star Anatares the key to the Golden Gate of Ascension. (See the Celestial Timings Archives available to Paid Subscribers when logged into the site)

Additionally the South Node has been hanging out at 5 degrees Gemini and is lining up with the Venus Node. This is why we will have a rare Venus transit on June 5 because the Sun, South Node, Venus and Venus Node are all coming together.  Again remember the Venus transit will not happen again for 105 years.

Plus,  all of this is happening within 4 degrees of Aldebaran the star exactly opposite Antares.  Aldebaran is located at the Galactic Edge as is the key to the silver gate or entrance into this realm. As mentioned on June 1 with the South Node, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all in Gemini (plus Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in nearly 12 years on June 11) inside the Sacred Hoop the Gemini Mysteries are clearly on the leading edge of these days.

Gemini is the realm of the Shaman Trickster Coyote who stretches us beyond rational, linear, and logical ways of thinking and expressing beyond the confines of duality. This story of Coyote In Eden as retold by KieYoeT is not about a logical and rational experience, but rather, conjures up images and questions about the nature of duality, suggesting its purpose is to take us beyond the boring domain of perfection. Indeed, it is a reminder that “perfection itself isn’t good enough” and “perfection is insufficient to our liberation.”

God created all things in an idealistic way. God created Earth. God’s brother, Coyote, walked up next to him on Earth. ‘Looks good, God.’

God created all of the plants, and animals. ‘Looks good, God.’

After a week, God got tired and decided to create another world. God was bored, so he left. Coyote stayed. Coyote noticed that Earth was boring. The land had no beautiful mountains or hills. It was flat. There were no waves. The sea was still. Every tree and plant grew in military rows. They gave only oranges and carrots. All of the animals were dumb, and there were none such as he and his brother, God. There was nothing to challenge these dumb animals because everything was perfect. They stayed the same.

Coyote got an idea. I will fix it.

Coyote stomped on the ground and made the mountains and hills. Coyote splashed in the water and created falls, waves, and rain. Coyote threw the seeds of all the plants into the sky so that they would mix together. And Coyote made the animals fight and die. He created humans. These humans became smart and soon discovered Coyote. They blamed him for earthquakes, floods, brush fires, and tornados. They said he was bad.

God came back to see Earth again. ‘What have you done Coyote?’ Coyote smiled.

Eclipsed Moon Near Antares and aligned with the Great Attractor

June 04, Monday. The Partial Lunar Eclipse (14 Sag 09) center point is at 3:04 am and the exact Full Moon (14 Sag 14) is at 3:12 am. One of the most remarkable aspects of this eclipse is its connection to the area of the sky where the Great Attractor is located. Astronomers know  The Great Attractor  is the most massively huge object known in our region of space but what it is exactly remains a mystery. This invisible “thing” is attracting millions of galaxies toward it at the rate of 24 million miles per day or a million miles per hour. That rate of speed is incomprehensible to our minds and our experience.

This attractor factor is also pulling in our own Milky Way Galaxy, along with all the galaxies around us. Though even at this high rate of speed, it will be a loooong time before we have to worry about what this really means to Earth.

However, for those who have planets or angles between 10 to 18 degrees of Sagittarius, your life is greatly influenced by this celestial phenomenon, especially around the time of this Lunar Eclipse. Astrologers speculate that those who have 14 degrees Sagittarius (or more accurately 10 to 18 degrees of Sagittarius) prominent on their natal charts, they are the ones who are intended to have a huge impact on the masses and often do have a greater impact than what they may actually realize.

Philip Sedgwick suggests that those who have a connection to the Great Attractor hold the key to universal knowing whether they know it or not, as the Great Attractor is a doorway in to unseen dimensions. This is due to the massive gravitational force that seemingly bends the space-time continuum to give us a peek at the back of the Universe. See Philip Sedgwick’s article

From the astronomical point of view, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are the dominant structures in a galaxy cluster called the Local Group. This Local Group is an outlying member of the Virgo supercluster.  The Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.2 million light years from our own Milky Way Galaxy and is speeding toward our galaxy at 200,000 miles per hour. This motion can only be accounted for by gravitational attraction, even though the mass our scientists can currently observe is not nearly great enough to exert that kind of pull. The only thing that could explain the rapid movement of Andromeda is the gravitational pull of a super large unseen mass or Great Attractor. Astronomers speculate that this Mass maybe be the equivalent of ten Milky Way size galaxies lying somewhere between where our galaxy is and the Andromeda Galaxy.

The energy and understanding around the Great Attractor calls to mind what it is that we are attracting into our lives based on our thoughts, feelings and actions we are engaging and how we are helping to co-create the New Earth and even more importantly our lives? This is the time to be consciously intending our true heart’s desire and then be willing to focus our thoughts, images, feelings and actions on our intended reality, as all of these factors influence how we are vibrating and what we attracting into our lives as a result.

Neptune (3 Pisces 09) stations retrograde at 1:05 pm  drawing our awareness into a deeper investigation of the dreamtime and all the possibilities we can manifest when we are consciously dreaming our reality. Sometimes the challenge is in knowing what to dream into manifestation.  It is helpful to remember that many indigenous tribes are well aware that the world reflects what we are dreaming, or said another way, what we are holding in our consciousness. The external world is simply a reflection of what we are thinking about or dreaming up as our co-created reality.

If you have planets, angles or nodes between Zero and three and half degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini you are in a personal Neptune cycle. This is the time when life often feels the most confusing and this is exactly the intent of Neptune.

This is because when we are confused we are more willing to engage the unknown and to surrender what it is we think we know and be open to receiving something brand new. During a Neptune cycle it is difficult to successfully navigate your life through logic and reason as those two factors do not apply during this time. Rather this is a time for dreaming and visioning and taking time to listen and recognize the guidance that is coming from a deep inner knowing that exists outside of the realm of logic.

Listening to your inner guidance helps you to know when to simply be with the unknown and when to intuitively act. It might be helpful to give thanks to the blessings of Neptune and the gifts of confusion. Here is one that I created to inspire your own version of a Neptune Blessing.

Thank you for all the Blessings of my life.
Thank you for Neptune’s Blessings including not knowing.
Thank you for the Blessing of Confusion
and the unique insights and growth that are possible when confusion is present.
Thank you for the Blessings of journeying into the unknown – beyond the realm of logic and into the realm of magic.
Thank You for the Blessings of Faith that are guiding me to fulfill my soul’s purpose.
Thank you for the Blessings of Grace Neptune Bestow easily when we surrender and trust the process.


June 2012 Celestial Timings Template PDT 

June 01, Friday. Mercury .26 degrees SSW of Venus (18 Gemini 20) at 12:31 pm. Closest planet to planet approach of the year.

June 02, Saturday. Saturn (23 Libra 14) is getting ready to station direct on June 25 at 22 Libra 46 moving only 28 minutes between now and June 25.

June 03, Sunday. Waxing Moon (1 Sag 06) at perigee at 6:18 am, 5.0 degrees N of Antares (9 Sag 48) at 8:00 pm.

June 04, Monday. Partial Lunar Eclipse (14 Sag 09) at 3:04 am. Full Moon (14 Sag 14) at 3:12 am. Neptune (3 Pisces 09) stations retrograde at 1:05 pm. Venus (16 Gemini 24) square Mars (16 Virgo 24) at 4:27 pm.

June 05, Tuesday. Venus (15 Gemini 47) at perigee at 3:38 pm. Venus at inferior conjunction with the Sun (15 Gemini 45) .16 degrees N. of the Sun’s center at 5:09 pm. Moon 1.2 degrees SSW of Pluto (8 Capricorn 50) at 6:54 pm.

June 06, Wednesday. Venus at descending node through the ecliptic plane at 10:00 am.

June 07, Thursday. Mercury crosses 0 Cancer and the center of the Sacred Hoop at 4:16 am. Sun (17 Gemini 43) square Mars (17 Virgo 43) at 6:30 pm.

June 08, Friday. Mercury at greatest latitude N of the ecliptic plane at 3:00 am (approx.), and greatest declination N at in the year at 6:00 (approx.) pm.

June 09, Saturday. Waning Moon 5.9 degrees NNW of Neptune (3 Pisces 09)at 5:09 pm.

June 10, Sunday. Jupiter (29 Taurus 54) is with the Pleiades moving into the seasonal sign of Gemini tomorrow at 9:22 am.

June 11, Monday. Last quarter Moon in Pisces (20 Pisces 54) at 2:41 am. Jupiter moves into Gemini at 9:22 am. Mercury (8 Cancer 08) square Uranus (8 Aries 08) at 9:41 am. Mercury (8 Cancer 42) opposite Pluto at 5:04 (8 Capricorn 42) pm. Chiron (09 Pisces 45) stations retrograde at 9:14 pm.

June 12, Tuesday. Waning crescent Moon 5.1 degrees NNW of Uranus (8 Aries 10) at 12:28 pm. Jupiter passes 4.8 degrees SSE of the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 4:00 am. Venus moves outside of 10 degrees from the Sun, visible in the East, beginning a new Venus in Gemini synodic cycle. Moon passes 1.2 degrees NNE of Pallas at 11:00 am (approx.), visible in most of Japan, eastern Russia, Arctic, N. Canada.

June 13, Wednesday. Mars is returning to the tail of Lion catching up to Denebola (where it stationed retrograde in January) on June 19.

June 14, Thursday. Mercury is in zodiacal alignment with Sirius.

June 15, Friday. Waning crescent Moon at apogee at 6:00 pm (approx).

June 16, Saturday. Venus (9 Gemini 45) square Chiron (9 Pisces 45) 1:23 pm. Moon, Jupiter, and the Pleiades within circle of diameter 4.94 at 8:00 pm. Waning crescent Moon passes 3.7 degrees S of the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 9:00 pm. Moon passes 1.4 degrees NW of Jupiter (1 Gemini 16) at 11:58 pm.

June 17, Sunday. Waning crescent Moon passes 2.1 degrees N of Venus (9 Gemini 18) at 4:13 pm, and 5.0 degrees N of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 45) 7:00 pm. Moon, Venus and Aldebaran (9 Gemini 45) within 5 degree circle of diameter at 7:00 pm.

June 18, Monday. Venus is returning to pass by Aldebaran.

June 19, Tuesday. New Moon (28 Gemini 43) at 7:02 am.

June 20, Wednesday. Venus 3.0 degrees NW of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 45) at 8:00 am. Mercury 5.1 degrees SSW of Pollux (23 Cancer 15) at 2:00 pm. Mercury (22 Cancer 47) square Saturn (22 Libra 47) at 8:05 am. Sun passes 0 Cancer marking Summer Solstice at 3:09 pm. Waxing crescent Moon passes 2.6 degrees SSW of Pollux (23 Cancer 15) .

June 21, Thursday. Moon passes 5.5 degrees SSW of Mercury (24 Cancer 15) at 8:48 am.

June 22, Friday. Waxing crescent Moon 6.0 degrees S of Beehive Cluster at 12:00 pm.

June 23, Saturday. St. John’s Eve. Venus and Jupiter are within 5 degrees of each other closing the gap to less than 4 degrees as Venus stations direct on June 27.

June 24, Sunday. Venus passes 10.6 degrees SE of the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 1:00 am. Uranus (8 Aries 24) square Pluto (8 Capricorn 24) at 1:12 am. Waxing crescent Moon passes 5.7 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 3:42 am. Jupiter (3 Gemini 2) square Neptune (3 Pisces 2) at 11:56 pm.

June 25, Monday. Saturn stations direct (22 Libra 46) at 1:00 am. Mercury moves into Leo at 6:24 pm.

June 26, Tuesday. Waxing Moon passes 5.4 degrees SSW of Mars (26 Virgo 22) at 2:53 am. First Quarter Moon (05 Libra 54) at 7:30 pm.

June 27, Wednesday. Venus (07 Gemini 29) stations direct at 7:07 am. Pluto (08 Capricorn 19) at perigee at 11:13 am. June Bootids meteor showers, favorable this year.

June 28, Thursday. Waxing Moon passes 6.1 degrees SSW of Saturn (22 Libra 46) at 12:22 am, and 1.5 degrees SW of Spica at 3:00 am.

June 29, Friday. Sun (8 Cancer 16) opposite Pluto (8 Capricorn 16) at 7:02 am. This is the middle of the best time of year to see it. Sun square Uranus at 1:10 pm.

June 30, Saturday. Mercury at greatest elongation east at 7:00 pm.

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