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October 2012′s Royal Stars – 18 minutes


October Celestial Timings Free Sample (All times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

Oct 1, Monday. The waning Moon though still fairly full Moon moves into Taurus at 4:26 pm transmitting the mysteries that have the most to do with the ability to receive ecstatic, orgasmic life force energy in the body as it relates to deep intimacy and sacred pleasure. This is a  perfect time for embracing the return of the Garden of Earthly Delight as it relates to sacred physical pleasure in the body. 

One of the most powerful experiences that we have as human beings is orgasmic energy, and if we can pair it with intent, then we can direct the most powerful manifesting force available on earth…. If enough people learn to imbue their orgasmic energy with prayer, we can manifest more peace. This is not just a New Age, hippie concept.

It has been written in ancient texts and recently became the subject of study for quantum theorists…Remember the Hundreth Monkey Theory? Consider the possibility that our individual body temple is a microcosm of the collective consciousness.

As we heal our own shallow breathing patterns, we’ll stop polluting the air. As we heal our unhealthy eating habits, we’ll stop consuming and wasting nonrenewable resources on the planet. As we heal our emotional wounding, the world’s waters will run clear again. As we heal our sexual wounding, all beings may be happy and all beings may be free.
~Sexual Healing by Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi

Mercury is within 1.6 degrees of Spica low on the western horizon only 15 degrees from the Sun. So it is likely neither Mercury or Spica will be visible without a low horizon line. This is the third planet to pass Spica since Saturn and Mars were exactly conjunct each other with Spica in August. Mercury is transmitting messages about conscious equal partnership connected to the light codes of this magical divine feminine star. (see August Archives for more)

Oct 2, Tuesday. Venus moves into Virgo at 11:59 PM tonight passing by the fixed royal star Regulus. This is an ultra close conjunction of only .15 degrees SW of Regulus and the closest planetary conjunction with a first magnitude star this year. This spectacular pairing is visible in the morning sky.

Master Astrologer, Dane Rudhyar felt that the 30th degree of Leo and the first degree of Virgo was the Sphinx point that represented half Lion and half Virgin Priestess and the transition between these two energies. He went onto say that Regulus would reach the seasonal sign of Virgo around 2010. The actual date according to Solar Fire was Nov 28, 2011 so a very close approximation of the Timing considering the season of Leo overlayed Regulus for over 2100 years.

Rudhyar felt the movement of Leo over Regulus that happened around 137 BCE was the beginning of the “so-called ‘Piscean’ Age.” So if the movement of Leo over Regulus symbolized a Turning of a 2100+ year age then the movement of Virgo over Regulus would indicate the beginning of another 2100 + year age. In his book Astrological Timing The Transition To the New AgeDane Rudhyar went on to say that when the great red star Betelgeuze would have the seasonal sign of Cancer overlay it that represented the beginning of another ageAccording to Solar Fire that won’t happen until 2089.

Remember this IS about the seasonal signs of Leo and Virgo, NOT the constellations also known as Leo and Virgo, although Regulus is in the constellation of the Lion. Regulus will remain in the constellation of the Lion (a.k.a Leo) because the star patterns are fixed in space and they do not move. However, the seasons (a.k.a. the signs) are moving or precessing across the stars and constellations. (See more detailed explanation HERE)

I mention this because I have seen internet posts wondering how Regulus (a fixed star) will move into the constellation of Virgo – not realizing the sign Virgo is different than the constellation by the same name. The confusion is due to the misunderstanding of the difference between signs and constellations. The first video on this page explains the difference in about 15 minutes..

Dawn view

Venus passing by the Sphinx point suggests the Divine Feminine is receiving her annual inspiration and light code downloads.

Oct 3, Wednesday. Venus touches Regulus in the early morning hours…be sure to check out the audio on the Four Royal Stars…nload from the heart of the Lion that is also the guardian of the Hall of Records. The exact conjunction is NOT visible but Venus can be seen approaching Regulus in the early morning sky and will be visible just slightly beyond Regulus tomorrow morning.

Venus (1 Virgo) opposes retrograde Neptune (1 Pisces) at 3:28 pm. Being willing to NOT know and being willing to ask questions, listening for answers, staying attuned to inner guidance, and noticing synchronicities are some ways our questions get answered in a Neptune transit.

The shadow side of Neptune expresses through confusion, uncertainty, illusions, loosing touch with reality, and what it really takes to manifest our dreams and desires in this dimension. This timing is one of the deepest, most inner-directed times for accessing our own “big picture” through inner processes. When we are in touch with our inner knowing, we intuit what steps are needed to fulfill our dreams that often are beyond logic and reason.


2012 October Celestial Timings Template  (all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

Late evening scenes

Oct 1, Monday. The waning Moon though still fairly full Moon moves into Taurus at 4:26 pm. Mercury is visible within 1.6 degrees of Spica low on the western horizon only 15 degrees from the Sun after sunset

Oct 2, Tuesday. Venus moves into Virgo at 11:59 PM tonight passing by the fixed star royal star Regulus. This is an ultra close conjunction of only .15 degrees SW of Regulus and the closest planetary conjunction with a first magnitude star this year. Visible in the morning sky.

Oct 3, Wednesday. Venus (1 Virgo) opposes retrograde Neptune (1 Pisces) at 3:28 pm
Oct 4, Thursday. Moon moves into Gemini passing about 4 degrees S of the Pleiades visible in the morning Sky. Jupiter (16 Gemini 23) stations retrograde at 6:18 am near the degree of the Venus transit on June 5.

Oct 5, Friday.  Mercury is passing 3 degrees SE of Saturn (29 Libra) at 2:44 am just before both Mercury at 3:35 am and Saturn at 1:33 pm both enter Scorpio . Moon occults Jupiter visible in southernmost Australia and the Southern Ocean.

Oct 6, Saturday. Moon enters Cancer at 5:45 pm. Mars enters Sagittarius at 8:21 pm

Oct 7, Sunday. Mars (0 Sagittarius 41) squares Neptune (0 Pisces 41)

Oct 8, Monday. Cancer Last Quarter Moon (15 Cancer 26) at 12:33 am.

Oct 9, Tuesday.  The Moon enters Leo at 4:55 am. Venus (7 Virgo) trines Pluto (7 Capricorn

Oct 10, Wednesday.  Mercury is sextile Pluto at 12:31 am and Saturn is trine Neptune at 7:42 pm

Oct 11, Thursday.  The Moon passes about 6 degrees SSW of Regulus visible in the morning sky.

Oct 12, Friday. The Moon passes about 6 degrees SSW of Venus also visible in the morning sky. This marks the 4th gate Venus is passing through on her way to rendezvous with the Sun next February.

Oct 13, Saturday. The Moon moves into Libra at 4:02 pm

Oct 14, Sunday.  The Sun will conjunct Spica exact on October 17 with the New Moon tomorrow very close to Spica and the Sun is within six degrees of Spica from October 10 to October 23.

Oct 15, Monday. The Libra New Moon (22 Libra 32)is exact at 5:03 am very close to Spica and catching up to Saturn tomorrow night at 7:04 pm. The New Moon moves into Scorpio at 5:06 pm tonight and catches up to Saturn passing 4.5 degrees SSW of Saturn at 7:04 pm. The New Moon and Saturn are within 8 degrees of the Sun so this passage is not visible.

Oct 16, Tuesday. The Moon occults Mercury (15 Scorpio) at 7:23 pm. This is probably only visible via naked eye observation in Alaska.

Oct 17, Wednesday. The waxing crescent Moon moves into Sagittarius and is visible approaching Antares

Oct 18, Thursday. The Moon passes 2 degrees NNE of Mars (8 Sagittarius) at about 6:41 am and passes 6 degrees NNE of Antares a couple of hours later. This means the Moon will be visible beyond Mars and Antares after sunset tonight.

Oct 19, Friday. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 6:41 pm passing over the Galactic Cross.

Oct 20, Saturday. The Moon occults Pluto for the 8th time this year at 6:49 am.

Oct 21, Sunday. Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks today with favorable conditions. The Capricorn First Quarter Moon (29 Capricorn 09) is exact at 8:32 pm. Mars is passing about 4 degrees N of Antares visible in the evening sky.

Oct 22, Monday. According to Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Calendar, and The Annals of the Old Testament by Archbishop James Ussher (1650) the creation of the world began on the evening of October 22, 4004 BC.
The Sun moves into Scorpio at 5:14 pm

Oct 23, Tuesday.  The Sun trines retrograde Neptune

Oct 24, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Pisces at 4 am and catches up to Neptune (0 Pisces 26) at 4:50 am, passing by Chiron (5 Pisces) later today. Chiron has returned to zodiacal alignment with the royal star Fomalhaut in the constellation known as Piscis Astrinus. (See Audios on Fomalhaut and Chiron and see more on October 27)

Oct 25, Thursday. The Sun is conjunct Saturn (2 Scorpio 21) at 1:32 am

Oct 26, Friday. The Moon moves into Aries crossing the Vernal Equinox marker at 12:31 pm and catches up to Uranus at 11:06 pm. Plus evening star Mercury reaches its greatest elongation from the Sun in its current cycle (24 degrees).

Oct 27, Saturday. Fomalhaut and Chiron

Oct 28, Sunday.  Europe goes off Daylight Savings Time today setting their clocks back one hour. Taurid Swarm from Oct 29 to Nov 11 includes possible fireballs. Mars is opposite Jupiter at5:56 am and Venus moves into Libra at 6:04 am and Mercury moves into Sagittarius as 11:18 pm.

Oct 29, Monday. The Taurus Full Moon (06 Taurus 48) is exact at 12:49 pm

Oct 30, Tuesday. Sun (7 Scorpio 28) sextiles Pluto (7 Capricorn 28) at 3:28 am.

Oct 31, Wednesday. Happy Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve. The Moon is passing 4.5 degrees SSE of the Pleiades in the morning sky.