by Owen K Waters

The 2012 gateway is an energetic vortex that occurs at the winter solstice on December 21st, 2012. The alignment of cosmic cycles on this winter solstice is different to any other that has occurred in the last 26,000 years.

The 2012 gateway marks the end of several cosmic cycles, all of which come together to culminate on that date for the first time in thousands of years. Immediately after we pass through the 2012 gateway, you will exist in a world made fresh with new energies, with a confluence of cosmic cycles all beginning anew.

The 2012 gateway is the single most powerful opportunity for spiritual advancement in 26,000 years! 

The best way to pass through the 2012 gateway is to prepare now for its result. Then, once through the gateway vortex and emerging on the other side, you will already be established along your best possible spiritual trajectory.

This year, I have spent many months in extended contact sessions with the ascended master Saint Germain documenting what will be needed for people to pass through the 2012 gateway in the best possible way. Much of the resulting material focused on how to open up the next level of spiritual awareness.

The type of spiritual growth that will emerge in the New Reality goes beyond the old level in a very significant way. By Old Reality standards, people were considered fortunate to make it though the stress-relief stage of meditation and into the spiritual awakening stage. The new frequency – the next stage in spiritual development – is geared toward better contact with your soul level of consciousness.

This new, breakthrough material has been assembled into a 2012 Transformation online course in 22 parts. It will begin on December 1st, take us through the December 21st cosmic gateway, ending on December 22nd.

On this in-depth course, you will receive 22 specific lessons on opening up to the new level of spiritual development. As a group, we will engage in daily practices that will attune us with each other and with the ascended masters who will be assisting us.

Once again, the Spiritual Hierarchy has graciously offered us help in our spiritual development efforts. They will lead the attunements that will exist in these sessions, adding to the power of these practices and helping course members gain the ability to achieve significant transformation.

This new information will help you develop more conscious awareness at a soul level. By connecting with the light provided by the ascended masters who will be supporting and illuminating these sessions, you will develop your ability to function consciously at a soul level of consciousness and will bring about a positive shift in your daily living.

Join us in the camaraderie of this dedicated group and experience your own transformation to the next level of spiritual awareness. Take full advantage of the great opportunity offered at this critical juncture in history and pass through the 2012 cosmic gateway with flying colors!

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