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Grace is all around us and within all of creation, all of life, all of the time,
yet we are not always open to receiving it.
The Grand Water Trine is supporting us to be open to receive that grace
allowing it to flow into us and through us
so that grace is filling up every part of who we are,
while also filling every part of the Earth. ~Cayelin K Castell
Your Living Blueprint Tele-class July 8, 2013

…remember to hold the intention (while feeling the feelings) or to just be aware of…
something else wanting to move in…that something is grace…
(it is)…this love opening us up and raising our vibration
and activating a frequency so that our consciousness can shift.
This is designed to be an experience where we do really know
and feel and understand we’re connected:
we’re connected to each other,
we are connected to the Earth,
we are connected to this love that’s breathing us and living us
and that love is what’s real and everything that’s being cleared right now
is being cleared for us to be able to experience this more and more.

~Lauren Jubelirer Your Living Blueprint Tele-class July 8, 2013

July 29 featured the first of two Star Tetrahedrons and on August 25 we will experience the second one. We are also in the energy of a long standing Grand Water Trine into 2014. This was covered in great detail in the Free Tele-class Lauren Jubelirer and I gave last month.

If you are not already on the list and have not received access to this information, please sign-up at to the downloadable transcript and recording class as well as a supportive meditation and sound healing process to help you tune into this energy. Plus, you will receive details on our next free class on the Leo New Moon, August 6.

This configuration, or star tetrahedron, forming in the sky is opening a trans-dimensional portal to support our awareness in getting that we are already living in the New Heaven and the New Earth… The merging together of these energies and dimensions is creating a new reality for our future…grounding the New Heaven and the New Earth into a physically embodied reality. That is the opportunity we have and when we join together with intention it will exponentially increase the power of this timing.

More About Grace…There are many ways to describe Grace. First of all, it is not something we earn or get because we have been ‘good’ or done good deeds. Grace is also NOT withheld because we have been ‘bad’ – whatever that might mean?

Grace is the profound experience of being blessed for no apparent reason. Most importantly Grace is always present and available to us even when we don’t have Star Tetrahedrons or Grand Trines in Water going on, but right now the opportunity to tap into and receive Grace is absolutely magnified.

It is simply a matter of allowing Grace to bless our lives by opening to receive it. This is the real essence of being in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

August 2013 Overview

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