Ashtar CommandGreetings from the Ashtar Command.
This is not a channeled message but a telepathic transmission to those of the Ground wondering what is going on with the skies above the Earth.
You are now going through directly the Asteroid Belt.This activity is being monitored by your NASA Space Agency and has been for some time.
For many years the Planet Earth and all the Planets in your Solar System have rotated and now the final path forward has begun.
This will affect mass consciousness in many ways not seen before this time.
As you pass through this layer of Asteroids and what is known as your Milky Way Belt .You are elevating to a higher cosmic understand of this vast universe around you.
2012 was a Galactic Door opening for this Galaxy .
All the Planets have life on them in your Galaxy and others in your Universe.
Now you will see things get interesting on and off your Planet as the Spring and Summer approach.
This will include more events in the atmosphere above the Earth.
The Governments of the World are very aware of whats coming and have for many years.
The planning for eventually passage into a Golden Age has been known.
You are going to enter a Golden Age of understand and the Universe will wake Humanity up in one way or another.
Governments cannot control the Universe or God’s Divine Plan.
While they try to create more illusions for the People of Earth.
The Cosmic levels are now increasing and what one thinks is important will become very unimportant.
The creator has very creative ways of getting your attention when needed.
Now your attention is needed over 7 Billion Inhabitants.
Something is coming to your Planet can you now feel it within your spirit of your Human form?.
When you are sitting still in your home close your eyes and you will feel the Earth’s vibration moving through you and around you now.
A conjunction of all aspects of your being are now happening just as Planets have a conjunction in cycles of space and time.
So you wonder what really happened in 2012 just a test before the real transformation takes place now.
Yes the Ascending of Humankind and all lifeforms.
Increased Et activity will be seen and felt as you enter into what are the warmer months upon Earth.
As the seasons change so will you.
Now is a time to sit still when you can and experience the shift that is taking place within your being and all beings.
The Mother Earth is is shifting and will release alot of energy as the months pass.
You will see this in Volcanic activity and movement within the Planet itself.
Inner Earth Societies will also have a shift in there conscious realities as you on the surface of Earth.
This alignment is a direct activation between all levels of Gods Consciousness within you and without.
Its a Spiritual passage for all on Earth.
This has happened in other worlds past many eons ago.
The Galactic Signs will be felt ,seen and activated now and in the future ahead.
The Cosmic wire is now plugged in and alive and well.
Our Ships are now in the Solar System and your Galaxy you will notice us as a colorful twikle in various parts of the nigh skies with a rainbow of colors .
We have created a protective beam around the Planet and are monitoring what is coming from the outer reaches of your Universe, Galaxies, and Solar Systems.
Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always
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