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12 Sept 2015 at 11.41pm PDT and 13 Sept 2015 at 2.41am EDT and 7.41am BST summer time
13 Sept 2015 at 2.41pp
m AWST Perth, Australia and 4.41pm AEST Sydney, New South Wales

As they often did before a Moon ceremony Snowy Owl and Shooting Star had gone to visit the Shaman’s cave to receive his wisdom about the current New Moon. He told them it was a special meeting between Grandfather Sun and Sister Moon as she would cover part of the Solar Disk and be visible. Most New Moons Luna had her dark face turned toward Earth and could not be seen. But he also told them the meeting was happening, here in the North Country, in the middle of the night so could not be seen. The sisters were of course disappointed but hoped Snowy Owl’s spirit guide would be waiting for them at the Star Temple. The Winged One took them on journeys to locations where the special meetings of Grandfather Sun and Sister Moon could be seen.

And sure enough as the young women reached the Star Temple he was there perched on a branch of the Standing One who guarded their magic flying capes. Little Owl said “Yes we are going on a journey. Go now and put on your capes so you can fly with me”. As soon as Snowy Owl and Shooting Star had wrapped their feather capes around themselves Little Owl led them into the indigo night. They flew east over lakes and forests and then the vast ocean. Little Owl then led them south until they reached the very tip of the land on the edge of another ocean. As they gently landed the Eastern Horizon was ablaze with crimson, pinks, and golds as Grandfather Sun began to rise. And then, wearing their protective eyewear, they saw Sister Moon as she covered a portion of the Solar Disc. It was like she was taking a bite out of the Sun. In astonishment the sisters saw a rainbow halo surrounding the two. They knew this was indeed a special New Moon.

Sister Moon spoke “This is the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness our story teller has been talking about for a while now. This New Moon is about healing the mental, physical, and emotional woundedness that prevents the two leggeds from being centered in the compassionate heart and treating all life as sacred. It is about Loving Kindness for all life. This is the focus for the next six Moon cycles. Morning Star has just recently risen from the Underworld and has been on a journey of Healing the Heart. She is the Wanderer who is the harmonizer of the Universe and she too will become the Rainbow Bridge before the next New Moon. All New Moon cycles to follow are focused on healing so the Spirit/Soul can be fully integrated into all humans and the Oneness of All be fully embraced.”

Sister Moon continued “In the far-away time there is much need for Loving Kindness to be the focus. There is a whole group of thousands of people who are Wayshowers and their circumstances require other people to open the Compassionate Heart and support them on their Walk to Freedom. Peace and harmony is what they seek. Beginning with this Moon cycle It is the opportunity for the human family to release the illusion of separateness and as we said embrace the Oneness of All. Go now Little Owl and lead Snowy Owl and Shooting Star back to the Star Temple. The Starwalkers, Arista and Dauphin, are waiting for them so they can all journey together for the next six Moon Cycles. Grandfather Sun and I bless you as you cross the Rainbow Bridge into Wholeness and also be Wayshowers for others. ”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star thanked Sister Moon for her message. They followed Little Owl home with determination to fulfill the spiritual mission they had been asked to follow.  They were excited to join Arista and Dauphin as Wayshowers on the journey through the next six Moons of Healing into Wholeness.

Why do we (me) call Virgo the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness? We will answer that question shortly. In the Astrological system the first 5 signs are considered personal. The natural Zodiac begins with Aries who asks “who am I”. Next is Taurus who asks “what do I value?” Then Gemini asks “what knowledge do I seek?” Cancer asks “how do I feel?” And Leo asks “how do I use my will to create what I want?” Then comes Virgo. She stands alone and asks “how can I be of spiritual service?”

The traditional ruler of Virgo is Mercury. That is where she gets the reputation of being analytical, evaluative, and a seeker of perfection. In this Lunation Mercury is at 14 degrees Libra (harmony in relationship) and moving slowly as he gets ready for his retrograde journey starting Sept 17. He is opposite Uranus Rx at 19 degrees Aries (breaking through to the Authentic Self). In this opposition we are being asked to find balance between self and others. They are both square (finding new ways of doing things) Pluto Rx at 13 degrees Capricorn (personal and world transformation). Uranus is inconjunct (letting go and moving into the new) the Sun/Moon at 20 degrees Virgo (healing our mind, body, and emotional wounds). I love how the planets tell their story…Read More at Crystal Wind