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LDS Preparedness Manual 2012 EditionSkip to page 4, where the index begins to get to the crucial information.

LDS Preparedness Manual, V8, 2012 Edition (Volume 8.xx) [Color] [Perfect Paperback]

Todd Assay (Illustrator), Christopher Parrett (Foreword), Christopher M. Parrett (Author, Editor)
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Here is a copy of the LDS manual for Self-Sustainability and Preparation. This manual was not written by LDS (Latter Day Saints) members. This book is very, very extensive in the information that is crucial to have in order to prepare and thrive in times of economic collapse or natural disaster.

I posted this because I was made aware of this several years ago and now came across it again at another site that I am a member of.  Copied from the site:


“Larry Mortland asked to get this manual out to as many folks as possible. If you’re not into LDS, then skip that part and go right to the manual. That is the purpose of this post. Do not start pro or con discussion about LDS. Anyone doing that will be a agent redirector of information. That is not what this post is about. The post is about valuable information we need to help us get prepared.”

(I guess other sites have the same problem I have in this one… ) – Ari