Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

oracleLet’s welcome Chinnamasta, the Mahavidya who is now on duty.  If you look up Chinnamasta, the first thing you will notice in the depictions of her is that she has severed her own head.  As I’ve cautioned many times, most of the information about the Mahavidyas has a patriarchal slant.  Chinnamasta doesn’t cut off our heads; she blows our minds.  She expands our awareness and understanding beyond what we have taken into consideration.  This is rather perfect when you think about how we are preparing to emerge in the way a butterfly emerges from a cocoon with the energetic “upgrade” that comes with the New Moon on April 10.

One of Chinnamasta’s primary goals is to bestow blessings.  She gives of herself.  All of the Mahavidyas instruct us and give to us through their instruction, but Chinnamasta goes a bit farther.  Her bliss is involved with giving to humanity.

As a Mahavidya, Chinnamasta is as fierce as she is generous, and she is often associated with the battlefield.  This means she battles dark forces that stand opposed to humanity.  She is in the company of other, more well-known goddess energies of Eris and Pallas Athena (both battle goddesses).  I will talk about how the nexus of Chinnamasta, Pallas Athena, and Eris energies influence the upcoming New Moon when wise owl and Facebook group organizer Andrew and I record an audio message on Thursday.  I am introducing Chinnamasta now because she has already taken over for Nairatmya and is hard at work.

Today’s energy works strongly on the intuitive body so follow along if your intuition is tugging at you.  We are still working on completing tasks and releasing what needs to move on.  To do this properly, we need to 1) end procrastination and 2) figure out why we are holding on to anything we need to release.  Are we holding on based on tradition, familiarity, or loyalty or are we confused by fear?

If you feel like the energy is “taking you down” to a certain degree, this is a natural and normal feeling right now.  Remember that the Black Moon has begun the transit with the Galactic Center – the cycle of taking us down to build us back up better than we were.  The only thing we can do when we are in the “take down” part of the cycle is surrender.  The best thing to do is rest when you get tired.  This energy needs space and time to work properly, so we want to step out of the fray when we realize we are being drained.  Power down.

There’s a LOT happening right now.  It’s beautiful and exciting, but it is also pushing on our fears at a deep level and this is reflected in emotional reactions.  For today, don’t underestimate yourself in any way.  Chinnamasta’s first lesson is that we are much more than we know that we are.  She breaks self-imposed limitations so that we can express who we really are.  Truly we are blessed with this.


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