Dear Friends,

Here is a mid-month update:

As we are navigating the momentum of April and dealing with some of the fallout,  a couple of reminders come to mind of where to focus your thoughts and intentions at this time. We are all being affected by the theme of Creativity and Destruction and it is important to work with both concepts consciously and positively. Too much focus on creativity will leave you feeling unfocused, chaotic and ungrounded. Too much focus on Destruction can turn a positive energy to aggression that has too much momentum. Beware of anything that puts you into a fear place as the fear will gather momentum and that is counterproductive to anything creative you are trying to accomplish.

It is so important now to be very clear about what you want. There is incredible energy now to manifest so be really careful what you ask for. If the opposite of what you want is showing up take that as a sign that something needs to be cleared before you can create the thing you wish for.

We take a moment here also to honor and remember those in Boston that experienced the very negative aspects of the influences this month.

A reminder also that where you put your focus and energy is where the momentum will gather at this time. So make sure your thoughts stay positive.