By The Truth Denied on February 27, 2013 at 1:14 PM

Sir James R. Wright Exposes Freemasonry

Our Guest: Sir James Robert Wright
Date of Interview: Feb. 26, 2013
Length: 2 hours
Topic: Freemasonry’s Cult Abuses: Human and Gay Rights Controversy

Please listen to the entire interview! James was honest and open, and during the second half of the show he answered many questions for the audience, questions that many of us have pondered for years! He is a humble young man, and it resonates throughout the entire interview. His intentions are not only to expose the wrong doings of the Freemasonry Elites, but to assure us all the Secret Societies should not be legal! James Wright goes into detail as much as time has allotted, we could easily have had him on the air for 4 hours! Keep in mind that he is a loving being, and he would only wish to bring justice to humanity, hence it has become his passion to expose the wrongs doings of the cult that have existed for centuries.
Listen to his story and be the judge, perhaps this will serve to enlighten many, and bring forth others who have been abused by the cult members. (Please scroll down for all of Sir Wright’s contact information, he is open to speaking one on one with the public.)
*James Wright openly shares with us how he became a Freemason and rose to 32* so quickly
* We answer many of your questions in the second half of the interview!
*Can women join the order?
* Why Sir Wright wishes for Secret Societies to be illegal world wide
*Who are the bloodlines and where do these “families” reside today?
* Who are the culprits?
* Are all FREEMASONS Evil doers? Are there good men who are Freemasons?
* What were the abuses that James suffered, and who were his abusers?

Published on Feb 27, 2013