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Blessings Everyone,sandrawalter2We have passed through a unique gateway from July 29 – August 25 which changed everything. For many years we have had a lot of direction/intel on the division of worlds, and this miraculous passage is coming to the forefront of the collective co-creation of our planetary reality.  Our biggest challenge at the moment is the CHOICE to engage in peace, not just on a global level but on the microcosmic level within our own lifestreams.

My In-carnate Anniversary is Thursday, September 5th. I want to give everyone a little gift to celebrate the gratitude I feel for our collective awakening and empowerment. What an amazing experience it is to be right here, right now on this lovely planet!

A RE-Birth gift for you

While my mission keeps me outside on Shasta and the surrounding area right now, I have created an online guidance system called The Ascension eCourse which takes anyone willing to participate in Ascension through the steps of this process. As we near the Equinox and other cosmic triggers of photonic transformation, I feel it is best to be clear, prepared and conscious of our highest interests.

For this reason, and to celebrate our journey together, I AM offering the eCourse at the $222 returning client rate to any newsletter subscriber from now through September 8. (Gateways are always open three days after the event!) The entire eCourse will be updated this month, and all who participate will receive access to the current and updated versions! Simply choose the $222 returning client rate when you register HERE.

Private sessions are also available next week; please book through the sessions page on my site.

Have a gorgeous and creative week!

In love, light and service,

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