Space Time ContinuumI’ll try and keep this one short and sweet..

First off, a huge thank you to all who joined in live with the ceremony of 11:11. Wow, this one was really powerful & I suggest you take a look at some of the feedback further down.

There was also a very meaningful message that was given to one of our participants at the end of the process :

“You have no conception of just how powerful and magnificent the work is that you have set in motion today-Thank you…’

I want to share a little of that meaning that I have just uncovered as we are called back into service tommorrow (22-11) and again on 29-11. 

Big Jules began poking me in the ribs earlier today with a reminder that tomorrow is 22 November (for those of you who haven’t heard of her before, Big Jules is my ‘Higher Self’!). I wasn’t registering a whole lot initially, but have just been guided to the info I needed with another one of those big ‘wow’s’!

So, here are a few short, sharp insights & I will save the detail for more indepth teachings once I have done some more research.


1. I have just been guided to some of Richard C Hoagland’s work and he has the following to say about 11:11 :

The code 11:11 is actually the code for 19.5, which is the key geometry of the upwelling physics of every planet in the solar system. It’s like another version of imprinting something, that this is really physics based. Hyper-dimensional physics “

“11’s are hyperdimensional. They stand for 19.5 in the physics of hyperdimensional geomtery and tetrahedral mathematics”
“Consciousness can change physics and entraining consciousness changes physics for either good or bad”

There is a brief article on the links between 19.5 and hyperdimenional physics worth reading here

2. To further clarify tihs, the co-ordinates for tetrahedra / star tetrahedra of planets occurs with regularity at 19.5 degrees latitude.
Within the ‘cavity’ of interlaced tetrahedra, we find the exact shape of the octahedron, or diamond. The diamond is the ‘gateway’ into the mathematics and hyperdimensional physics of the star tetrahedron, enabling us to imprint a higher intention in order to positively influence the emerging consciousness.

The co-ordinates and orientation of our own diamond field boosts the field of the heart and effectively ‘feeds’ this energy into and through the star tetrahedron.

What we do within and through the diamond therefore acts as a counterbalance to the rituals of The Powers that Be who are utilising the same codes and knowledge to attempt to hijack human consciousness and maintain it a lower vibration (this counterbalancing effect was given in the initial write up about the 11:11 ceremony for this year)

3. Many years ago I was advised by the Spiritual Realms that the diamond itself is the 11:11 ‘gateway’ into Higher Consciousness. Richard C Hoagland provides the mathematics for this link, while Ron Johnson’s physics shows us the inextricable link between the octahedron-star tetrahedron in the structure of the aether and the very foundation of our reality. Things are beginning to make a lot of sense in more real ways than just ‘messages from Spirit!

4. The astrology of today is revealing, and I have re-posted the latest from Sarah Varcas on my blog. In particular is her excerpt “This meeting of two cosmic esoteric powers is best not overlooked or minimised, for it comes as a warning that the forces at play with us mean business and our chance to turn things around on a personal, collective and global scale is being energised and concentrated like never before” This ties in with the message we were given about the profound effect of what we are doing with the 11:11.

5. 22 November is 22:11 = 33. This is the number of mastery, christ consciousness  and also the numerical equivalent of 11:11:11. It is another powerful day, as is 29/11 (another 11:11)

6. And a biblical quote from John 11:11, ” “Thus he spoke, and then he said to them, ‘Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I go to awake him out of sleep.'”

(note the theme of awakening and resurrection) 

And if you didn’t understand the physics of it, don’t worry – we don’t need to understand how a hairdryer works in order to use it effectively…as long as we can plug it in and switch it on we get the benefit. Same with the diamond and the 11:11. We plug in and it works!

I said I would keep it brief, so that’s it for the time being (as always there is more!)

This 11:11 portal is still open and very much active, and the recorded processes are available for you to access immediately. Whether you work with it on your own or within groups between now and the 29th, you will be part of setting up a potent counterbalance and enabling powerful healing at many levels.


Experience the healing and also the deep gratitude of the souls assisted through this process. It is a deeply emotional and powerful gift to yourself and the collective and now is the time.Your support of Diamond Light World’s offerings is also vital at this time in order to keep this work going. It has been a tough and challenging year, as it has been for many others too. Your support through your purchases enables me to continue bringing the depth of information around the diamond to the fore so that we can all ultimately benefit. Please consider even a small purchase this month to enable the this work to continue……
(and there are a few christmas gifts lined up for you next month!)

In Thanks and Loving Service


Diamond Light World

(PS – would you believe that it was 22:11 exactly when I finished this message and saved it and the time flashed up so I could see it !!!)