The Silver Doctor’s have a great chart posted that clearly shows how desperate JP Morgan and friends are. At 8:30am they dumped 10,000 silver contracts or 50M ounces of COMEX silver on the market.
Here’s the article:
Kitco Erases Evidence of Cartel Silver Raid
In the old days silver would have dropped 5-10% on this kind of raid but not anymore. There are VERY strong hands that lay in wait!
And yes…Kitco is part of the criminal cabal at a certain level having to do with their fractional reserve “Pooled Accounts”.
The battles are RAGING!
Holy Cow! The Bank Participation Report for the month of September was just released and it’s a DOOZY! The top 4 US banks are up to their NECKS in COMEX Shorts! In the month of September they added 9,024 contracts of net shorts or over 45M ounces but the price still rose over 10%!!!

Should be very interesting next week!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir