Friday, October 19, 2012 14:53

Vatic Note:   Its time we stop having major corporations run by who knows what, and make life and death decisions about our health and that of our children. We need legislation that makes it a crime for encouraging, hiring, working for etc, any company that a person was in a regulatory position over during their tenure as a tax payer paid employee.

Its a revolving door criminal conflict of interest for those employees and employers of the drug companies and the regulatory agency and that goes for all of them.

 and the sheer number of those beloved persons dying and the grieving loved ones left behind that must suffer such horrific loss and pain, especially young children who lose their mothers at a very early age, that has life time affects on such children.  All loses are painful and especially if they were man made and unnecessary, bordering on criminal.

Its past time to get off all aleopathic drugs and begin the process of going natural.  The current drug system is a result of the inability of drug companies to patent and control natural remedies which are readily available in nature, thus not being able to gouge and addict their customers to their product for perpetual profit taking.  They do not create drugs that heal,  only mask symptoms and that is not good enough.

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