Posted: 24 Dec 2013 01:01 PM PST

In this first week of the new solar year, from about December 21-28, 2013, in addition to honoring the birth of Sananda as Jesus the Christ, let’s also celebrate the birth of Sananda as Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha. Happy Birthday Buddha! In you, in us, in all on earth.

According to standard accounts, Siddharta Gautama’s birth was in the year of 563 BCE (BC). Nobody, however, knows the precise year, month or day. We are equating his birth with the birth of a new year to symbolize the birth of a new level of consciousness or awakening or enlightenment.

NepalmapwebBuddhist scholars mostly agree that he was born in or near modern-day Lumbini, Nepal, which in Siddhartha’s time was part of northeastern India. Lumbini is in the south, central part of current-day Nepal, across the border from India, and about 188 miles north of Varanasi, India on the banks of the Ganges River, where we will visit in the upcoming Mission to India.

When Siddhartha’s mother was about to give birth, as was the custom of the day, she and her retinue set out for her father’s and mother’s home that was miles distant. Along the way, she went into labor, so she stopped in a nearby garden where, under a sal or asoka tree, she gave birth to her beloved son.

His father named him Siddhartha, meaning “one who achieves his aim.” Some say that Gautama was his family name, although that probably is an English translation or interpretation, because family names BirthBuddha33were not used in India/Nepal during those times. Buddhists say that the name Gautama is in honor of his step mother (his actual mother died 8 days after giving birth), whose name was Gautami, who bestowed unconditional love on her stepson.

Gautama (masculine) and Gautami (feminine) come from the root word Gautam that means “one who dispels darkness (ignorance) by his/her brilliance (spiritual wisdom).”

Siddhartha Gautama was destined to achieve awakening or enlightenment, whereupon he was called the Buddha, the Awakened One. As Jesus became the Christ, so Siddhartha became the Buddha.

In the various accounts of his birth, there is no mention of a bright star or sign in the sky. There is no equivalent of the Star of Bethlehem. It would not be unlikely, however, that Sananda’s ship #10 was Buddha picturestationed over Lumbini at that time, overseeing his entry into this world. If that is so, then we also might call his spacecraft the Star of Lumbini. Court astrologers and local mystics, from their view and interpretation of the stars, did proclaim that his birth was at a most propitious time; and indicated that he would become a great spiritual leader.

Whatever the truth of these historical and esoteric details, we now say “Happy Birthday Siddhartha Gautama.” He birthed the Buddha Nature in him, clearing and showing the Way for others to experience this same birth of I Am consciousness on earth.

As one voice, we say Happy Birthday to the Buddha within every man, woman and child all around the world. We welcome the birth of our own Buddha Self. We see the birth or awakening or enlightenment of the whole planet. Happy Birthday Buddha!

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