by  | Jan 7, 2013

TBILISI, DFWatch — Five years after the last presidential election in Georgia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) claim that they have gathered 800 000 signatures in support of a demand that President Saakashvili should resign.

Depositphotos_7653440_xs protestGeorgian Dream, the new ruling party, does not mind Saakashvili remaining in his current position for ten more months.

5 years ago, on January 5, Georgians elected a president for five years. Amendments were made to the constitution, according to which a presidential election must be held in October of the same year as a presidential term is over. Parliament made these changes without holding a referendum.

In October 2011, the billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili said he would impeach Saakashvili if he came to power. Now, as Prime Minister, Ivanishvili told DF Watch on December 21 that Georgian Dream does not plan to impeach the president.

“Americans and Europeans assured me that it isn’t worth it to raise this issue, and I learned from their statements that if we start an impeachment procedure, it would be hard to explain to the international community, and we haven’t raised the issue again. I think we won’t do anything about his powers either,” he said.

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