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That’s the 2016 billboard, funded by Architects, Engineers, Fire Fighters and citizens who care and want those accountable to be confronted, and the media fingered for not doing their job and investigating the event.

Any idea how much outdoor advertising on a billboard in this prime real estate in downtown Manhattan costs for just one month?  Normally over $20,000, but it’s so important that this information gets out that they got if for $8,000. THAT is how much aware people want the world to know what really happened.

911 board NY Times

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are also offering a free, downloadable eBook about the physics of the World Trade Center destruction to show people it could not possibly have happened the way “they” claim. It’s physically impossible, and a whole lot of fire fighter first responders will testify they heard multiple explosions.

It’s free, but a donation if you are able would be so much appreciated because these folks never stop. They know how important it is, particularly at this time, to get the information out there to raise awareness.

If people took the time to even glance at the data, such as the flimsy wing of a plane not being strong enough to cut through a steel building…

…or the fact that jet fuel from a plane such as the one they said ploughed through the buildings doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel girders to create the rivers of molten metal coursing through the lower level of the towers…

…when you watch the controlled demolition of a building and note the way it always falls within its own footprint…

…when you watch a video of a sky scraper burn for hours and remain standing… it just doesn’t add up.

If people would just take a quick look, they might realize they’ve been duped.

SOMETHING took down those towers at the World Trade Center in a big hurry, and it wasn’t jet fuel or an airplane.

And it wasn’t Osama bin Laden who did it… or al Qaeda… or ISIS… or any nation that hates Americans.

And an even bigger shocker is that many still don’t know a third building fell that day, much later, but it wasn’t hit by anything. World Trade Center 7 simply imploded. In its own footprint.  ~ BP

911 WTC Physics ebook

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE AND SHARE WIDELY!    Please consider a donation if you can

The most important week of the year for raising 9/11 awareness is here — and we’re starting it off in a big way!
FIRST: The e-version of our newest publication, World Trade Center Physics, is now available for free download. Check it out today and share it with anyone and everyone you know! If you love it and want some hard copies to distribute, you can purchase them in our online store, virtually at cost…