“My own belief about December 21st, 2012 is as follows.

We have been trapped in the mind matrix for the last 5000 years at least. We have moved away from our connection to spirit and become completely embroiled in day-to-day living, focusing on material gain and home comforts, largely ignoring our connection to nature and spirit. If you look at the world today this is the outcome of focusing on the mind matrix. Deceit, manipulation, human at odds with human and no concern for the well being of Mother Earth. It’s time to stop! How do we make the changes necessary?

 We have to return to the deep connection that we potentially have with Spirit, Creator and Mother Earth. The first separation in this life was when the umbilical cord was cut from the placenta of your physical mother, often done surgically without any conscious loving connection. Hence we all feel separate and alone. To overcome the “mind matrix”, we need to reconnect through energetic chords to the oneness that we are all part of. We do this by dropping our consciousness down into our hearts and into our sacred womb spaces. For men this is actually the prostate gland.


I believe December 21st, 2012, is offering us the opportunity to realign all of the womb spaces; the Galactic Centre where our galaxy was originally created, the womb of the Sun, where the solar system was created, the womb of Mother Earth where the earth was created and the womb space of all of the women on the planet where all of the children of the New Earth are created. It will require this level of empowerment for us to now co-create a new heaven on a new earth with all of these womb spaces aligned. First we have to clear those spaces of all of the dross and mis-created energy patterns accumulated over lifetimes. The good news is that a number of us have gone through this process acting as archetypes, during the month of Scorpio, on behalf of all, including Mother Earth herself. Now it is time, to open and activate these womb spaces to become the co-creative engines of the new paradigm.

It is time for the sacred feminine to re-emerge in all of her glory and join in conscious co-creation of this new era of Golden Peace. The role of the masculine energies at this time is to hold sacred space for the sacred feminine to be fully empowered and do the inner work through the womb space. Perhaps the best image is to see the hearts of the masculine energy in divine union with the womb space of the sacred feminine. That sacred union is the key to our future success in co-creating a harmonious, peaceful planet for our children that we can all be proud of.

Most of the inner work has already been done and now we are  in the final preparations. For us the work began in earnest on the 11:11, exactly 40 days before December 21st, the time required for the alchemical process.”

For more details go to http://www.myheartcenteredjourney.com/