Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, October 9, 2012

Posted on October 9, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Today we are going to dive.  The energy is rife with complexity so when things get a little much, dive below the surface of things to the safety of the deep.  We want to go under all of the whitecaps of emotions that are being stirred.  Yesterday’s picture was of the giant wave of whitewater.  Today I have chosen this picture to change our perspective to being under the surface where it is quiet and seeing only the glimmering light.  You may have to go deep inside yourself to find stillness.  “Going deep” is something we will become quite adept at while Saturn is in Scorpio.   Today the idea that superficiality does not lead to happiness or meaning is what leads the way.  We have to get under the surface of things.  Anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet is going to be challenged today.

We are new to our “new” selves and we aren’t masters of our new energy yet.  But we’ll have the opportunity to practice today.  Lessons from the turning point will resurface and give us a chance to act within higher integrity based on what we’ve learned about ourselves.  What have you learned about yourself since July?  How will you apply it today?  It’s ok if you don’t immediately know the answers to these questions.  Mars is making us nervous today, so don’t add to it by putting pressure on yourself to act or be a certain way.  Just be aware and think before you act.  This day is more about contemplation than action.  The only real action that is required is to dive below the surface.  The tendency is to opt out with a cop-out so don’t do that.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about their experience with last Friday’s group meditation.  We were uniquely blessed in our endeavor and the efforts will be long-;asting.  This lunar month we’ve been working on strengthening our connection with the goddess embodied as the planet – Gaia/Sophia.  We’ve been working on joining her as participants in her creative vision.  Friday’s meditation identified everyone as co-creators with her.  Consider yourself listed on the cast of characters in the drama.

There are Oracle Report readers all over the world.  Of all the places on the planet where people participated in the group meditation, the only place where people experienced any negativity were those who were closest to the power gate in Denver.  This is unfortunate but not surprising, given what we know about Denver (talk about going under the surface!).  The darker forces have blatantly and publicly identified Denver as a hub.  The graphic, apocalyptic art and underworld statuary at the airport is displayed in full view of everyone and is enough to signal this awareness.  I am not going to detail what all is going on in and under Denver because this isn’t the place for that.  For more information try to find “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” and his episode on Denver.  That’s a good summary.  But we are going to leave that area to Sophia.  If we do another group meditation like this and you are in Colorado and choose to participate, all you need to do is intend to by-pass that power center and go to Yellowstone or Santa Fe.  It is easy enough.  Please don’t misunderstand this.  Denver is a beautiful place with beautiful spirits.  It’s precisely why darker forces are drawn there.  If the goddess has seen fit to place you in proximity, you are indeed on a special mission and we thank you for your service.

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