Dear Lightgrid Family and Gridwork Team,


Three Eclipses have come and gone – a portal, wide open to bring the necessary CHANGES into our lives. It is about to shut again with the coming NEW Moon on the 8th of June and we begin to prepare for the next monumental influx of LIGHT: the Summer Solstice in the NORTHERN Hemisphere – Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere!


Have you been riding the waves of LOVE LIGHT well? Take advantage of the remaining days of this moon to integrate the lessons you have been taught – and begin to detox and purify your BODY, if you have not already done so, to wash out the old information of your bodily system, too, and make room for the new.


21 days are left until the SOLSTICE – 21 days which we can use to prepare our BODY, SOUL and connection to SPIRIT!


21 days are 3 weeks.


21 days are a full circle of the 20 day glyphs of the MAYAN Calender + 1 day – the Quantum Leap.


21 days are three quaters of a moon phase …



3 week preparation:


FIRST week: We begin with our BODY – healthy nutrition, lots of WATER, exercise in the open air and embrace of NATURE – and at least ONE daily connexion in which we can TRAIN to UNITE as ONE! Remember – we connect 4 times a day: 6 am/pm and 12 am/pm CET. Find out what time this corresponds to inyour time zone and get started.


SECOND week: We pay specific attention to our emotional well-being while we continue to detox and purify our bodies – and we allow the VIOLET LIGHT and RAY to transmute past, present and even future emotional wounds and lacks.


THIRD week: We strengthen out connection to SPIRIT vigilating our thoughts, exchanging unhealthy thought patterns with nourishing ones – and we deepen our Violet Light Connection through meditations with the CRYSTALLINE CREATRIX which we established in 2012.

The WHITE LIGHT MATRIX is nourishing our endeavors to build the New World NOW and HERE. Connect to it through your feet and Earth Star Chakra – enter the Heart of our Mother Gaia Terra Shan – and then open up to the Sun / Central Sun / 3rd Central Sun = Source and serve as the BRIDGE of LIGHT between Heaven and Earth, thus strengthening the bond betwenn flesh and SPIRIT in new and unprecedented ways.



21 day preparation in terms of the MAYAN CALENDER:


According to the Calender established by José Argüelles we find ourselves now in the Crystalline Moon of a Resonant Storm Year, today being a Red Moon day resonating on the NUMBER 5 – which is represented by the OPEN hand with its 5 fingers.

This sign is the sign of Galactic and Universal REMEMBRANCE – and as TODAY is the FIRST day, the starting point of our endeavor to establish a UNITY Grid and return back into the ONENESS of the LIGHT. Remebrance is the impulse which will carry us forward.


May we, as HUMAN BEINGs – symbolized by the number 5 – re-member who we TRULY ARE – GALACTIC Humans (number 10) – DIVINE BEINGS (number 15) – LIGHT eternal, boundless and free (number 20)!


the first 5 days shall be dedicated to our Life here on Earth (Human Being Remembrance)


the next five days will connect our individuality to HUMANITY at large – and all our past and future incarnations as GALACTIC HUMAN BEINGS.


the third unity of 5 days shall bring back our remembrance of past and future ASCENSION – we will strengthen our personal connections to the Ascended MASTERS and they will work with each of us to awaken our REMEMBRANCE of WHO we are in the LIGHT – DIVINE BEINGS!


The last set of 5 days serves to strenghten these connexions – and go beyond what we have known up to know. We will let go of the fear of losing our identity and begin to MELT back into Unity Consciousness and of being LIGHT eternal.


This will allow for a PORTAL to OPEN on the Solstice – that is June 2oth to June 22nd.


CELEBRATE this Portal with your friends – June 21st is our FOCUS – and we will create a WAVE on UNITY around the Planet!


I would like to invite you to begin to set up a GRID today. Add symbols (stones – seeds – leaves – flowers – pictures – feathers …) in the course of the days to come – and take away what is no longer needed when you are guided to do so.


We are preparing for UNITY consciousness.


No-one can do this for you.


It is entirely up to your very personal decision.


This is a call.


A call to REMEMBER.


To REMEMBER where we have comee from.


To REMEMBER where we are bound to go.


All it takes is your DECISION to join in – and then act accordingly.


You will be GUIDED by your personal guides, angels and masters.


And you shall find information and friends here to accompany your journey back into the LIGHT of Unity if you move out of your comfort zone and ASK what you would like to know and  SHARE what you receive in visions, dreams and meditation. Or you simply follow your inner guidance now that this information has been brought to your attention.




Our journey begins TODAY.


And YOU are the captain of your boat called LIFE!


Sonja Myriel RAouine



This broadcast message was inspired by the Hierarchy of Light and I would like to thank Eduardo Terrero, one of our new memebers here at lightgrid, for getting in touch with me last night. Our online conversation via chat was the trigger to BIRTH this newsletter today! He envisioned the PORTAL of UNITY – and I knew he spoke of the coming solstice. All of us  TOGETHER we are weaving the Future, laying the foundations for New Earth here and now.


This broadcast message is only the beginning – I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE EVERYONE TO ADD your visions and perspectives, ideas, songs, prayers, meditations – if you are so inspired – to bring this vision to LIFE!


You are welcome to SHARE this message with your friends and on other sites – but please provide the LINK above and do not change any details.


WELCOME to our collective journey HOME!

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