July 2012 Astrological Forecast – Day by Day



July 1st Sunday aka Canada Day:An optimistic but far reaching Sagittarius Moon in a harmonious trine to Mercury in creative Leo @ 12:11 AM helps us express our hearts desires. Then after a forthright emotional exchange with the Moon opposing Venus creates a glitch in the romance matrix
Don’t worry lovers an exciting and even thrilling trine to Uranus adds some surprises @ 4:52 AM


July 2nd. Monday:Before the adventurous Sagittarius Moon exits @ 3:51 PM to make way for organized Capricorn, the fiery Sag. Moon will sextile a more toned done Saturn in Libra @ 4:08 AM
This time of reflection gives way to a tense and stressful lunar square to Mars in the last degrees of Virgo. Plus Mars is Void of Course when there is either progressive movement forward or panic degenerating into survival instincts.
the Cappy Moon then heads toward a sensitive sextile to Neptune in Pisces @ 8:39 AM creating an atmosphere of compassion.


July 3rd. Tuesday:A mighty thunder moon is full moon begins @ 11:52 AM
This lunation is known as Full Buck Moon or the Full Thunder Moon by North American Indians. Full Buck hence July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads – kind of like Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.
Expect some confrontations happening so practice sensitive diplomacy.
right before the full moon Mars changes signs into Libra, the diplomat, strategst and negotiator who would rather be the lover than the fighter. Yes after a long journey in Virgo, the Virgin and the Harvest Mars moves into Libra @ 5:32 AM. with the Moon also square Uranus in Aries @ 5:45 AM for multiple unexpected news or shocking event.


July 4th. Wednesday:The morning starts on a slow, serious note with a square to Saturn in Libra – accountability. This also a day marked by historic firsts whether in sports or group events geo-political and weather oriented. The morning picks up dramaticall;y as Mercury will sextile Venus @ 6:27 AM .
Then Mercury in the sign of Showmanship, Leo will sextile Uranus for some friendly fireworks and surprising, eccentric but great theatre or other performance .The Moon leaves Capricorn for a breath of fresh air as Aquarius bursts on the scene @ 5:26 PM .
This slightly eccentric and unusual Aquarian Moon will then trine Mars in
Speaking of firsts, Venus now in Gemini direct makes yet another sextile to Uranus for some records broken in sports or risky activity.


July 5th. Thursday: An upbeat day filled with pleasant surprises as the Aquarian Moon is direct all day
Most of the action is in the morning
Generosity and special encounters are marked with the Moon trine Jupiter and Venus in Gemini
a novel approach to problems with a sextile to Uranus is particularly helpful for air signs.
A Mercury opposition to the Moon in Aquarius adds to the drama of the morning.


July 6th. Friday:After an Aquarian Moon trines Saturn (the ancient ruler of the Water Bearer) to help us get organized
Then in the evening the Moon moves into dreamy, psychic Pisces @ 9:29 PM heed your dreams and follow your intuition.


July 7th Saturday: A Pisces Moon meeting Neptune creates a paranormal experience
as things seemed over-hyped with the Moon square Jupiter in Gemini @ 7:40 AM
adding to the gossip and rumor mill
Into the afternoon after letting go of those uptight inhibitions with a Moon sextile to Pluto
Emotional outbursts or awkward situations could occur as the Moon squares Venus @ 2:29 M
Venus and Jupiter line up with Aldebaran, the bright red eye of Taurus the Bull. Aldebaran is a red giant star of first magnitude.
Together with the two planets, it forms an almost perfect vertical line in the brightening dawn sky.


July 8th Sunday:A waning moon in Pisces makes a harmonious trine to the Sun in Cancer – a great day to wake up late and hang around the house.


July 9th. Monday:The tempo is picked up as the work week starts with a rollicking Aries Moon @ 5:14 AM
An Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra which can set off debates and arguments, best not to over react.
An harmonious sextile to Jupiter in gemini @ 5:06 PM opens the doors to new ideas.
Later in the evening, things feel a little constrained as the Moon squares Pluto @ 8:44 PM
A swift change occurs with the excitment level goes off the charts with some unexpected drama as the Moon meets Uranus @ 9:47 PM
Venus and Aldebaran converge to form a planet-star pair of surpassing beauty. Scarcely more than a degree of arc will separate the two celestial bodies as Jupiter looks down from overhead.


July 10th. TuesdayA smooth, harmonious and joyful morning reflects the Moon sextile Venus and trine Mercury in Leo.
The Last Qtr. Moon looms large in the afternoon and it is time to use your managerial skills with the Moon square the Sun @ 6:48 PM.


July 11th. Wednesday: In the early AM. an isolating and slightly fearful Moon opposition to Saturn (exact @ 2:23 AM)
Time to slow it down and smell the roses as the Taurus Moon begins @ 4:30 PM
Compassion, intuition and insight into the future are aligned with the Moon sextile Neptune @ 10:10 PM


July 12th: Thursday:Since the Moon trines Pluto @ 8:34 AM , we are given clues to investigate and dig deeper into hidden truths.
Communicate with restraint and sensitivity as the stubborn Taurus Moon will square Mercury in Leo @ 5:35 PM.


July 13th: FridayThis Friday the 13th might live up to it’s name for the radical and eccentric
as Uranus stations @ 2:49 AM to move retrograde till December 13th.
With Uranus retrograde for the next 5 months expect the unexpected along with a more extreme and rebellious attitude,
this is a time when emotions can be explosive and uncooperative toward anything that represents the status quo.
the afternoon seems to smooth things out as the Moon is in a harmonious sextile to the Sun in Cancer @ 12:46 PM


July 14th. Saturday: A wild, hyper day filled with multiple challenges and rewards.
The far-sighted Balsamic Moon phase won’t start till tomorrow as the Waning Crescent phase winds down
Yet today unusual ideas and visions are rampant and discussed widely with the Moon entering Gemini @ 5:26 AM
Some confusion in the morning as the mutable Gemini Moon squares Neptune @ 11:01 AM
Swift reactions and hand eye cooridination are improved as Mercury sextiles Mars exactly @ 3:42 PM
a sociable yet motivating Moon trine to Mars @ 6:05 PM aids projects in being completed under the wire.
Mercury stations @ 7:16 PM and moves retrograde till August 1st – time for revisions, redos, rediting
With Mercury retrograde be careful when signing contracts since they could be declared void and you are back to square one.
The waning crescent moon occults – covers over – the planet Jupiter @ 7:56 PM for up to an hour
with a Moon-Jupiter occultation, the expansive and generous, opulent quality of Jupiter is diminished, tarnished and corrupt per the oligarchy and cartel bankers.
One of the primary aspects of the day is the Moon in defensive Cancer squaring Saturn @ 9:14 PM
Sun-SQ-Saturn could create authority conflicts while making leaders feel less confident, there may even be a persisent feeling of being less valuable along with even guilt.
Finally @ 10:43 PM, things shift into more happier and thrilling circumstances as the Moon sextiles Uranus.


July 15th. Sunday: What a difference a day makes as the 12% crescent Moon in Gemini, forms a bright celestial triangle with Venus and Jupiter.
Harmony returns with an easy going and expressive Moon sextile to Mercury and a sweet conjunction of the Moon to Venus – lovers and friends cojoin in positive relations.
We are making our way to a dramatic New Moon on July 18th
Mars in Libra only softens the blows slightly of some intense collisions and accidents per Mars opposing Uranus the shocker and TSQ Pluto the Lord of Destruction.


July 16th. Monday :A low key day great for fixing your home or your romance with the Moon entering Cancer @ 5:31 PM
feelings and emotions are favored for relationships with a trine to Neptune.
We could feel defensive and moody with the Cancer Moon continues into a Grand Cardinal Cross invovling Mars-Pluto and Uranus tomorrow.


July 17th. Tuesday: An active and volatile day from early am to the afternoon.
Actually today is one of the most perilous and life-threatening days of the month.
Things start out with all cyclinders firing as Mars trines Jupiter @ 5:40 AM relating to the culmination of a long struggle which ends in victory favoring air and fire signs.
Anger is aroused as extreme coercion and obsessive desires meet with the Cancer Moon square Mars in Libra and TSQ Pluto in Cappy.
sex could be a bargaining chip with some relationships.
The defensive Cancer Moon also squares Uranus @ 10:12 AM for some unexpected accidents or disruprions.
We are now at the darkest part of the moon when deeper passionate energies build into a bestial desire for revenge
as Mars squares Pluto @ 1:23 PM


July 18th Wednesday : This New Moon in Cancer @ 9:24 PM is about nurturing and protection but is highlighted by the runaway train aspect of Mars opposing Uranus in Aries.
The Mars-Uranus opposition happens exactly @ 7:56 PM and is a time to practice impulse control
and watch for major traffic problems both on land and in the air.
The Moon and Sun @ 27 degrees Cancer yield a Sabian Symbol telling of more summer tempests: “A furious storm rages through a residential canyon.”
Both the moon and sun are in an isolating serious, square to Saturn a time of weighty responsibility, crises, delays, and obstacles for all of us especially leaders.
Into the evening the risky, dangerous and accident prone Mars is in opposition to Uranus in the confronting sign of the Ram.
This highly emotional Cancer New Moon puts a major focus on all security issues from families to nations.
Psychic, intuitive and mediumistic information come via feelings which will drive many decisions unless hysteria dominates.


July 19th: Thursday: A Leo Moon starting @ 3:13 AM lightens things up for the day
It gets more better in the evening as this expressive Moon will sextile Jupiter in Gemini to get the conversation started.
A wild trine to Uranus in pioneering Aries @ 7:08 PM could initiate a new fade or trend for some.
This is an upbeat day when we push to get things done as the Moon is sextile Mars (@ 8:12 PM)


July 20th. Friday : A melodramatic and creative day from the early AM to the evening.
A good day for relationships that are developing for lovers.
This roaring Leo Moon conjuncts/occults Mercury @ 12:34 AM as the Moon is between the Earth and Mercury
this could bring a more unusual state of mind with dominant and violent tendencis.
Expect that communications/discussions will have a more sensitive quality than the usual Leo-Moon-Mercury fun filled conversation.
A lively morning for meetings and friendly social interactions led by women with the Moon will sextile Venus in Gemini @ 8:05 AM
Into the evening, as the flames are cooling the Moon will sextile Saturn in Libra for negotiations and diplomacy.


July 21st Saturday :The Moon will enter more practical, service oriented Virgo @ 10:24 AM putting the focus on work.
Into the afternoon some confusion will arise as the Moon will oppose Neptune @ 3:05 PM
boundaries will be nebulous as emotions may go off the charts while altered perceptions could lead to mistakes.
Expansive Jupiter in wordy, intellectual Gemini will sextile Uranus – the awakener and inventor @ 9:04 PM
This tops off a time of spontaneous and revolutionary insights along with new developments in the world of technology.
Since Jupiter will station retrograde on October 4th just like Uranus which move retro. on July 13th
these two planets in air and fire signs won’t be in a 60 degree angle again till the end of January and the month of February 2013 when futuristic developments rock the planet


July 22nd Sunday A huge, high energy day as the Sun enters Leo @ 3:01 AM to motivate our inner child to feel joy in creativity and being alive.
Right after the Sun enters fiery Leo, Mercury the messenger now retrograde sextiles Mars in the sign of the charmer Libra @ 3:55 AM
When Mercury-Mars are together in positive alignment, we talk fast, have super quick reactions, tend toward speedy travel, and even quicker decision making.
Into the afternoon the Moon in critical Virgo will square Venus @ 5:44 PM
everything seems to have an emotional charge as feelings dicate action while women and feminine issues lead.


July 23rd Monday :The fire continues as we began to feel more confidence with the Leo Sun
A void of course Virgo Moon opens up to sweet day as the Libra Moon begins @ 3:38 PM
It can’t get much better for meeting people than this as the Moon is in a harmonious sextile to the Sun @ 6:23 PM in confident and rousing Leo.


July 24th Tuesday : An action packed day on many fronts under a slighly indecisive Libra Moon.
Challenges are felt early on, as this Libra Moon demands balance and fairness and collides via a square with Pluto, the power player @ 4:59 AM
with Pluto, expect primal, deeper instincts like jealousy and territoriality to be triggered.
Expect some of these struggles to involve leveraging sexuality to get what you want.
Also in the morning the Moon will oppose Uranus in Aries – Expect the Unexpected
as moods are unstable in with some people as disruptions happen suddenly.
After these shockwaves end, the Moon makes a lucky trine to Jupiter @ 7:15 AM when generosity, benevolence and success are magnified.
A shift occurs
A charming Libra Moon sextiles Mercury in Leo @ 7:32 AM – this is an opportune for meeting new people.
Everything will heat up as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Libra @ 12:09 PM
this is a time of action and initiative when active physical exercise or work.
Right afterwards the major aspect of the day includes Mercury, the messenger again in a harmonious sexitle to Jupiter in Gemini @ 12:15 PM
With Jupiter in the sign of the twins, in positive aspect to Mercury
we can expect a striving for higher meaning even philosophy and represents a wealth of knowledge/thought which pour forth
expect some epic announcements too.


July 25th. Wednesday :While the Moon is in Libra during the first half of the day, the mood remains light
with a pleasant lunar sextile to Venus in Gemini @ 12:56 AM stimulating affection, cooperation, and comforts.
As Mercury now retrograde trines Uranus @ 6:28 AM
A time for original, inventive and rapid thought ensues and since Mercury stations on August 7th
be ready for another pass with this trine to Uranus on August 18th
when conventional thought is replaced with innovative thinking and ideas moving into hyper drive.
Everything slows down as the Moon meets Saturn @ 8:22 AM and a more practical and meditative state begins.
The big shift comes in the evening as the Moon enters intense Scorpio @ 7:29 PM to trine Neptune, planet of fantasies in Pisces
we will see some escapism and uptick in drug/alcohol use.


July 26th Thursday : A critical First Qtr. Moon begins @ 1:56 AM as the Sun in Leo squares the Moon in Scorpio adding to extremes
and starting a time when resolving crisis and emergencies is paramount.
Decisions and judgments could be made under pressure.
We can start letting go of inhibitions and getting our groove on by 8:27 AM, when this Scorpio Moon will sextile Pluto.
A few minutes later the Moon will square Mercury in theatrical Leo @ 8:38 AM
communicate sensitively since over the top emotions could create conflict.
With Moon-Mercury (retro) expect some schedule disturbances and transportation snarls.


July 27th Friday The Moon is void of course in Scorpio when obsessions will be replaced by the need for intimacy.
Then @ 10:18 PM, a much more optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius Moon begans.


July 28th Saturday :Another mega day with the bold Sagittarius Moon providing the backdrop.
Right out of the gate the Moon will square Neptune @ 2:25 AM when confusion could reign
while altered perceptions may take us off course.
By 8:16 AM, things start to straighten out and become hopeful and fun as the Moon will trine the Sun in Leo.
Definitely getting better as the Moon trines Mercury when we can speak our mind and express our feelings.
More fun and thrills are in store by 12:28 PM when the Moon wil trine Uranus in original Aries time for a little experimentation.
Then the breaking news announcements happen with lots of grandeur by 12:58 PM when an overly dramatic Leo Moon meets Mercury
Since Mercury is retrograde, there could be some emergency orders announced along with some major transportation-related issues adding peril.


July 29th Monday :The Sagittarius Moon keeps the activity level high and by 12:07 PM the Moon is opposing Venus
relationships with lovers and acquantenances take center stage
Moon-Venus transits are generally pleasant but we could see all rational choices totally bypassed, in favor of our feelings.
The day ends with the Moon sextile Saturn in Libra @ 2:01 PM
as serious as the Moon can be in Sagittarius we gravitate to more pragmatic decisions along with compromise and diplomacy


July 30th Tuesday: An ambitious Capricorn Moon begins @ 12:29 AM to kick start this crucial day.
First the Moon will sextile Neptune @ 4:31 AM when intuition and prophetic feelings drive conversations which focus on future events.
The Capricorn Moon Conjuncts Pluto or Occults Pluto @ 1:03 PM this is a time of deeper biological urges being aroused
as we start to dig in and investigate those things previously hidden.
Also since occult is just another word for eclipse the Moon will be between us and Pluto at the same elevation in the sky, an exact lineup!
Moon-Pluto occultations occur frequently this year and can represent a denial of the shadow side of life.
Then @ 2:34 AM, the Cappy Moon will square Uranus in Aries and more awkward, sudden or unexpected things occur
Finally an eccentric Sun-Uranus Trine occurs @ 10:22 PM to cap off the day.
With Leo and Aries in play and in harmony a great time to experiment with the unfamiliar, novel and get into new relationships.


July 31st Wednesday :The month ends with another active but slightly contentious day.
Emotions may cool down a bit as Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra @ 12:40 AM
this is a time of responsibility and committment in relationships.
When loyalty supercedes passion and difficult partnerships are tested.
Lots of action in the morning as the Capricorn Moon will square Mars @ 2:40 AM as potential challenges to cooperation could cause conflict.
Watch those competitive reactions and try channeling any negative energies into physical projects.
The Moon then squares Saturn @ 4:30 PM as a more serious mood takes over.
Feelings of isolation could occur but don’t let fear reactions rule.
We are on the eve of an historic Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st @ 8:27 PM PDT or 11:27 PM EDT
and there is feeling of intense expectations like right before a thunder or lightening storm and the warm air rises into cumulus clouds.

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