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“Adi Gaia” adigaia

Now Entering a Stress Free ZoneA Galactic Seal of authenticity of the existence of other civilizations of community.  This seal helps one realize other realms of existence occur outside of planet Earth.  It is a Galactic Seal that all beings are equal.  A society that knows all beings are diverse with their journey and self- expression. A community that supports loves, acknowledges, and lives that integrity. No losing oneself into community conformity.  There is no one religion or belief.  It is a knowningness that we are all one and at the same time embracing others diversity.  This seal helps us bring that sense of authenticity to our self’s and self-expression and creativity of our desires.  It helps bring into this realm a template of how the people of Mother Earth will be embracing in the near future.  By viewing this transmission we are bringing that into our energetic field and magnetizing it here on planet earth.  We begin to be in integrity with ourselves and
others.  Following our diverse exciting calling to our next creative self-expression.  By doing this it is through the clarity of our example is how the world begins to change. Blessings Salo