Published on May 6, 2013
LATEST NEWS – I went as far back as i could on Helioviewer and the “UFO” is visible from day one in the exact same position. This makes me think it is some sort of fault\damage to something like a lens protector or the lens itself as vHelixv suggested in the comment section. So i have been a bit cheeky and i went on NASA’s website and left a Comment on their “NASA’s Many Eyes On the Sun” video posted yesterday…It read as follows – Could any of you lovely people at NASA ( He he he!) please tell me if a mark\scratch is visible while viewing the sun using COR2-A on Helioviewer. It is visible at 2 o’clock and you will not miss it, because it looks like a space invader. A very large one, about 50 times the size of Earth! I hope you can help me. Thank you! 🙂 …Strangely the Comment has not appeared yet? So what do you think people?….Is it physical damage to the satellite?…The main plus for this theory is it has been in the exact same position for years…That’s a fairly hefty PLUS in my book, i reckon a 90% PLUS that the theory is correct!..The other 10% is the way some CME’s seem to “hit\curve around” it….Also it is very possible NASA will not reply because i have been errrrrrrm ” Slightly” critical of NASA at times!. lol…They will be like ” It’s that loony guy!” “The loony guy that calls us Bull****ing ****’s and get’s his space weather predictions wrong!” lol. I reckon a 90% chance they won’t even post my comment’s. – ORIGINAL TEXT AT UPLOAD – MUST SEE! The ANVIL RETURNS?…. Yesterday i made a Solar flare video and i caught a UFO next to the Sun….I thought it would be a plasma “blob” from the eruption…IT IS NOT!….It is a SOLID OBJECT at least 50 times larger than EARTH!…And it has been visible in COR2-A images for a MONTH! You will be amazed! LINK to yesterday’s vid – You can find it on helioviewer. ….NOT visible on NASA’s images…They have hidden it!.. THIS IS IT!!!! This is defo the same object seen next to the Sun in 2011 and named the “Anvil” Brilliant! This just backs mine up!… Gigantic Object discovered near our Sun – The Solar Anvil
Six weeks of solar activity -…
Composit of images from SECCHI COR2-A and SECCHI EUVI-A 304
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