by kauilapele


A Merchant Banker (click to view video)

As I read David’s latest article, it was really quite a fun and enlightening read. David so masterfully pulls together all of the various links and articles and pdfs and everything in a very readable way.

I’ve been watching this LIBOR thing for some time now (well, at least a few days), and here are a few points I want to make.

  1. The acronym “LIBOR”… what a perfect acronym. Two syllables that truly express the state of the world banking system, as it has been operating: LIe, and BORe.
  2. Jon Stewart’s summary about the LIBOR on 7-18-12 was great (go to about 2:15)!!
  3. Jon Stewart also pointed out how perfect the names that are involved in these banking scandals…
    Rich Ricci (pronounced “rich-ee”)
    Bob Diamond
    Jamie Dimon
  4. And how about Stephen Colbert’s 7-19-12 report on LIBOR… another masterpiece! (go to 0:00)
  5. Max Keiser’s rant about the rigged financial system has to be one of the best I’ve heard sinceDylan Ratigan’s rant on MSNBC. Now, after the rant, Max Keiser made two more comments about the rigged banking system which I found worth listening to.
  6. Here are the three MP3s of clips of Max Keiser recorded from that video:
    Clip 1 (the rant)…
    Clip 2
    Clip 3

One more point here. After what David has presented in this most recent article, I would have to question those who still say “nothing’s happening”. My question would be, “What????????????????????” “Come on!!!!” There are a LOT of things happening. The banking system is clearly falling apart.

And when David listed the dates, starting at the end of June, all the way through July 5, well, it was EXTREMELY clear to me that this was part of “THE FIREWORKS” Drake had said the military told him we should sit back and watch. So there, all of you doubters. More evidence (which you may happily ignore, if you wish).

And now, a Merchant Banker… I believe this is really the way they operate!!!

And now, Dancing (courtesy of Monty Python, Dancing Teeth, Dancing Knights, and Dancing Military (“Poofs” of Fresh Air!!)).