What Will Happen on 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 and with NESARA ~  – 11/24/12

Mother Sekmet

As channeled through Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. Major changes have come forth in the last three weeks and the next five weeks promise to be even more event filled. October Surprise brought the return of the Prisoner Ships back through the Scorpi Black Hole and Hurricane Sandy closing down Wall Street for two days to correct the accounts of insider trading. This was a wake up surprise for the super rich right before their attempt at rigged elections failed and President Obama was re-elected.

The Fiscal Cliff and the European Union

Now that many of the dark Ones have been removed all we are seeing now in the news are look-alike doubles, clones and holograms. Some of the dark Ones remain for the purpose of Collective Healing when the truth comes out we will all need closure seeing these Ones taken away to prison.

The fiscal cliff has been crossed back on October 31st at the end of the fiscal year – three weeks before the EU meeting. Friday afternoon Angelika Merkel missed her final deadline to return to love. She refused to address the world stage to say she is the daughter of Hitler and Eva Braun and set things right with the Eurozone.

The Eurozone has seventeen Member countries with a common currency. The European Union is a cooperative intergovernment body formed by two White Knights – Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand.

Christine LaGarde is an Attorney who spent her childhood in Bethesda, Maryland being handled and groomed to write The Lisbon Treaty – the governing document which was designed to dissolve the governments and banks of Europe.

The Lisbon Treaty of 2009 reversed all the good gained by the original European Union. The main function of the Lisbon Treaty was to ensure there would be NO BAILOUTS. The Lisbon Treaty changed how the European President is elected. No longer elected by the people but rather appointed by  the EU Council. The dark Ones can place in whomever they choose without a vote from the European Citizens. The Treaty of Lisbon also brought enforce a European Police and Court of Justice which would have jurisdiction in the UK and Ireland and other Member Nations. This would effect all UK-issued EU arrest warrants. The Lisbon Treaty succeeded in what it set out to do on the beginning – have the few in control the many – in their Central Banks and their Governments. The EU new laws of 2009 were designed to fail on purpose and their laws written for this purpose. Once a government and its Central Bank failed there would be no bailouts. The Lisbon Treaty was designed to remove the democracies of the UK and other 27 Member Countries as well as the sovereignty of their Citizens.

Conflict in the Middle East

Egypt, Libya and Syria have heirs to political power father to son in Mubarak, el-Qaddafi and Bashar al-Assad. Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait among others have Monarchies associated with their governments. Some of the Light, some not.
The fake story of Israel – Gaza – Iran. There is a fake story with no basis whatsoever repeated over and again that Israel wants a war with Iran. This is like Russia saying Cuba wants a war with the U.S. Israel is the 51st State of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the granddaughter of Hitler through a mistress. Hillary running the State Department worked with the Head of Mossad – Rahm Emmanuel. President Obama placed them both in positions where they could implicate themselves. He likes to keep his enemies close. President Herbert Walker Bush Sr is Hillaryʻs handler and it was his family and their money going back to his grandfather who funded Hitlerʻs attempt to control Earth. Hillary partnered with the CIA Black Ops and Pentagon Black Ops through the State Department in Libya, Syria and Israel. Hillary and Petraeus worked Black Ops together. Netanyahu, Merkel and Hillary Clinton work together, funding both sides of the wars, for the purpose of controlling the StarGates. It has never been about Gold, Oil or Drugs. Those things fund the fighting in an attempt to control the natural StarGates across the Middle East, the African Great Lakes and South America. There are two StarGates in Israel since the Borders were changed in 1969 during a “War” which lasted 7 days. The Clan Families in Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt are bought and sold by the dark clerics and the corruption is woven into the fabric as well as everything that goes with it. With Earth changes the indigenous peoples will no longer be held in slavery and forced poverty.

When the bombing began in Gaza it made it possible to have even more support from our Galactic Wing Maker Ships to intervene. It will not be long before the Keshe Foundation will be given the signal from Ashtar to activate the Zero Point Technologies on the ground which will create a force field in Earthʻs atmosphere where no weapons will work. It is a magnetic field created in cooperation with technology from the Ships and conventional weapons will be useless. The tenuous Cease Fire between Israel and Gaza was staged by Hillary and Netanyahu. President Obama charged the two of them with being responsible to the press. He is setting them up for when Patrick Fitzgerald opens the indictments and they are ushered off the stage. Merkel will be with them now that she has refused on Friday for the final time to end what her Father started. There is no turning back.

On November 11th a Flood of Light and Truth beamed from the Sun at the beginning of Diwali Celebrations and on November 13th tremendous coronal ejections with the Full Solar Eclipse sent a Mother Load of energy to Earth. Ten days later there was a large Op carried out by the Galactic Federation.

We Have Commenced the Dissolution and the Separation of Worlds

I, Mother Sekhmet, with my Consort Father Alcyone came together in the physical in a process where anti-matter was brought in from the Light Universe and merged to create an Explosion of Light which began in the Causal World the dissolution of all which will not continue at New Earth. This is what was needed to end the Kali Yuga. It is done. The Timelines are being corrected and the final stage will happen before our eyes on Earth following a series of events. It is extremely rare for the two of us to be together in the physical on Earth and that it was carried off without interference and was a Blessed Event.

We Have Commenced the 7th Initiation and Soul Merge of Sananda Kumara and KOS

Also yesterday another significant event took place. I, Mother Sekhmet, from the physical realm, commenced the 7th Initiation to bring in the 7th Incarnation of Sananda Kumara to merge with the Soul of KOS already on the ground. King of Swords (KOS) is a code name for one of the heads of Secret Service who works closely with President Obama and his family to keep the Plan and his Mission safe. He is a Navy Seal who during the Vietnam War refused the orders of his Commander to kill women and children and then turned his weapon on his Commander. He gathered others together to refuse their illegal orders to hurt civilians and they worked together to end the corruption in their ranks. He then came back to the United States and eventually made it to the top of the Secret Service. He works together with millions of Galactic Humans implementing the Plan with President Obama. He is the full template incarnate on Earth of Sananda Kumara. With this Soul merge between KOS and Sananda Kumara all will be in place for new developments which will bring Announcements and Full Galactic Disclosure. This will usher in the 10th incarnation of Father Alcyone as Kalki Maitreya, an Avatar incarnate on Earth. When Sananda Kumara incarnated as Jesus then he was over-lighted in his work by Maitreya. Now they come to incarnate together to finish the work they did together 2000 years ago. It will take one week for this very special Soul Merge to be complete.

Sequential Flow 11.11 – 11.13 – 11.28 – 11.29 – 12.12 – 12.21 Keep the Love Moving

With the November 13th Full Solar Eclipse release of vast amounts of healing light, our Souls have been flooded with light causing challenges to arise as we clear out all that is no longer needed and prepare to make ourselves ready for more responsibility. On November 28th there will be a partial lunar eclipse. This is a time of deep purification and alignment with Divine energies. All hoping to upgrade their DNA will receive a big boost for this purpose then. Some will complete their 12 strands of DNA and others will be integrating Higher Levels of DNA. On November 29th KOS Soul merge with Sananda Kumara will be complete. This will change the energy of the Planet tremendously to allow the opening of the StarGates.

What Will Happen on 12.12.12

Just as the dark Ones time to release their karma is over, so too must we all face up to our potentials by 12.12.12 This date is a kind of portal energy – a Gateway opening. What you have achieved by then will be what you will carry with you to New Earth. You have time to significantly alter your level of achievement by then and I am here to instruct you how.

Karma can be imposed by oneSelf or by society as a whole or even by nature. Karma may be the result of a curse. It can also be a Spiritual Practice. High Beings, fully Enlightened, often carry karma as a good deed and work it out. They do this as a promise before they incarnate – you may recognize some who are doing this. Their lives are not easy and it is for a Purpose and nothing they have done wrong. Karma imposed by society comes for each of us. If we identify ourselves with any religion then we carry the karma of that group, Catholics all carry the karma of the pedophile priests for example. Americans carry the karma for the fake wars their Country has been represented in. We all carry karma for the environment we live in. If you live by the Sea, or fresh water, the mountains or prairie lands then you are responsible for the mistreatment of Mother Earth and the life forms on the lands and waterways where you live. You may experience a hurricane, earthquake, flood or tsunami and that is the environmental karma of the Soul Group living there together. Karma imposed on Oneself is the big One. You have time to completely burn off your karma, but it takes effort.

A Lion is strong and King of the Beasts, but still must run fast to capture his dinner. Effort must be put forth to clear karma and effort will be rewarded. Lack of effort will guarantee starvation in the end.

What Will Happen With NESARA?

When you receive your individual packet from the deliveries under the care of Lady Master Nada from St. Germainʻs bank, there will be exquisitely individual instructions in each one.

To begin with, if you now have wealth your accounts will be balanced to zero. If you give all your money away now then it can burn off a lot of karma. Any company who is set up to produce free energy for the world is a very good donation recipient. Likewise those feeding and housing and educating the indigent poor are also a good choice. Letʻs take an example who I, Mother Sekhmet, met with personally. Sir Richard Branson. He has been given a lot of gifts, a railroad, an airline, a phone company, space and deep sea exploration. He invests in green technology companies for the purpose of making a profit. Everything he does is for profit. Just like Angelika Merkel, he was invited to change the world. He was invited to give his money to a program that would expose the Secret Space Program. He respectfully declined. There are thousands of millionaires and billionaires who have been invited to give away all their money who also have declined. When NESARA is announced they will no longer have money. It will be moved from their accounts to St Germainʻs bank and it will be used for humanitarian purposes. Someone else will take over their concerns. They have all been visited by St. Germain and they have been asked repeatedly.

If you are reading this today and have money you are being invited to share your money with those in need before 12.12.12. This is completely voluntary.

When NESARA is Announced the reparations will be the same amount given to every woman, child and man on Earth – $10 million dollars. It sounds like a lot? Besides that then there will be much more given only to certain individuals and that money will come with instructions. In order to receive each packet – it will be received in a hand delivery which must be signed for. Included with your signature will be a Disclosure Statement which when signed you agree not to share the information of your instructions with others. Nor will you share the amount you received. The instructions will be voluntary, but it would be in your best interest to follow the instructions. These larger amounts of additional funds will be used for humanitarian purposes and to fund projects benefiting all on Earth. These projects must be carried out by individuals within groups working together. It will all be better than you can imagine and the assignments have been chosen with your greatest JOY in mind. It will all be much much better than you can imagine.

What Can I Do To Prepare for the Highest Potentials on 12.12.12 For My Life

Up until the moment you receive your packet the instructions you receive are being determined by your collective Soul Record of all your actions since Creation until 12.12.12. You have time to make the New Earth transition as beneficial to you as possible. It is all within your hands.

Personal relationships are huge. Do you have unresolved relationship issues? Did you throw a child out of your house because they didnʻt follow your sensibilities? Did you leave your parent without help in their old age? Do you live with a spouse you barely speak with? You have time to mend these outstanding issues. You hate no one! You dislike no one! You do not have to love everyone. You must find a way to be neutral without reacting to them for any reason.

Begin by speaking with them in their Higher Form. Go into the Silence and have a conversation with them speaking your heart about what no longer works. This may be all that is needed. In some cases you will know in your heart you must extend a hand to mend a certain relationship in the real. Do this. It will be in your best interest in the end.

A basic requirement to go Higher is having a right relationship with your Self, your Mate, God and Goddess, Mother Earth, your children and parents, your boss, your community, your society and your country, the World and the Cosmos. Look into the relationships which need healing and act in earnest to Be Compassion and Be Love and heal what you can post haste!

If you suffer from an illness then it is wise to discover anything you can do to alleviate the suffering and do it. Change your habits. Change your diet. Change your exercise regime. Do everything you can that you know you are not now doing to balance health within your own body. You are solely responsible from birth for the Temple Goddess Mother has given you. It would be within your best interest to Make It So. Ask for help on the Inner Planes to speed the process. Consider releasing emotional blockages, release oppression, open neural pathways, repair your DNA strands, increase oxygen in the system, tone the body, reverse aging. Ask for help with all of these and any health issues which are creating a challenge now. We are here to help you and you must ask.

Integrate into your lifestyle anything Spirit has Guided you to. Do your walk in nature, your meditation, your attitude of gratitude, helping others, being an example, living right relationships, give everything, do mantra, do yoga. Improve yourSelf. Add in one new thing everyday. Repeat. The next day add in more. Change your outer life by changing your Inner Life. You can accomplish a lot by 12.12.12. Put your mind to it and see what happens.

12.12.12 is the day we balance our karma within duality. If we fall asleep between now and then refusing to change then it will be like falling asleep on the snow. You will fall asleep never to wake again. You may then finish out your time on Earth but as your Spirit leaves this time it will go on to another duality place to finish unfinished karma. It will not be invited back to Earth. It has always been your Mission since birth to resolve your outstanding karma. It was your job to wake up and figure that out before it was too late. The Lion must make an effort to find nourishment and without effort starvation and death are Self-imposed. Those who have more have more responsibility to share what they have with the others.

What Will Happen 12.21.12

On 12.21.12 there will be a Cosmic Alignment lining up Galactic Center with Cosmic Center. This is an unprecedented rare Cosmic Event. It will effect all Persons, Planets, Galaxies, Universes, Super Universes and all that is Infinite in All That Is in all space in all time in all dimensions layers and levels. This Mega Boost of Love pouring down from heaven will effect all Life Forms.

We have the ability to effect What Will Happen 12.21.12. It is completely up to us.
Thanksgiving is a very Spiritual Practice.

Integrate Thankfulness Into Your Practice and Raise Your Vibration on Earth Call In The Ships with Your Love

What do you have to be thankful for? You can thank all the people in your life who have helped you in anyway. You can thank all your relations, all your ancestors who came before you. You can thank Mother Earth for all the bounty and harvest she has provided you. You can thank God for all the times you have been given gifts, protection, help and Guidance. Start now and make a list. Make this a new practice from now until 12.12.12. Review your list each day and add to it as you remember new ways to be thankful. Gratitude is 4/5ths of Love. This practice of Giving Thanksgiving every day will increase Love on Earth and help Birth the Golden Age in our hearts and that will spill out all over, all around.

Finally I want to thank you for all you have done to bring this moment of Earth Ascension to pass. Thank you for your sacrifice, your help and your kindness. Call on me with your questions. I am always with you. I will help you and you must ask. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 24, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/