As channeled by Brian the Dragon

Hi everyone,
Reptilian-thumbThis is the dragon. So there is a lot of dogma and baggage related to reptilians. Some has to do with survival genetic history in early humans, some of it is distortion and distorted stories that have been passed down.
What we’re going to say is that reptilian beings of higher vibrations and even terra vibrations have a parallel, identical track to humans with a parallel for every characteristic humanity has. They are just a different form. There are ascended reptilian societies through all-that-is, and societies much like your own. If you take any human society or collective in the multiverse, you can find a nearly identical reptilian one. Some of you have assigned a story around them but that story is limiting and distorted. That doesn’t mean you won’t attract energies like the ones you created in your story, simply due to reciprocity of energy. But you can see so much more about your brothers, if you wish, and attract much better energies if you drop the dogma and fear.
So, they are really no different than humans, just look different. And, furthermore, in the higher vibrations you all look however you wish, you take whatever form or formlessness that is appropriate or multiple states at the same time.
That’s it.
With love