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The following is changing the whole book I’m writing now. I’m simply astounded at where it is taking me (and this in a book about how we can now initiate our preferred choice in alien relations remotely yet in detail). The investigation of this goes far beyond what I’ve written in this yet. Will add more, much more… *If you don’t get this right off, try it again. And remember to open your contour more widely. This is real, vital.

Equalization Thresholds and Alt-Universal Cycling

alien-grayIn the past, human remote sensers met with difficulties when trying to investigate gray alignment aliens and their activities here. For example, when I was investigating the crimes and complicity of older aliens who work with Verdants and sometimes accompany them (aliens referred to as “three ellipticals hyperversals” in my book Alien Mind), the older aliens tried to thwart my/our remote probing. Here’s how that feels. As is noted in previous chapters, to remotely sense Verdants is relatively easy if one is careful, but the older aliens predate Verdants by billions of years. Since they circulate on a larger scale, they configure their gravitic energy (and psychotronics) so that it cycles inwardly while resonating outwardly on an entire Virgo galaxy supercluster scale, if not slightly larger. In other words, to dilute the delta t effect (energy and time-speeding) of their gravitic technologies, they contour their systems to resonate on a vastly larger scale. They also use that larger-scale resonance to veil their technologies and sometimes overpower less evolved aliens. *This doesn’t mean they control the entire Virgo supercluster of galaxies. Instead, evidence suggests they’re merely a limited population out on its fringe.

So, humans unfamiliar with such systems will experience what feels like a converged and canceled out energy shell surrounding the older, Verdant-abetting alien(s). It’s as though there’s a numbness, a stilling of your own mind resonance when you try to remotely probe the older aliens (which results in a lack of detail). Compared to Verdants, who tend to configure their energy cycling on a mere galaxy scale, the older aliens’ activities seemed harder to probe. As a result, the older aliens acted as though they expected impunity here, i.e. they approved Verdant crimes and communicated with us as though we had little choice but to accept their preferences (which, in the past, have included Verdant sabotage and planet kills). After a few years’ experience with the older aliens, I was able to sense a sharply limited, singular quality in their communications and their gravitic energy cycling. To a beginner it’s not so obvious, but after years of contending with and remotely scanning out their systems, I could see that arrogance had bred a smugness in them which, over time, resulted in a tightly guarded, essentially closed community. By taking too many planets, by not respecting the universal equivalency between populations they had fallen into a trap. Whether they realized it or not, they were limited by their own presumption.

In order to communicate and interact with each other, the old, Verdant-abetting aliens seek maximum range and scope in their distant galaxy group (reportedly Centaurus A), which fluctuates in relation to its galaxies’ central black holes (and other, deeper dimension). They orient themselves and their evacuated shell mentality, their version of group mind, in direct relation to the gravitic resonance of their galaxy group’s central black holes, the sheer hierarchical scheme of it all. They seek to dominate; hence they place themselves at the center of consideration. It’s as though, by growing too large as a population and exceeding their ability to sustain themselves, by going out to dominate and control other worlds, they lapse into a distorted, marginally lower order of mind—although they don’t discern it as such.

When a person skilled in remote sensing encounters, then studies offending aliens of the sort, he or she must remotely inflate beyond their physical bounds—fluctuating through and beyond their limitations. It’s as though your mind steps out at (figurative) right angles to their bunched up, corrupted way of thinking. Due to the tightly condensed nature of gravitics (which cause distant parts of the universe to not feel so distant), when you remotely sense their mind network it appears as though it hovers ever so slightly above a kind of event horizon (it’s discrete and contained). So when you look back through and beyond them, what you see (and they don’t see) is that their core assumptions are trapped within a singular condition. That singular limitation isn’t merely figurative metaphor. Instead, it’s due to the gravitics of their mind-network systems. As one Verdant explained to journalist Phillip Krapf, their long distance hyperspace travel cycles through black hole singularities in a way that’s non-direct and non-linear, faster-than-light.*Krapf, The Contact Has Begun, p. 46 The same is true of their communications. Which is why, when remotely sensed, it’s as though their mind network hovers just above the event horizon of a galaxy center black hole (and partly cycles into Virgo), only barely allowing for greater connectedness. For some alien offenders, that’s a power rush. To better minds it seems a prison. When seen from above through a basic kind of ordering, destructive offenders are bunched together with like minds, which helps prevent them from distorting more evolved mind networks.

As a result, when you study offending aliens of the sort, you see that their minds and interactions are limited to a dark sub-condition in hyperspace. What you see is that their thoughts are too darkly bunched up, when compared to finer, more active minds in hyperspace. When seen from outside, the worst alien offenders bark their fixed and coldly predatory, implicit threats and presumptions back and forth across the resonance space of their galaxy center black hole. To do this, they must fix their attention on the deeper singular nature of their environment (their black hole, a dark energy center), which, through gravitic cycling, pulls them all together. The illusion, for them, is that it all seems to be unified and defended (singular), hence it is good, theirs. They’re reluctant to admit that their regime is permeable. Meanwhile, if you simply feel around, in the nature all around you is a categorically more detailed pattern of slightly dark fluctuations finely threaded into a greater kind of light both in and through hyperspace–-much more detail, which you can essentially see and feel into when you expand your awareness out to a distance beyond such offenders. The problem with some minds in overgrown, offending alien populations is that they hive within a kind of double darkness (although some boast of their light-like qualities).

So, how can that actually happen in real-world(s) scientific terms? Gravitic resonance tightly and discretely ties all deeper quantum fluctuations (all those converged and canceled-out energy waves in every quantum and in seemingly “empty” space) to all singularities in any given part of the universe. Remember, all quanta in the universe trace back in time to the same deeper curvature, overall. Which is why, as Eldon Byrd, PhD and other researchers suggest, gravitics resonate from one location to any distant location nearly instantly. On a cosmic scale, all gravitic energy can connect to the universe’s sum total of black holes, but let’s get real, here—manipulative killers like Verdants and their old alien cohorts don’t rate on a universal scale. They are continuously criticized, sometimes warned, by more evolved aliens. There seems to be a tacit understanding that better aliens need to maintain a healthy remove from, and a disguisable invisibility to the worst alien offenders. They must be discreet.

To return to the problem outlined on the previous page, I first encountered the larger shell-like resonance of the Verdant-related old aliens when they tried thwart to my investigation of their complicity in Verdant crimes. Although they were usually polite, they tried to hide aspects of the Verdant intervention here that humans must know in order to simply survive. I was starkly outmatched, so I backed off and tried to analyze the situation. Meanwhile, sympathetic Milky Way aliens complemented by a helpful billions-of-years-old population suggested that humans needed to competently investigate Verdant-related aliens. It was either do or die. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was looking at a larger energy resonance space because I’d previously resonated on a mere solar system or part-of-our-galaxy scale. My mistake was to contour my mind’s resonance on a small scale, so all the old Verdant-abetting old aliens had to do was converge their larger-scale energy resonance, which easily defeated my probing (to me, if felt like they were protected by extra energy shells). The point I’m trying to make is that you can either waste years thrashing about inadequately when remotely sensing aliens, or be advised that in order to compete with and exceed the tactics of large offending populations you must resonate beyond their bounds. You must contour a larger resonance space, at times, or else they will easily shut you down. To some readers this sounds like futuristic subject matter. However, direct experience and the counsel of neighbor aliens suggest that we must get up to speed right now.

To even begin on a solution, I was challenged to study maps of nearby galaxies and the Virgo supercluster, then study the website to see Virgo’s location in the larger universe. That much was easy, but the next hurdle I had to clear was to identify the scale of the Verdant-abetting older aliens’ resonance network. I hadn’t yet learned to open up the contour of my mind resonance so that it formed part of a spherical curve that matched our outer edge curvature of the entire Virgo supercluster of galaxies or a larger space. Months of probing (and sometimes contentious interactions) showed that the older aliens configure their systems to resonate on a scale slightly larger than the Virgo supercluster of galaxies. Then, on the night of January 15, 2009 hyper-advanced aliens who explicitly identified themselves as being well-integrated into the Virgo supercluster said (re the old Verdant-abetting aliens), “Maybe they were left out too long.”

It appeared to be an important characterization-–on a very large scale. It suggested that the grays’ alignment may be more dangerously destructive than populations more deeply and finely mixed into Virgo. In other words, the billions of years old Verdant-abetting population has reportedly been left out of important Virgo community interactions. The statement was made so that other humans would notice it. In reply, one of the old, Verdant-abetting aliens made disparaging remarks about the Virgo supercluster entity as though he and his population were frustrated with Virgo and wanted humans to consider their Verdant alignment as an alternative to integration within the Virgo supercluster (Virgo is a cosmically
more urbane mix of populations). I was aghast. I rushed to add the quotes to my collection of notes on such interactions.

So, in a nutshell, I realized that in order to interact with safer, non-intrusive aliens, we would have to exceed the meddling of the old aliens who steer and aid Verdant expansion. When one faces seemingly impossible challenges yet realizes there’s no choice but to resolve them, persistence and patience find a way. Clearly, there are many good, modest aliens willing to help us. All I had to do was study how a space contoured to be larger than the entire Virgo supercluster resonated (its information capacity, the terms and disposition of aliens already working on that scale, and the rapidity, texture, and detail of mind resonance therein). Weird as it may sound, it’s as though the singular gravitics of the old aliens’ network acts like a gravity lens because, if you place the contour of your scalar mind resonance an extra measure beyond that network, it bends and focuses the sites and information around it so that you can easily sense all that is beyond, between, and even marginally within that network (in vast, quickly fluctuating totality). In other words, I had to converge the energy of my mind’s resonance so that it contoured a small part of the edge of a sphere so wide open that it would encircle the entire Virgo supercluster if it were extended out and around like a giant orb of space. That’s the size and form of the Verdant-abetting old aliens’ network.

Remember, we’re talking about scalars, which resonate nearly instantly out and all across those same large orbs of space. So, to exceed the old aliens’ network, in my mind I simply contoured a more open, second section of spherical curvature that resonates with a larger orb of space beyond the old aliens’ network. In short, I was resonating into two concentric spheres (or horizons) of space, one inside the other. From my edge of those spaces it feels like a double horizon (formed by scalars). To make this easier for you to visualize, imagine that two giant bubbles of space extend far out so that the edge of the inner bubble runs through your head, while the second bubble is out behind your head (yet alternately fluctuates inward to include your head-space). Whether you realize it or not, your mind can easily resonate such contours. Little did I know how phenomenally capable those double horizons really are. *They occur like the quantum mirage model of resonance discussed in previous chapters because they fluctuate larger, entire shell-spaces of space (and information) rapidly around them. The only question was, how large a space was I resonating into?

Given that the ultimate nature of such resonance is universal, I was awed yet cautious. I was curious about the terms of mind(s) on so vast a scale, the general mentality. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, by contouring a double horizon around that network (or around any space) I was encountering an alt-restructuring of time. I was resonating across entire spaces within spaces in a way that has vastly greater information capacity (i.e. cycling more deeply into the past and also skipping across vastly greater expanses in an alt-textured, tortuous way). It was like feeling into a vastly more evolved, intelligent parameter, albeit one that fluctuates more rapidly and faintly than what I’d noticed previously. We’ll discuss this realm of resonance (and existence) in later pages.

For now, suffice it to say that to broadly contour (or think via) double horizons beyond an immediate space involves tightly reverse-streaming time directions (which physicists call “advance wave functions”), hence they contain a vastly increased, summed-over information capacity. In this case, it isn’t merely a linear, reverse streaming direction in time; instead, it’s multi-directional streaming both across and within past spaces (and all the information therein). So, it has an alt-universal quality. It’s as though it resonates a great-scale cross-streaming (on a supercluster scale and larger). On that scale, it makes greater leaps across expanses of time, criss-crossing alternate bands and gaps of superclusters . Because it slightly fluctuates the distance between those double horizons, it also fluctuates the time and space surrounding both. In short, it partly reverse-cycles across vast globular spaces, encompassed in parallel by greater, tighter resonance in hyperspace.

To give you a better idea of how this occurs, it’s analogous to electrical alternating current, but in this case it’s vast-scale nearly instant gravitics, a cross-streaming torsion that contours both more largely than a galaxy supercluster and more deeply than tabletop scalars. Ironically, by broadly contouring double horizons in your mind’s scalars you resonate with the same (it feels faster and tighter). It’s a smarter, subtler realm, which is exactly what the best aliens prefer. Actually, when you resonate those double horizons, you’re really resonating two horizons BEYOND the old aliens’ network (the old aliens’ network forms an inner, third horizon that we don’t count here). So to resonate double horizons is to contour and resonate a horizon beyond the old aliens’ network, plus a second horizon even further beyond that.

Remember, those further double horizons are merely fractions of the larger universal whole, so if you’re wondering how and why they can be contoured and resonated in your very own head it’s because your mind is embedded in the scalar fluctuations of the larger universe. By simply contouring your resonance a little more openly and broadly, you resonate and sense across those further spaces.

If you’re wondering how broad, double horizons could possibly involve alternate directions in time, consider the following. General relativity theory predicts that wormholes would allow time travel. Indeed, Caltech physicist Kip Thorne suggests that anything that enters one accelerated end of a wormhole will exit the other, stationary end of the wormhole at a time that occurred before its entry. Since gravitics essentially resonate via a slightly deeper wormhole structuring (hyperspace), if you simply contour and vary a second, double horizon (in Thorne’s model it’s an instant acceleration) you resonate across and further into the past, meaning you resonate that much more information. So, mind resonance of this sort is fainter and more encompassing, hence smarter. In mind resonance, double horizons resonate a deeply folded re-structuring of time, a nearly instant cross-streaming of supercluster resonance (a larger equalization threshold). Equally interesting is the fact that in theoretical physics, a particle that returns from the future doesn’t come back to the same universe it originated in. Instead, it returns to a parallel universe. And that, in turn suggests that double horizons resonate an alternate, parallel universe capacity for greater information (which also suggests that some of the future could be sensed, therein). In short, for thoughtful scientific minds, the universe is a profoundly intelligent, shared phenomenon.

To understand equalization thresholds, all you need to know is that, aside from the entire universe, the largest gravitic clumping of matter is galaxy superclusters, which contain thousands of galaxies. They float like giant glowing webs of matter surrounded by vast expanses of empty space. When seen in a larger universal context, superclusters are fairly smoothly distributed, overall. In other words, there’s no grouping larger than superclusters, so at their edges is a rapidly fluctuating energy drop-off, a great equalizing effect between them (an equalization threshold that you directly sense and must respect when you contour gravitics). Due to the diversity of alien populations in galaxy superclusters, any single offender population tends to be held in check by a greater variety of competitors. So, those gently distributed supercluster contours pose an energy dropoff, a great equalizing effect that, in combination with a greater variety of other populations (and other superclusters) poses a check on offenders.

So, why am I even discussing this? It shows we can be part of a more advanced, intelligent universe than was previously thought possible. The large-scale spaces that encompass galaxy superclusters also pose real, vital solutions to our current dilemma. For example: 1. Rather than pose a sharply flaring dropoff or an increasingly abrupt, high energy volatility, galaxy supercluster contours (and in a related sense, entire galaxies) pose subdued, gentle equalization thresholds (a kind of equivalency). This (and the huge variety of minds therein) suggest a need for modesty on that scale, rather than presumption. 2. The only way that we can resonate around and beyond the old, greedy aliens who dominate the grays’ alignment is to contour our mind resonance on a scale slightly larger than the entire Virgo supercluster of galaxies. *This is easier to do than it sounds because all you need to do is form more widely open contours in your mind. By doing so, you resonate nearly instantly into all the space of Virgo and beyond, albeit discreetly. You far exceed the old aliens’ technological network. 3. Because that larger, finer space encompasses many populations, it requires greater humility (which the Verdant-abetting old aliens, by trying to take too much, don’t respect as they should). 4. When your mind resonates out on such a scale, you can condense and communicate much more information by contouring broad, essentially concentric double horizons, which involve a fantastic new kind of science that feels different during remote sensing and has phenomenal, long-term implications that we’ll discuss shortly.

So, a beautiful, planet-saving irony of large-scale equalization thresholds is that they allow for discrete interactions apart from alien predators. Interactions on that scale or characterized by the double (or further) horizon physics of same are the big leagues, the varsity of alien interactions. Overall, gravitics effectively group like minds together, i.e. when offenders steal and destroy in order to compete with other predators, whether they realize it or not, they group themselves with such predators. Conversely, finer minds resonate with a greater variety of modest minds in the universe. You quickly get better at recognizing the difference between good aliens and predators when you see how they compare, in a larger context. For now, the safest survival strategy for humankind is to have nothing, whatsoever, to do with gray alignment offenders – to not fall into their hole by communicating with them. They clearly know they don’t belong here, which may be why they err so destructively (knowing they can always go back to where they came from).