Eric has become one of the most special people in my life, especially because he never ceases to astound me with his never wavering alignment of his thoughts and actions with his enlightened disposition and path.  He is truly an example for me…I am honored to be his friend and I implore all of you to read this post…Love you Eric!-A.M.
Steve busy pondering on tachyon and scalar wave inventionsToday is a profound day for me. I’ve finally figured out something that I’ve been so close to for decades.

I finally understand what has all along, been my gripe with my nation, most of my species, and many of my friends and family. It is the susceptibility to blind faith. It was so simple, now that I see it. I’ve been all around it for so long. “Others” were not the only ones that “didn’t see the forest for the trees”. I was hindered by that also.

All that I have ever really asked of my friends and family, is to consider possibilities. I have been attempting to reduce the fundamental rigidity in their perspectives; their “Blind Faith-O-Meter” if you will, by offering information that is somewhat contradictory to their rigid beliefs. Mostly in an effort to diffuse their unquestioning acceptance of various claims and data. I do find some alternative concepts not only plausible, but probable. Though it is always about considering possibilities to me. Not replacing a rigid mainstream belief, with a rigid alternative belief.

I posted something earlier that had randomly popped into my awareness: “The absence of disbelief, is not the presence of belief”. I understood it logically at it’s obvious first layer. Then after I posted it, I started to analyze another layer. That’s when I realized it was actually pointing my attention at the concept of blind faith. I immediately understood that the vulnerability to blind faith in my peers, was actually what I had a problem with, and not necessarily mainstream governmental, political, media, and religious beliefs.

I should clarify: I don’t mean blind faith where it applies exclusively to religion. I mean it in a very broad sense. When one has blind faith in media, blind faith in government, blind faith in science, blind faith in cultural conformity, the learning adventure, that I believe life should be, has ended. As I see it, conceptual stagnation is the only result of blind faith, if it’s rigid enough. Why have a brain capable of objective conscious exploration of your reality, if you’re not going to use it for that? Blind faith has the ability to transform an “evolve able” and evolving consciousness, into a simple conditioned mechanism.

When I see someone’s “Blind Faith-O-Meter” peaking into the red zone, I feel the responsibility to alert them to it. I’ve done it in clumsy ways, for sure. Bringing attention to opposing perspectives, etc.. I’ve employed a style that has often seemed like it was coming from ego. Truthfully, years ago it often partially was. But for people who are not me, (and there’s lots of em) it is difficult to recognize the difference between then and now. It SEEMS like I’m trying to convince them of the existence of UFOs, conspiracies, esoteric spirituality, etc.. In reality, what I have mostly been trying to do all along, is turn their discernment apparatus back on, and get their blind faith indicator back into a safe zone. Maybe that’s not my responsibility. But for some reason I have felt that it is my job to do that, when people won’t do it for themselves.

When a human being STOPS interrogating itself and it’s alleged reality, it’s brain has become a purposeless piece of meat. Blind faith, is that stopping point.

To me, blind faith is the most toxic mental destination for a thinking being. Because thinking becomes unnecessary. There is no longer a need for analytical capabilities like scrutiny. No more need for inquisitiveness, nor discernment and discovery. Blind faith only allows for a response that conforms to the claims that impose the blind faith in the first place.

All this time I thought my adversary was simply “mainstream claims”. Turns out it’s actually the widespread tendency toward blind faith conformity. “Cause and effect” is sometimes elusive, and hard to discern. The answer is always in the last place you look. 🙂

When one accepts blind faith as an effective approach to existence, in any area, it signals the end of the primary benefit of being a conscious human. A self aware consciousness has accepted defeat. Where it’s responsibility to evolve itself, through it’s recognition of infinite possibilities, is concerned.

In my opinion, progress is attained through conscious exploration of possibilities: Contemplation. When the consideration of possibilities ceases, the BEing has succumbed to cultural influence and conditioning that inhibits it’s progress. Without even realizing it. I cannot stand idly by and watch that happen to people. I’m just trying to get the Blind Faith-O-Meter needle out of the red zone, and that is all. It’s exciting to experience life without rigid conclusions and limitations each day. Which is not an option when blind faith interferes with that choice. As I said; maybe it’s not my job to promote flexible evolving perspectives. Who knows?

If the universe is infinite, then the set of possibilities offered by IT, must also be infinite. 😉