This  is beautifully stated….

“It’s important not to let the inner pressure cooker reach crisis proportions if something is troubling us. If we seek balance in every moment by expressing ourselves with love, from self-love and seeing things that challenge us as an opportunity to find neutrality until we can respond with wisdom, than we can traverse sink holes that want us to get lost in the illusion and drama which manifests more struggle and blocked energy. Nothing needs to build up or reach a level that creates stress, anxiety, un-wellness or emotional upheaval, if we honor the flow and what it requires us to address in each moment. Each moment a tumor can shrink or grow, a battle can be fought or let go of, or gratitude can be felt or denied and misuse of power can be the result. There is nothing that can defeat the journey to Bliss and true Liberation if we see it as an inner achievement and we devote ourselves. Unity Consciousness and higher Earth energies happen when we become it and we do not let anything less than this define us or our experience. Let the New Moon tomorrow be a new beginning to alter perspective to serve the creative imagination. We have the power to make every moment better if we don’t allow ourselves to be undone by events or how others treat us. We function best when we see that we can be the inspiration and force behind improving, transforming and taking all these things to the highest level, which might even mean walking away.”