Aloha Everyone,

This message was given to a member of our Ashtar Family when she visited Maui last summer. We were at a sacred heiau* when Ashtar began speaking. Recently, when Ashtar was talking with her in a private session, he asked her to transcribe and share this with you all. We are delighted to present this transcription, and encourage you to connect with Merlin and with the power of the dragon, as he presents it, to assist yourselves – and the World – in preparation for Ascension!

Blessings, Love and Peace, Susan

A Special Message From MERLIN 

Given at Kukuipuka Heiau, Maui, June 16th, 2012

Merlin Is Introduced by Ashtar

Channeled Through Susan Leland

“I, Ashtar, have standing with me a very dear Brother, who has been known by many names, but he comes now forth in the identity of the one you have requested, who is Merlin. He brings with him the energy of Saint Germain and all the other identities. But the most important emanation from him, of course, is that of Love. And so, I, Ashtar, shall move aside and if you would just pause for a moment and breathe, we shall invite Master Merlin to come forth with a special message, as only he can state it.”

“I AM indeed the one you call Merlin. And I speak to you from all around you.When you hear the birds singing their songs, I am with them. When you look up into the sky, and see the clouds and the rainbow, I am there. And most especially, when you greet the dragonfly, I am there, in Spirit ,with that one as well. I am the Spirit of the voices of all Nature to you.

“Most remember Merlin as being an alchemist, a changer of base metal into gold, and as an adviser, a keeper of the ancient wisdom of the Druids, which of course came from Atlantis, which of course came from Lemuria.

“It is for me to state with great clarity that I am in very close connection and communication with all of the beings of what you call the world of nature. As a shape-shifter, I could transform myself into any animal, but my favourite was the dragon-fly because, not only does the dragon-fly fly through the air so gracefully, but the dragon-fly also is ‘dragon power.’ In Hawaiian terms it is called ‘mo’o’; and the dragon has special attributes of power which is for the highest and best; it is not destructive, as mo’o, as dragonfly. It is sometimes able to multi-place and I am quite able to do that myself, when I utilize the Violet Ray, which of course is a part of me, that is when I am in the persona, or the identification of Saint Germain. You see, I not only can shape-shift into animals, but I can shift into different representations among humans.

“And what is the purpose of all of this anyway, if not to make the changes that need to be made…The changes which could not be made if you had not volunteered to be here, each and everyone, the changes which are in place and in progress right now, which will lead to even more changes, doors opening, rainbow gates leading into the Golden Path.

“So, all of you who are here, know this: it is the greatest shifting, or alchemical transformation ever, ever, ever, on Planet Earth, because your bodies are changing. And, again, this would not be happening if you had not volunteered for this. It is not a warrior kind of a transformation, it is strong, but it is the strength of the dragon, the gentle dragon, the loving dragon, the powerful loving dragon. And where there is need to totally transform, it is combined with the Violet Ray.

Occasionally, the Fire needs to come forth, this is true; but it is always tempered by the water.

“There is cleansing going on even now. I am in great assistance of that. Again, only with your permission; you have said: ‘It is time for the transformations’ and we have responded. And we come here with you and we tell you: we have always loved you, infinitely, always, but you have not allowed the Love in until most recently, not as Humanity. And yes, even though there are some who are reluctant to participate in these transformational changes, it is that enough of you have volunteered. And I, as Saint Germain, am leading the way into the new Freedoms.

“However, I AM Merlin, and I am here to share this wisdom of Love. LOVE is the greatest transformer of all. If you want to talk about alchemical transformations, it is the greatest catalyst and ingredient at the same time.

“Add Love to whatever you are doing, whatever your thoughts are, whatever you want to express in any way, and it will transform, instantly. You may not always see it with your physical eyes, but you will know it within your heart. And that is where the knowing and the wisdom meet: the Love. And that is the formula. It is so simple. The children know it, the children practice it; and it is to learn from the children, and learn from the Wise Ones and the Lightworkers among the Planet. And that is why you are all here. You are here to teach; you are here to demonstrate, and you are here to usher in the changes, to balance and to transform.

“And so, we thank you for coming. We are with all of you, because you are all part of the great transformations. So, we thank you, most of all for being here, in Loving Service. So it is.  I, Merlin, bid you happy journeys, as we create the transformations together.”

Given through Susan Leland, June 16, 2012.

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