One of our members knows more languages than I do.  He was nice enough to translate a message and send it to me.  Much of this I am familiar with, but the information about what has been called the “3 days of darkness,”  I believe, is worth sharing.  And of course, we already know there will not be three days of2012 calendardarkness; however, December 21, 22, 23do have great importance to us, so I am following with the translated message.  We will find these days becoming three days of Light, and then… boom!

I love all that we have learned from Zorra and the Galactic Federation of Light, and, for myself, I will not be spending the coming days typing away at the computer.  I, too, need quietness, and Nature.  This is a personal time for each of us..

So now, here is the translated message:

December 21, 22, 23

Between December 21-23
During this great scenario, humans will feel the inner need to experience a period of seclusion, …
silence, meditation, each in our own way and according to our own circumstances, which will last three days (72 hours), from 21 to 23 December.
This process is what some call “three days of darkness”, but not on the outside, but an interior recollection: an inner experience and evolution. Nobody needs imprisoned itself or at home, waiting for external events and disasters.
And in these three days of recollection, saidtree buddahconnection pass energy affects all living things through fractal sequences existing in us. This can be described as the “relaxation” of the strands that accelerate the activation of dormant DNA components, preparing to experience a “change”.
Strain is must whether incoming foreign power as to harmony and inner stillness where we can “be”
The road to healing
Recommendations for 21-22-23 day through December 2012.
Even if “nothing happened externally” … try to capture the essence of these suggestions that invite us to calm and introspection in family …
We prepare to receive the synchronization of our DNA with the energies of the Creation Center.
In a time of 3 days (Dec 21,22,23) period lasting alignment channels universal energies that facilitate direct arrival frequency of light from the center of the galaxy.
Downloads will contact electromagnetic our physical body accelerating evolutionary processes. Raising our frequencies of light, and the entire planet sutilizando …
We protagonists and witnesses of the change was: the Dawn of a New Humanity … The genetic evolution within a generation … and this will cause intense movement of energy in us a profound change in our physical and subtle bodies.
Our DNA will begin the process of fulfillment, gradually turning the filaments asleep.
To avoid exposing ourselves to move some of these changes abruptly, it is suggested: avoid street dense environments and / or very busy, and as far as possible: do not drive.
The internal movement will be extremely intense!
It is necessary to guarantee to external stillness. Avoid work activity, street and social contact.
Stay in family (single family), or people who feel affinity and believe that they can share with you this experience, not recommended total isolation, must be accompanied, but people you feel good.
To the extent possible, it is suggested to use the least possible electromagnetic appliances and
Avoid: eating meat, sausages, milk, any beverage other than water or natural fruit juice, any food that comes from supermarkets, shopping centers …
Not self medicate mild symptomatology.
Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, vegetarian and light.
Leverage for meditation, cleansing diets, leave a toxic habit like smoking or alcohol, to give time to the family. Pray for healing and support for you, your family and for all humanity.
As far as possible: retreat to nature in those days orgarden benchplants and flowers fill your home ..
It acknowledges the Solidarity Dissemination and Share on your wall if you feel that this info can help someone you love!
Why the quiet?
It’s dangerous social contact or be in dense, because all portals will be opening, and all that inhabit the earth energies are prepared to give the quantum leap. There are some who refuse to be offside and collaborate with chaos, leading to scenes of violence and disorder.
Why eat healthy, vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist?
Because the new frequencies that we will be incorporating subtle level are high, meat and junk food are the opposite. As the shock will be very strong if the body is not cleaned and kept clean will generate more resistance to the process, which is going to generate some major discomforts.
In short, it is suggested: align in silence, being in nature, and promote an atmosphere of Peace and Love ..
“Peace begins with me, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU”
Note in love and respect for all
I wish to each message embodied in how important each apply their judgment in all messages they receive every day, even
I myself distributed, since everyone should take whatever time necessary for living, and just leave some messages to trash your computer, but others will give a good guide in this time of so many changes and movements.
Take what resonates and serve them, which is not, brush it aside, and above all remember that the power is within everyone.
In the new paradigm we are not followers of gurus, spiritual teachers, etc.,
all we have to follow our heart, our God within, we are our guides, our teachers,
Always discern without judgment, without criticism.

Blessings to everyone s!

   Thank you, Jose!