Thank you to Marcos for these news clip from our lovely neighbor Mexico!-A.M.

Mexico’s Fresnillo cuts gold output target

17.07.2013 06:59

mexican flagMexican miner Fresnillo, the world’s largest primary silver producer, said it would miss its 2013 gold production target. The company on Wednesday downgraded its forecast for gold production for 2013 to 465,000 ounces from 490,000 ounces, after a court stopped work at the Dipolos mine, where part of the project must now be relocated, Reuters said. Second quarter gold production was down 6.8% against the same quarter last year to 118,315 ounces. Fresnillo forecast silver output to be in line with earlier estimates. Silver production came in at 10.9 million ounces in the second quarter, 6.3% higher than the same period last year.

16.07.2013 03:13

Head of feared Zetas drug cartel captured by Mexican forces

The leader of the powerful Zetas drug cartel, Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, has been captured by Mexican marines in the state of Nuevo Laredo. Treviño Morales, often referred to as “Z-40,” joined the group that began as a security detail made up of Mexican special forces deserters for the Gulf cartel in the late 1990s and quickly earned a reputation for brutality. The Zetas broke off from the Gulf cartel in 2010 and began to spread particularly throughout the North and Northeast of Mexico. Forty-year-old Treviño Morales became the head of the Zetas following the death of its former leader, Heriberto Lazcano, in a shootout with Mexican marines in October of 2012. Lazcano’s body was later stolen from a funeral home by an armed group. The capture of the Zetas’ leader will be seen as a well-timed victory for the administration of Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto, who has pledged to tackle the country’s pandemic of homicide and violence but who has struggled to demonstrate progress, reports the AP.

26.06.2013 04:56

Mexico rescues 52 hostages near US border

Mexican authorities have rescued 52 people kidnapped near еру US border by who were being held in a house in the violent state of Tamaulipas. Most of the hostages were Guatemalans. They were found by a group of federal and state police in the house where they were held for a few days. The group was made up of 48 men from Guatemala, two from El Salvador and two more from Mexico, Reuters reported.

17.08.2013 23:31

Leader of powerful drug cartel arrested in Mexico

The leader of the cocaine-trafficking Gulf Cartel was arrested by Mexican security forces on Saturday, according to local media. Mario Ramirez Trevino, known as X-20 or “The Bald One,” was reportedly apprehended in Tamaulipas state by the military. Washington estimates that the Gulf Cartel controls most of the cocaine and marijuana trafficking to the United States. The US had offered a $5 million bounty for Ramirez. The previous head of the illegal organization, Jorge Costilla – otherwise known as “El Coss” – was arrested in September 2012.

02.09.2013 03:10

NSA spying targeted Brazil, Mexico leaders directly – Greenwald

The US National Security Agency’s global surveillance program directly targeted the communications of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, US journalist Glenn Greenwald told Brazilian TV news program Fantastico. Greenwald said the documents provided to him by NSA leaker Edward Snowden are dated June 2012 and show the communications of the leaders of Brazil and Mexico. Nieto, the contents of whose communications were accessed, was even being targeted while not yet the elected but still a presidential candidate.