Many friends have asked my opinion on Dec 12 and Dec 21.
I have been deeply researching the entire 2012 thing for about 8 years. This includes scientific, political, esoteric, archeological, and spiritual aspects of this 2012 shift.

Here are my current conclusions:

No one is able to tell us what is going to happen tomorrow much less in 2-3 weeks. What we can explore are the potentials we sit i

n as this very moment and the many documented cultural traditions that have identified this shift in humanity.

We are have been in a decade of human history that is beyond scripture, any prophets, seers, or remote viewers. This means we are in uncharted territory and we seem to have evaded the end of the world scenarios.

There are many many galactic, solar system and planetary cycles that are completing on the Dec. 21 date. These cycles include the procession of the equinox of our Earth wobble that takes just over 26,000 years. We also have one full revolution of our galaxy that is just over 220 million years. I am not sure how they calculate that one!

We also have the traversal of our solar system through what is known as the galactic plane of the milky way. What this means is that we have entered into a heavily charged area of our galaxy and a new area of space we don’t know much about.

Fact. The planet will be exposed to the most intense alignment of the galactic plane for 8 minutes between Dec 21 and Dec 22
as a band of energy from the southern US to Guatemala.

Fact. The Earth has experienced more earthquakes, volcanic activity, and solar activity than ever before recorded. This has to be taken with the idea that we have not been recording for too long, but you have to be in a coma not to notice. We have had more 5.0 earthquakes including regular 6.0 and 7.0 events this year than any other year that we know of. We have had more hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms in any one single year this 2012.

Fact. It has been some time since NASA and other agencies around the world have detected a huge energy wave that is a burst eminating from the center of our galaxy and due to hit our Earth at its maximum strength on Dec 21.

Fact. The global power bases are experiencing huge upheavals this very year. in 2012 we have experienced global demonstrations in the hundreds of millions of people in every continent demonstrating in the streets at the same time. There have been more resignations of world corporate leaders in the thousands including CEOs of major banks, insurance, energy, manufacturing, and political organizations. This includes the firing and criminal indictments of global cartel elites such as directors of the International Monetary Fund, world banks, Chairman of Morgan Stanley, and major financial scams unveiled in the trillion dollar scale.

Fact. The realization that there is a world government with a private military and private space programs more advanced than the mainstream, is now widely known.

Fact. The world’s power and finances are controlled by no more than 13 elite families such as the Rothchilds, Vandebuilts, Oppenheimers, Windsors, etc. is now widely known. Some of these families have been in power for over 1,000 years.

Fact. The magnetic pole of our planet has moved by as much as 5 degrees this year at a rate of several miles a day. The magnetic fields of our planet are the lowest/weakest that we have recorded. This means we have been more susceptible to what is coming in from the sun and the center of our galaxy.

Fact. Many ancient cultures including Maya, Hopi, Sumerian, Chinese, Aboriginal, Etc. talk of this time as being the move from the age of darkness to the age human enlightenment. These traditions have correlations with the movement of the cosmos in relationship to human consciousness.

Fact. A majority of the world’s population believes we have extra terrestrial neighbors and are pushing for full disclosure from our leaders on this heavily suppressed subject.

Fact. 1% of the population of this planet controls 99% of the industrialized resources.

Fact. Global elites have been planning their escape and we have the artifacts of their many fear based campaigns.

Fact. Geneticists around the world have corroborated on the existence of a new generation of children with several new codons in their DNA activated and immense resistance to AIDS, Cancer and other disorders. Many of these kids were born in the 80s and children being born in the last 10 years have advanced cognitive capabilities. The gifts of the current wave of babies are beyond the textbooks in intuition, conceptual skills, connection to nature, healing abilities, telepathy, and recall of what looks like past lives.

The facts that are now part of the larger awareness of humanity continue to pile up until we can no longer deny them, even out of pure ignorance and downright stupidity.


So do I believe something will happen in Dec 12 or Dec 21… YES! It is and has been happening this entire year!

Expect a new awakening this 2013 and it will continue for at least the next decade.

Expect us to be in a time of accelerated manifestation to where your thoughts and intentions are being empowered by the incoming energy.

The energy and consciousness is about integrity, transparency, and truth.

Old systems will now fall away much quicker.

The more esoteric understanding is that the alarm clock for the darkness is now ringing and the human pendulum begins to swing in the direction of the light.

Never have we had so much focus on one date for the entire planet. Even in the year 2,000 the attention was not this acute.

During this important transition of galactic energy it is not necessary to hide in a bunker! What is important is to go inside your own self and heal.

These next couple of months may go unnoticed by some, be extremely difficult for others and also will be a time of awakening from the control of the matrix for most.

I suggest to be in peace and harmony on the 12t and the 21sth. Don’t travel on those dates, but be in stillness, gratitude, and in allowance of the infinite benevolence of our creator. An attitude of gratitude is in order.

It is smart to always have 2 weeks to 30 days of food, water and emergency plan in case there are ever interruptions in our infrastructure.

Learn to be sustainable! make a mini garden, learn skills for survival, and always include art, spirituality, meditation, research and self actualization into your activities.

Be in loving peace and project that to all those around you. That is easy for you I know 😉

Those individuals who are entrenched in enslaving humanity and subjugating others are the ones that will have the most difficult time with a re-evolution of daily life. We can also be in a forgiving state so that there is room for redemption and unity.

Allow our mother Gaia (the planet) to go through her changes.Be grounded with the idea that it is not the end, but the beginning of something new. All we have to do is be conscious.

So there you have some food for your heart-mind.



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