lightning to crown chakraRejoice dear friends, for you have once again managed to download such a vast amount of beneficial energy through your joint efforts, and again we say a resounding thank you on behalf of All of Creation. We know that for some of you, yesterday’s event may have felt as a non-event, but believe us when we say that this was indeed a resounding success on all levels. It was not without its challenges for some of you, for as usual, the light never comes empty handed. In other words, the tasks that came embedded within these messengers of light was quite an armful, and for some, a rather taxing one also. Just know that you will all benefit from this huge influx of light, and so will the rest of this planet. Let us leave it at that for now, and instead give you all some much needed time to literally digest what has transpired between you and the other realms that still seem to remain very much hidden from you. But do not forget, you are all frequent visitors here even if you do not have any clear recollection of it, and as such, it was an excellent occasion to get to thank you all as you popped in for a short visit during your meditation. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.

Channel: Aisha North