I just read the following excerpt from a newsletter that I wanted to share with you.  This Manuscript of Survival is also addressing the intensity of these energies and how they are effecting us.

“As of today, Feb 21, there are 4-5 days more of this intense energy.
Next we go into a rest period of 7-10 days. Use this time to prepare for the next wave.
Then the next wave of even more intense energy will arrive. This will be the HIGHEST FREQUENCY to have ever bathed us. It will last until the Equinox on March 20-21, then become less intense.

What to do? Meditate, go out into nature, eat good food, drink pure water, pamper yourself, CELEBRATE and have the most FUN you possibly can. . . and Relax. Look for your answers and direction in your Heart. The old ways are leaving and we must discover the NEW way ourself. By relaxing, letting go of how you used to think and do things, meditate in your Heart, the new way will be shown to you. February 20th, 2013.” http://ascension-stgermain.com

As channeled by Aisha North

pressureThe reason you might all feel a more than a little bit put out today is as always easy to explain. Once again the level of energetic downloads has been amped up, and you are literally being bathed in the forces of change. So yes, expect some rather interesting side effects as you once again are being pushed and pulled in every direction from all of this life-enhancing information that is being beamed into you. And once again you will feel how you are being almost prodded into reaction, as these energies will indeed not stop at anything in order for them to be completely assimilated by you.This may sound a bit callous, but we say this in order to underscore the fact that even if the outfall from all of this energetic bombardement may be less than pleasant at times, it is always done with the best of intention. So yes, they are merciless at times, but they are also doing you a world of good, so again we say hang in there. Little comfort, we know, to all those of you beset by bouts of nausea, fatigue and maybe even sudden onsets of deep, deep sadness. But remember, they are indeed signals of advancement, and even if they are not pleasant during the actual insertion, these new codes will all help you become what you have been striving to be for so long.

Let us leave it at that for today. We think you will have less inclination to read today and more to rest, as it is indeed important to make sure you obey the wishes of your body whenever it is beset by all of these outside forces. After all, you are a great team, and you will get through all of this together and emerge at the other end victorious, shining and infinitely stronger than what you mayhaps feel like today. For this is just another revamping of your system, and one that will help you to explore even more of the hidden potential you carry within. So again we say stay calm and breathe deeply, and give yourself the time and care you need in order to make the most of this new information you are receiving. For just like your computer, you need to give your body space to better be able to reset all of its systems whenever a new program has been downloaded. So take this as a hint to stay centered and not to push yourself too much at the moment. Rather, it is a time for quiet comtemplation, and also for gratitude towards yourself. For you are constantly working so hard towards the goal of resurrecting yourself, and you are doing it bit by bit, piece by piece. So let us leave it at that for today, and give you all another reassuring pat on the back. For you are doing good, even at times like these when you feel less than perfect.