part 277 •March 4, 2013

helix nebula - eye of godLet us begin this missive by saying that for many of you, these last few days have been more than intense, especially physically wise. And, as usual, that is easy to explain. As we have touched upon earlier, these new injections bring with them some brand new programming, programming that is altering the course of so much of what you have previously installed in your body. And so, the moans and groans from this literally not only mind expanding, but fully expanding energies will be heard throughout your physical body. For no expansion comes without complaints from the existing, and as such, even if they are indeed rather painful at times, these growing pains, for that is truly what they are, are once again just confirmations that you are taking one step closer towards completion.

For you are all expanding in so many ways, literally and energetically, as you are moving way past your old limitations and charging once again into unknown territory. And once again this will bring about confusion and disbelief, for as it is whenever something is ignoring old boundaries, the mind react with a twinge of fear from all of this unknown. For why not stick to the old tried and true? Why this penchant for leaving that behind and instead forge into something you have no possibility of knowing what will come out of? Again, your old system was hardwired to stay put in the same old rut, and as such, this endlessly pushing of the envelope is bound to get some reactions. So once again we say that the outcome from all of this can only be positive, no matter how taxing, confusing and even downright painful this actual process in itself is. So try to quell your gut instinct to revolt against it all, and give yourself some time to breathe and relax into this ”unpleasantness”, and we can guarantee you all that no matter how bad you feel, either physically or emotionally at the moment, you will all in some way manage to get at least a fleeting glimpse of the glimmer of light that accompanies all of these symptoms and discomforts.

And growing is always painful in some ways, as it means giving up all that you used to be. For you are not a child anymore, and the awareness that comes with knowledge means that you can never hide behind the innocence of a child anymore. For you have been given access to the biggest truth there is, and with it comes also the knowledge that you have been living in a lie fabricated by others. And as such, the ripping apart of the veils will be painful in so many ways. But you know too that this pain is not the reason why you go through this. For this pain is only the pain that comes from liberating yourself from all the old hooks and barbs embedded in you that are trying to hold you back. So know that every second of discomfort will be repayed with a lifetime of bliss, for you are growing beyond the point of no return, you have in fact passed that long time ago. So again we say that the aches and pains, sorrow and anger are but small markes along the way, signifying one more victory as you take a new breath laden with the incoming energies that will make you grow bigger and more complete as the days go by. For you are not here to suffer, and this process will make that clear to you as you sense your magnitude expanding daily.

So bless your body, for it is working so hard to accomodate all of this new you, and bless your mind, for it is only doing what it knows best. And even if both of them seem more reluctant than ever to let this expansion continue, know that they too are fully committed to this process. For they will be with you every step of the way, but they cannot help but utter more than a few yelps of distress on the way. But again we say do not let that trick you into thinking that they are only offering you resistance in this, far from it. For you are all a team, and you will make it all the way as a team. So let us conclude this message by saying that you are all doing your very best, and for that, you should be immensely proud of yourselves. For know that we are, and we will always be so. For you are the bravest of the brave, soldiering along every day, come rain or shine, and you are bringing the light of freedom into every nook and cranny on your planet. And what you bring, cannot be turned away. For it is here to stay, and you are the ones who are making it all come true.