I enjoyed the session and the portrait.  I felt a response to the portrait of recognizing more of a true sense of self.
It has occurred just a couple of times prior, that a sense of true self has come through.
Thanks so much,

I recently had an Organic Light Realignment session with Geoffrey and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. We spoke via Skype and when he smudged his room to prepare for the session, I could smell the smoke in my office! He’s on the east coast and I’m on the west, so that was quite eye-opening! I could see the light codes being downloaded as he spoke in what I think of as the Language of the Soul because that’s what the experience felt like to me: soul-to-soul communication. I highly recommend this activation with Geoffrey for anyone needing to free themselves of non-beneficial memories in order to move on to a more solid connection with the Earth and her ascension. 

I don’t know why, but it is so hard for me to put my experiences into testimonials. How do you put such magick into words? Thank you so very much for this powerful gift of healing to my being! Geoffrey is an incredible healer, his Light truly transformed me. During the session, I was brought to another world. I was in temple for a ritual, a deep activation with the Blue Avian Guardian race. That night, I was awoken at 3:33am to watch the ships in my sky. This happens often, but the movements of ship differed and much Light transmissions were received through my Higher Self from them. Over the following days, this information came in the form of ideas, inner knowings and remembrances of the expanse of my being across dimensions and galaxies. Holding ever more balance and clarity now, this activation has lead to the unfolding of my Earth mission. I feel as if I am fully realigned with our Mother Gaia Sophia now. Thank you again!”



Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Organic Light Realignment is a two-step process. The first involves an hour-long Skype session which culminates in Geoffrey’s vocalization of the organic light current of Gaia Sophia. The second part consists of a pictorial composite which is made from a screen shot taken at the Skype session’s close and an abstract overlay derived from the energies perceived by Geoffrey in that moment of deep openness.

Geoffrey treated me to this amazing process over two weeks ago. I am still processing the event, but would like to articulate what I have felt and realized so far. My life is quite tumultuous at the moment — also my level of inner work necessarily has intensified – and I cannot say I can honestly distinguish the connection between various possible ’causes’ and the quickly-deepening states and acute realizations of these present days. I will relate only those things that were obviously and directly connected to the realignment process, — and not even all of that, since the most radical breakthrough was too personal to tell here.

Looking back, I had the impression that the two parts, the audible and the visual, were Dionysian and Apollonian, respectively. It may not be so for all.

The Skype session was, for me, an intense and immediate experience. Geoffrey’s recitation of the liquid language of organic light swept over me like rushing waters. At times it was beautiful music, at others, it seemed almost intelligible human language, still at other times it approached ‘pure vibration.’ It culminated in a rush of cathartic emotion that brought with it a deep and difficult personal realization. It finally left me feeling somewhat drained, but cleansed and opened to fresh and healing energies in rarely visited areas of my consciousness.


My Organic Light healing with Geoffrey was the start of the reconnection to myself and my path, not only was it a highly energetic experience during the session but it opened me up to my own knowledge and potential which I had been blocking for a long time due to personal, emotional issues.  Since the session my energetic and mental attitude has changed and grown, I no longer hold on to fears of my own inadequacy but embrace every part of myself. Of course it is an ongoing growth potential and I can’t wait to see what ‘I’ have in store for me. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to reconnect with their Self again and to kick start their journey.


Goeffrey Rosenberg’s energy is pink and sparkling. I could clearly see him dancing around me in my mind’s eye with his hands in the air, chanting and jumping. He made me happy and smile. Plants and Flowers grew around us. I saw lotuses blooming in my hands. Everything was alive and dancing around me. What a great moment it was. I love my portrait. He can truly paint with the colours of the wind


Geoffrey’s Alchemical Organic Light Realignment Process is quite amazing! During his session, he created a strong connection to me in order to fully implement his treatment, while I felt a calming at the same time. Afterward, due to the change in frequencies, I felt light-headed and sleepy. He stated that I now was needing a “Rest Integration” period, which I promptly did. While asleep, I felt my spirit and body readjusting from heavy and grounding, to very light and floating over my body along with waves of energy flowing through me. This process lasted for me almost 3 days, during which time I discovered the need for Alexandra’s “Organic Light Realignment Essences” alchemical compound. In the end, I am resonating at a higher frequency, feel much more connected to Gaia-Sophia and am more clairsentient and claircognizant. Concerning the portraits he did of my energetic essences, I am still working on connecting/ understanding them. Thank you so much, Geoffrey!

Ahoy Geoffrey,      Night was interesting. I slept in chunks constantly releasing some unresolved episodes in this life. It was directed towards my  former life before NDA experience in 2011. Vivid dreams of past situations and people across first 50 years of searching for purpose on earth. For a while ringing in my head got higher in frequency than it went back to the level I’m used to deal with. Btw, my dog was barking for a 30min or so after the session yesterday. She was close to me and kept a guard in all directions around me while there was nothing to be seen in 3d. As for the picture…it is exactly as I feel while doing the work. I relate to the Chinese “evil” eye and the streaks of red that have been released from the mouth. Also I’m familiar with the energy above the head. In short, thanks brother for a new file in my head and heart.

After two weeks since our session I’m integrating all these shifts in my energy levels. Since the opening smudging that I felt so clearly to all the toning frequencies that were running through my body,  it was intense experience. I’m grateful for the  throat cleansing especially. I had a feeling for a long time that there was some unresolved blockage there and boy, you dealt with it terminally. In following days it was clear that my empathetic senses were much more open and that’s great for my line of work. So thanks for that.  The process is still going on so I will report on results as they come anew…love


One week after my healing session with Geoffrey I had two unusual experiences with Mother Nature that I would like to share. The first experience happened while hiking in the woods by myself. I was walking along a stream and found a tree to sit against to eat an apple. As I sat down on the ground I could not help noticing how loud the birds were singing. Not only were the birds being very active, but there were so many birds right around where I was sitting. It was unreal. I also noticed that there was a great deal of squirrels and chipmunks running up and down the trees. The sheer number of squirrels and chipmunks and birds was becoming overwhelming to say the least. I was not scared at all. I just became an observer of the show that was being performed in front of me. Then I spontaneously started singing a song to Gaia-Sophia. I did this out of pure joy and reverence for nature. In my heart I felt a conscoius awareness of our connection to Gaia-Sophia that was blissful and genuine. This kept on going until a hiker with a dog walked by and broke the spell I was under. All of a sudden the birds, squirrels and chipmunks were gone. This experience was profoundly rewarding to me.

The second experience happened a week later. I was walking on the edge of the woods next to a big meadow looking for green grass to feed my guinea pigs. I was focusing on the ground for grass when I heard a loud roar of leaves in the air. I was getting louder and louder, reaching a high decibel level. I ran out into the meadow and looked up at the sky, because there were millions of leaves falling out of the sky from high up in the atmosphere. It was an incredible sight to behold. As the leaves fell all around me I felt a great sense of joy and wonder for our Mother Earth. I know that there was a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, such as a whirlwind picking up the leaves and dropping them in the meadow, but I feel that both of these events, which only I was there to witness, were signs that my healing session with Geoffrey has given me a profoundly deeper relationship with Gaia-Sophia that continues to amaze me.

I highly recommend Geoffrey’s healing services, for he is indeed a powerful healing shaman.


This is my report after receiving Geoffrey Rosenberg’s Alchemical Light Realignment and Anchoring Process.
I have been meditating on my Organic Light Portrait for some weeks now.  When I first started this process I followed Geoffrey’s suggestions for using the portrait which I found to be well-written, clear, and enormously helpful.  My early meditations on my portrait were primarily dominated by my visual senses.  I would stare at the portrait with all my mental attention fixed there, thus blocking everything else out.  I did this the same as you would do a candle flame meditation.  My portrait would begin to morph.  The light and dark areas started to move and dance before my eyes.  This became quite trippy/dreamlike in a multi-dimensional way.  I feel like I am in a light trance state when I meditate on my portrait.  This trance state comes over me naturally and effortlessly.
With more practise meditating I am still fascinated with the visual effects, but the meditations have become more mental in focus.  Deep hidden doors in my subconscious open up during the meditations, to reveal nuggets of information about the nature of my psyche.  I digest these nuggets in an emotionally-neutral and balanced manner.  This process unfolds with grace.  The understanding of my true identity that comes from these meditations is rich.  I am highly motivated to keep meditating on my Organic Light Portrait to see where this process will take me.  I am grateful to Geoffrey Rosenberg for his profound shamanic healing talents.  I also have well-deserved respect for him as an Artist.  My Organic Light Portrait is priceless to me!