As Kevin Annett just reiterated through so many of his world wide connections, it is TIME to remove your money from the banks!  Check this newest update from Bix!-A.M.
Well it looks like the “Economic Wars” being waged between the US and Russia are starting to manifest into their inevitable conclusion…BANK RUNS!!
the-crash-in-new-york-started-a-run-on-banks-around-the-country-heres-a-line-of-people-waiting-to-get-their-cashRemember…no bank in the world has enough Tier 1 Capital to stave off even a tiny bank run. They all hold about 6-10% of their total deposits and the rest is their play money. The large banks are are also leveraged in the derivative markets 50-1 so their total destruction is guaranteed as this mess unwinds.
Here’s the list of bank runs as of 11:00 am Pacific Coast Time:
Jittery Customers Run on Banks in Crimea
Risk of Bank Run Heightens in Ukraine
China’s Rural Mini Bank Runs
The banks and countries participating will expand exponentially by next Friday. Russia is a key target for the banking cabal so they will likely be high on the list by early April.
Then it gets REALLY UGLY.
Europe, Asia, UK and ultimately the United States of America.
This was all part of the plan…the End of the Road to Roota!
The Road to Roota Theory
Stay safe out there.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir