Bix Weir Update  10/13/2012:

Bix Weir
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If this information doesn’t prove to you that there are massive changes right around the corner then nothing will…

New $100 bills stolen en route to Fed facility

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Unknown thieves stole a “large amount” of newly-designed $100 bills bound for a Federal Reserve facility in New Jersey on Thursday, the FBI said.

Frank Burton, Jr., spokesman for the FBI’s Philadelphia division, said the theft occurred at some point between when the shipment of bills landed at the Philadelphia airport on a commercial flight from Dallas at 10:20 Thursday morning, and when the shipment reached its New Jersey destination around 2:00 p.m., when the courier service transporting the bills reported some missing.

Burton declined to comment on the amount taken, but said it was substantial.

“We’re following all logical leads,” he said

The missing bills carry a design that is not slated to reach circulation until 2013. They feature a large gold “100” graphic on the back, and an orange box on the front with a faint image of the Liberty Bell. END

And this one…

Crime News: Federal Reserve $100 bill thieves in for bad surprise

In crime news that would make a cop laugh, a thief who stole $100 bills bound for the Federal Reserve is destined to shed some tears when they learn their big mistake: They stole bills not yet in circulation–and that looks very different from the current $100 bill.

Yep. That means they can’t spend it right now if they need to, since it hasn’t even been introduced into the economy’s financial streams yet. And people would automatically see it as a poor counterfeit effort.

CNN Money reports that the $100 bill theft took place as the newly designed money was en route to a New Jersey Federal Reserve facility. And that the money isn’t supposed to be unveiled until 2013.

So how did the criminal culprits even know such a big load of money was heading to New Jersey, yet not know that it wouldn’t be spending money until the new president takes office?

No one knows or is saying at the present, but what is known is that the heist occurred sometime between 10:20 a.m. on Thursday, when the money landed via a commercial flight from Dallas to Philadelphia, and the final leg of the journey, which was at 2 p.m., when the plane landed in New Jersey.

And before anyone says anything about the sheer stupidity that government money by the Federal Reserve was being flown on commercial flights, instead of being overseen and flown by government aircraft, just consider all the other failures in the government during the past four years to control or protect anything else, like the U.S. Ambassador in Libya, for example. And then this crime news will be viewed as just another in a long list of failures.


Does this story stink to high heaven or what?! Remember my take on the new $100 Bill

NOTHING in this “robbery” makes sense so obviously there is much more going on here. First the things that are odd:

1) When was it announced that these bills would be released in 2013?

2) Why were they being shipped in the first place?

3) Why was it sent on a commercial aircraft?

4) Why was it “outsourced” to a private delivery company?

5) Who knew this was happening?

and the mother of all questions…

6) WHY NOW?!

I don’t know who did this but for every conspiracy there is a REASON behind it. I’ve run many through my head but the one that keeps popping up is that there is massive chaos behind the scenes in PICKING which new monetary system to try and run with. NESARA, the Dinar, the Amero, the Prosperity Funds, the White Dragons, the Black Dragons, blah, blah, blah. Even some kind of partial gold standard.

So many WRONG CHOICES available to the Good Guys and Bad Guys but they are glossing over the ONE OBVIOUS CHOICE…a total and complete destruction of ALL FORMS OF MONEY in order to start fresh…with gold and silver coin!

That fresh start doesn’t have to be DECIDED upon.

It always falls back to gold and silver COIN to be used as money. No deciders, no monetary allocators, no decisions to be made.

The people will, as they always have, decide on gold and silver coin.

What does this occurrence mean in the Road to Roota Theory at this moment in time…

1) The collapse is imminent.

2) There is STILL a problem with the “deciders” of what system to try and implement.

Ultimately whatever they choose will fail as there are no derivatives of a gold/silver coin standard that will work. It MUST be a fully redeemable system using the REAL THING.

I told you it would get exciting next week 🙂

May the Road you choose be the Right Road!

Bix Weir