There is such a good message throughout this interview, although it is dated back in 1994 (and was not released until 2007). So many great pieces of information but keep in mind that some information is outdated. You have just gotta love Alex’s passion!-A.M.

Uploaded on Mar 9, 2011
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JUST THINK what might happen …

For over a decade, this 1994 interview was seen by very few people. On March 9, 2007, a worldwide gateway opened and this interview was released.

The eyes4ears channel is truly blessed to be known as the international launch pad for the internet premier of Alex Collier’s thought-provoking 1994 interview, even though back then we had to post it in 12 sections due to youtube limitations. When youtube decided to update those rules, we decided to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of that first posting by presenting it here in full length.

As the interview continues to be re-posted, the explosive content has developed a habit of creating spontaneous conversational hotbeds all over the world wide web. Viewers have made sharing their personal passionate thoughts and opinions on the film’s sometimes controversial ideas a tradition that comes along with sharing this classic video.

The interviewer, Rick Keefe, continues to make fascinating UFO videos. You can keep up-to-date on his latest efforts by visiting his official website:

Text transcript of the entire interview:…