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~ “On Top of Your Game” Essence ~

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What “On Top of Your Game” Can Do For You! 

This remedy was in response to a request for supporting  professional athletes and maintaining as well as increasing energy levels throughout their game.  But what I realized later on was that this formula is excellent for those of us who really need a kick in the pants when you feel down, discouraged, or just don’t know how much longer you can keep going.  It was most interesting what was revealed to me through this creation and the core elements behind discouragement and insecurity Being-Challenged-In-Life-Is-Inevitablesuch as exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation, or lack of focus.  Not only will this support empowerment and motivation, but remove barriers such as lack of clarity, inertia, and not being present.  Here is a list of what this remedy vibrationally aligns:

  • Promotes community participation
  • Encourages you when you feel like giving up
  • Helps release pent up anger
  • Connects you to your inner authority
  • Lowers gloomy dutifulness
  • Increases the impetus to take a leadership role
  • Undoes discouragement due to perceived failures
  • Clarifies motives behind desire to win
  • Purifies intent
  • Soothes overwhelming nervousness
  • Promotes being more in the flow rather than extreme rigidity
  • Ability to put ideas and strategies into action
  • Promotes inspirational moves rather than always being in your head
  • Calms nervous tension so you can be in the zone
  • Learning a new paradigm to winning
  • Mellowing unconscious acting out
  • Releasing repressed memories of past failures
  • Regains more interest when it doesn’t seem worth the effort
  • Supporting the cycle of manifesting what you want
  • Let go of what “should happen”
  • Grounds energy

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On Top Of Your Game

On Top Of Your Game Oil

Thank you for your interest and willingness to take this leap in consciousness with me and Father Mother God and The Ascended Masters!

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