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Alexandra – Good afternoon everyone.  This is Alexandra Meadors of www.Galacticconnection.com.  Today is Feb 4, 2014.  This is our regular monthly Cobra update to review the incidences and events that are going on around the world – looking at them through a galactic lens if not more possible intel that Cobra will share with us.  Hi Cobra.  How are you? 
Cobra –  Hi everybody.  I’m very good. 
Alexandra – Excellent! A lot of changes going on.  There was a lot of hype about a potential false flag around the main football game, the Super Bowl yesterday. Was that typical hype or was it to diverted or was it typical hype to divert us away from something more nefarious. 
Cobra – Basically, with every major event that happens on the planet.  There’s always somebody saying there’s going to be a false flag event on that particular event.  Olympics,  Superbowl, you name it.  There is always somebody saying there will be a false flag event happening.  If you have probably noticed, nothing happens very rarely.  Maybe once a decade.  The security is greatly improved. The light forces are much more powerful than they were 2 decade ago.  Highly unlikely this will happen from now on at any of those events.
Alexandra – That’s awesome.  Great news – that leads me to one of my questions.  I stumbled on a very non-main stream article giving a very specific dissertation on the number of special opps that are all over the world and that the numbers have risen dramatically.  Is it representing that there’s more opposition from the light.  Is it more representation that they’re just doing more global wars.
Cobra – Things are accelerating  If you’ve noticed in the last 2 weeks.  Things are slowly beginning to accelerate.  This also implies more activity of those people. 
Alexandra – You left off with me last time that Jan 1 was the beginning of the sequence of 3 events and they were resistant movement and were very positive.  1- gone very well.  2 come up in 2 weeks, then the 3rd one after that.  Could you give us an update on that.
Cobra – I can not give you much details except that all 3 phases have been successfully completed. 
Alexandra – Very good.  YES.  Can you tell us if it’s about financial system, political system?
Cobra – It is regarding the Financial and overall progress towards the event.
Alexandra – Awesome. You put out a somewhat cryptic message and cartoon on your blog the 30th of Jan.  Cartoon that said “I see him too, but we don’t want to talk about it”  Elephant in the room.  Then you presented an image of a G2 imbedded star L-1 point with a rosh lobe.  Woman holding an Easter egg with a rabbit and a unicorn. (yes, it’s true) Can you give us more detail as to what you were trying to put across to the ground crew. 
Cobra –  Basically this message is for people to start thinking and delving deeper in the message.  As they do so they will have a certain inner process taking place.  It will prepare people for the next phase of what’s going to happen regarding all those events that are hinted in that message. 
Alexandra – YES.  I’m presuming that that L-1 point is that representing the actual event or zero point? 
Cobra – No, I would not say so.
Alexandra – OK something different.  I wanted to go over some thing from your previous posts.  You mentioned in Jan 24 post – how fragile the internet infrastructure has become.  What has contributed to that. 
Cobra –  Over reliance on internet.  The old infrastructure: Food production, industrial production systems all rely on internet.  Internet is not a very stable infrastructure.  This has positive side affects and neg. side affect. The positive side affect is the light forces in the Resistance movement at the time of the event can have a great impact on the planetary infrastructure at the time of the event.  We actually use this infrastructure weakness to promote the light forces at the time of the event.  It can ease up the process.
Alexandra – Yea.  I’ve noticed really bizarre things with the computers and the internet.  Weird stuff like my mouse disappears off the screen.  It’s just constant.  Cobra, can you tell us a bit more about US/China relationship regarding the SDR’s.  For those out there listening those are the “special drawing rights” created by the IMF for internet accounting purposes.  We’ve arrived to the point that not just the banks but the countries themselves that were getting in serious financial trouble.  Where do you see us now in the month of Feb. because in Jan the resistance had great hopes that we would be knocking the banks down a huge peg financially.  Has this occurred.  If so, is it because of the faction, or the schism between US & China.
Cobra – Not just China and US but it’s a global process.  You have Positive and negative factions in every country.  Positive faction is going to use this instrument of special drawing rights to support the re-set.  The cabal has their own version of the re-set and it’s not going to be successful.  The cabal wants to create a global centralized banking system that will be partially backed by gold but still hidden and not transparent.  The light forces have a plan to create an open source transparent banking system that would be completely open and completely gold backed.  Both system can use the SDR’s as their core currency which would be of course expanded to include other currencies in the basket:   US dollar, British pound, Euro & japanese yen.  There will be some other currency that will be needed  to be included in that. 
Alexandra – I was just going to ask about that.  From a perspective of the ground crew, the key things that we should be looking for so we are not being mis-lead by that which we read is: it should be completely transparent and 100% backed by gold. 
Cobra – Yes, it will be completely transparent.  Everyone will be able to understand and follow the workings of the new financial system. 
Alexandra – OK.  I was going to ask you about the currency basket.  You have the 4 majors, then the yuan and franc were going to be added.  Do you foresee a time when every single currency out there will be added in the basket.
Cobra – Not necessary.  We just need to include the major currencies. There will be new exchange rates determined by the productivity of the nations.  This evaluation does not include or predict a drastic increase in value of the Dinar.  The productivity of that country is not high enough toward a global operation that will finance the certain wealth of contact individuals as some people have predicted.  So this is not going to happen. 
Alexandra – For all of those who bought Dinar’s, like myself,  is that going to just be a lost cause?
Cobra – No, maybe you’ll earn a a little bit but not something to be over drastic about.
Alexandra – OK.  You also mentioned Bunas Bank – have been much more permeated by the light forces and it’s going to be one of the triggers to reveal the Fed Reserve doesn’t have any gold left.  Is this happening across the board with other banks.  Are there other banks that the light forces have infiltrated successfully? 
Cobra – The banks – national banks of the country are usually more open to the light forces than privately owned banks.  That’s no general rule but it’s something that occurs more often.  There are other banks that are being permeated by the light forces.  In every major bank you have agents of the light working under cover.  They will be activated when the time is right. 
Alexandra – Wow. That’s outstanding.  You can almost see the bank network in your mind’s eye.  This is a really biggy that we are wondering about.  There was a lot of discussion and speculation about the 2500 people who met for the financial re-set meeting, the cabal in the swiss mountains – They called it the “reshaping of the world, consequences for society, politics and business”.C can you give us all an up-shot of what occurred at that meeting from your intel. 
Cobra – They met with the purpose of designing the cabal’s version of the financial re-set.  They accepted a strategic plan of how this will be implemented.  This cabal meeting was a consequence of very intense lobbying by the jesuits these last few months to convince the cabal of their version of the re-set. This is exactly what they are trying to do.  The basic idea is to have the jesuits at the top of the new banking system.  This is what they want to create.   They are now at the top of the current financial system.  Of course this is not going to happen.
Alexandra – Right.  They want the lateral move.  The Chinese govt. apparently, is according to many articles is supposedly cracking down on corruption.  Do you agree this is really happening. One report says that 182 officials were punished is the word they used.
Cobra – Yes – It’s a clean-up of the mid-level cabal management members of the cabal in china.  Some of them are arrested, some of them escaped from the country. This is exactly what is going on right now. 
Alexandra –  This is awesome news.  I was shocked when I stumbled upon this – it appears that China has fulfilled the promise to dismantle 100‘s of labor camps and release 10’s of thousands of people that were in prison without trial.  Any word on that?
Cobra – This is what happens.  It started to happen 2 months ago. This process is on-going.
Alexandra – Why 2 months ago?  Why all of a sudden like a light switch, bam they decide  to clean up things?
Cobra – Operations like this has many phases – The first phase is  infiltration of the light forces inside the structure of the government.  The 2nd phase is preparation of the operation itself.  Then the 3rd phase is the light forces take action.  Usually action that creates a  shift that happen but most don’t see the months and years of preparation that went into that action.  Now the situation on the planet is ready for the light forces to do more and more drastic moves inside the system in many countries. 
Alexandra – This is so exciting.  Apparently, China also gave the go-ahead to set up 3-5 private banks as a pilot scheme. Is this a Proto type – this is the way other countries will follow through on their other financial restructuring. 
Cobra –  I would not agree with that.  Basically you have 2 factions in China.  You still have agents of the cabal in china.  Many people in china want to have different agenda’s. Some want strong imperialistic China – this is not exactly what the plan is of the light forces.  China has its rightful role in the new financial system but not to be a superpower that dominates the world.
Alexandra – OK.  You just let into my next question.  “Removing the shackles” put out a very long article and it was pretty convincing.  There was also another article by another blog.  Did a lot of research on the China connection with HSBC and humanitarian cause and all this stuff.  – they swear that Madame Wu and Generals Wong & Lee  are not of the white dragons and are not the good guy humanitarian savers of the world.  Can you comment on that.
Cobra – As I said before there are still many agents of the cabal and not everyone has the planetary interests in mind.  Also, the white dragons have their own agenda.  They are supporting the light forces but they are not 100% pure and light.  The whole process is a structuring process also in China. When the light forces are increasing their power and they are aligning themselves with the plan of the light forces but this process has not been complete yet.  It is not all black and white. 
Alexandra – Yes, there are so many different variations of grey.  I find that all the bloggers out there it’s a little more challenging to sift through the information coming through.  There’s so many different perspectives now that are coming out. 
Cobra – Also, on my blog as I’ve mentioned – the information war is reaching it’s peak.  because ____?  a lot of intel is released and a lot of dis-info is released.  This will continue in the next few weeks especially.
Alexandra – It’s very deliberate.  You can totally tell.  One of the comments you made on the 24th of January is the current Archon leader role, his role is to maintain the quarantine status of planet earth and keep certain things from happening.  Can you elaborate on what those certain things are?
Cobra – No , no.
Alexandra – OK.  I knew you were going to say that.  Somebody had written in. On 12th of Jan you were talking about the fall of the Archons.  You mentioned the sphinx star gate G-2 cloud likely contained a star and increased the chances of a core explosion.  Her response was if the cabal are worried, should we be?  Is this indicating that there is great harm coming to earth. 
Cobra – You don’t need to be worried but they need to be worried.
Alexandra – There you go. That sums it up short and sweet and to the point.  You mentioned the etheric infra-sound technology.  That’s really interesting.  I had someone else tell me this about 2 months ago that they were going to start using some sort of sound type, scalar technology in countering vibration and resonance with humanity.  Can you give us an update.  Have the light forces made any progress in nipping that in the bud.
Cobra – Yes, most of that technology is gone already and the rest will be gone quite soon in my opinion.
Alexandra – That’s good. You made reference to the lords of Karma – you were talking about the  death process, and referred to the article by Cameron Day which was a fascinating article I might add.  I have read somewhere that only 70 people have successfully  managed to ascend out of this matrix.  Do you agree with that and if so, can you can you give us details on how to do that?
Cobra – There were about 70 people that have reached ascended master status.  There were about 450 to 500 people that were able to escape the matrix and quarantine and go beyond duality.  The vast majority of them did this before 1996, before the congo invasion.   After the congo invasion there are only 5 or 6 individuals that were able to do so. 
Alexandra – Wow   Wow – – you mentioned that the congo invasion was one of the worst things that could have happened on the planet right? (Yes) I did not know.  My next question to you is:  Obama as you know, gave his state of Union address.  He mentioned that US Troops will be fully withdrawn from Iraq & Afghanistan.  Why are they really doing that?
Cobra – Simply because there is not enough money left.
Alexandra – Is it also because of drug smuggling coming to an end as well. 
Cobra – Also true, yes.  This is one of the big operations of the light forces – cut off drug trade so the Cabal can not use that as they have been able to use it before as a source of income.
Alexandra – Do you feel that the US govt. is still supporting Syria, President Bashar-Al-Assad.
Cobra – It depends on how you define US government.  There are factions everywhere.  As you know until recently they were supporting the rebels, or we should say the rebels but the forces behind the rebels who were supporting the Cabal/Jesuit agenda.
Alexandra – OK.  I just had to run this by you.  He declared that a State should exist for the Palestinian people but also a Jewish state of Israel must also exist and be secure.  How do you see that unfolding right now?  Apparently Israel’s busy building a  ton of so-called settlements for the Palestinians.  Where do you see that going?
Cobra – What is happening is big re-structuring of the middle east.  This big restructuring will bring peace and stability in that region when the cabal agents will be forced to be removed from that part of the world.  You will have many suprising events in that region as we approach the event. 
Alexandra – Awesome.  I have to run this by you.  I stumbled upon this.  Do you see the announced the the new government retirement proposal.  Guess what’s it’s called?  You’re going to trip.  It’s called:   MyRa  (That’s OK)  That’s pretty coincidental.
Cobra – There are no accidents.
Alexandra – (laugh) I don’t know.  I got to thinking about the politicians, bankers and the high profile individuals that are being exposed for drug trafficking, money laundering and child molestation and pedophilia. I know this is modus operandi for the Illuminati to cut the cord for those that they are paying off.  They will bring them down through this kind of information being released to the public.  If they want to bring somebody down they say he’s a drug trafficker, or whatever.  Is this sort of whistle blowing has been going on rampantly for a long time but it’s never been revealed because people were so afraid of their life.  Do you feel that people are earnestly experiencing a resurgence of courage now because there are so many whistleblowers.
Cobra – It’s easier to leak information now.  It much easier to say something in the public because there is more support of the light than it was a few ears ago. 
Alexandra – Do you feel it’s also because the resistance is with the ground crew,  from a vibrational light level? (Yes, Exactly).  OK, that too.  What is the implication of Vatican Monsignor Nunzio Scarano being arrested for money laundering.  Is this a big deal or just another crack in their being unable to grab some more millions. 
Cobra – It’s a little crack but also a smoke screen.  People think something is going on.  The vatican wants to present the image of reform, of finally becoming the honest guy but it’s not true.  It’s a Jesuit strategy to remodel the front of the vatican image a little bit, and say – now we’re getting clean and everything will be fine.
Alexandra – They’re not doing a very good job, at least with us (yes, yes).   I also wanted to run this by you, did you hear the EPA declared the city of Riverton Wy, with a population of 10K is no longer a part of the US.  Did you hear that?
Cobra – There has been many attempts in this direction in the past. This is an overall movement  towards sovereignty. 
Alexandra – I thought it was outstanding.  I couldn’t believe it.  This is from the UK.  A scotland yard report leaked  to the media revealing that the Britain criminal justice system is infiltrated with criminals who buy off jurors and threaten them for verdicts.  The thing that caught my eye is:  Scotland yard report leaked it.  Has the Scotland yard been infiltrated by the light forces? 
Cobra – There are light forces everywhere.
Alexandra – Man – that’s great.  I love it.  Do you have any more juicy info on the whole scandal of HSBC and the whistle blower Everett Stern? 
Cobra –  I have no special news in that direction, it’s an overall process of dismantling the old financial system.
Alexandra – That was pretty big.  The Christmas cyber attack on the Target shoppers Credit Cards.  Was that also a light forces mission or the infrastructure weakening?
Cobra – The light forces have successfully tested the financial system electronically in July of 2012.  This was not required anymore.
Alexandra – OK  they’re just letting it unfold.
Cobra  – Yes, it’s now a gradual melt-down I would say. 
Alexandra – What is your opinion of the 34 nuclear missile Air force officers that have been suspended.  Who was behind that.  What is to gain from whoever is behind that. 
Cobra –  The cabal wants to purge the military of the positive forces from the military, but they will not be successful. 
Alexandra – I remember you and I talked a while back and there were 22 high up generals and cornels etc that resigned or were let go from the military.  You did mention that was on part of the Cabal.  Have you had any reports of them restructuring and working on their own positive military mission or what-have-you.
Cobra – I’m not allowed to say much.  The only thing I can say is the positive military has a plan that is strong enough that can sustain the effects of the cabal on the positive military. 
Alexandra – Excellent, excellent – Do you feel that there is so much heat on the Vatican for sexual crimes and the molestation of children and the video’s and the whistle blowers and testimonies coming out.  Right and left.. and center. There was even part of Tony Blair & Jimmy Saville and that went all over the place.  Is this causing them to slow down on their efforts of child molestation and child trafficking and that type of thing. 
Cobra – Definitely this has been reduced greatly.  Now the cabal is afraid of being caught for the first time.
Alexandra – Excellent.  God I love it. That is so cool.  I read the other day that Mexico has legalized vigilante groups in the fight against drug cartels  – The government did this after the vigilantes  arrested the local police who were working with the cartel.  I could go on, I’m blown away.  It seem like a. .  Light switch went on in the last 60 days. 
Cobra – It started around Jan 21 when the 3rd phase of the operation has been completed and the switch went on.  On the 21st of January.  You can see the news starting from that day is much more positive regarding the progress of the light forces.
Alexandr – Big time.  Tell us, everybody wants to know.  What is your perception of bitcoin now.  They have arrested the 2 leaders of bitcoin supposedly for money laundering.
Cobra – Basically bitcoin was a big threat to the cabal and this is why it happeed.
Alexandra – That’s the only reason they got arrested. They were getting in their way (yes)  Are you still holding the opinion  that it’s the better way to go. is bitcoin. 
Cobra – Bitcoin is  an alternative.  It will not be the back bone of the  It’s good to have something during the transition process because it’s more power to the light forces during the transition.
Alexandra – I had one person write in: do you feel that Putin is working for the light?
Cobra – I will put it this way, he is a human being with his flaws.  I don’t agree with everything he does but He is supporting the agenda of the light forces right now.
Alexandra – Awesome. You have never said that before.  That is really big.  Glad to hear.  Do you have any alternative way to counter information coming out about the Crome web browser.  It has a speech recognition application.  It records everything you say when you’re around your computer, even when it’s not on.
Cobra – do not use that browser   I would recommend firefox.  At this moment it’s the safest browser concerning privacy. 
Alexandra – I second that.  It’s the only one I will use.  A lot of the IT guys says the same thing.  Questions  Regarding (Benjamin) Fulford – he mentioned that pope francis and Barak Obama signed a master agreement related to gold in ____to underright a massive campaign to end poverty and – stop environmental destruction. Is this a sign of the  changes in vatican or more propaganda.
Cobra – There is no gold that Fulford is talking about.  This so-called agreement is just a smoke screen.
Alexandra – OK.  (It is not valid) Blair is getting really bad press right now – exposed for pedophile.  Can you give us an update it’s been a long time since we talked about the royal family.   We haven’t talked about royal family.  queen handing over her duties it over to Prince Charles.  What are the implications of that alone?
Cobra – I would say the positive templars are very active right now in Great Britain right now and are working on exposing Royal Family and cabal in British government.
Alexandra – I also saw him say they are moving to legalize marijuana – This is a snowball affect to cut down the money that is available to them.  Is this truly going on all over the world.  I saw some articles in Mexico and well as No. Korea.
Cobra – I agree completely with what he’s said about this. 
Alexandra – Wow. Good Gawd.  I can’t get over it.  What is your feeling about Saudi Arabia – They apparently have been approached by eastern countries and they are being threatened that all of their ties will be cut off if they continue to support the US cabal.  Do you agree with that.  Is there something like that going on.
Cobra – Saudi Arabia been in the cross fire because they supported the cabal the last few decades.  Now we have Eastern Alliances…  Not easy for hard core cabalist in Saudi Arabia.  But they have to do it.  It’s the Only way to survive the next few months.  One way or the other.  This is a big shift and turmoil in Saudi ARabia. TheyHave to cut off ties with Bushes the Illuminati and negotiate with the eastern  Alliance.  This is exactly what is happening right now 
Alexandra – Here’s a comment I’d like your opinion on: Jan 21st settlement date came last week.  If any major bank like JP Morgan was unable to deliver physical gold, they were going to be given until Mid-February to come up with this they can’t come up with gold they’ll be liquidated.  #1 What do you this about this  #2.  Is that really true.  Do we have enough clout and power to truly liquidate someone as big as JP Morgan
Cobra – It’s a possibility.  There is a certain Time window between 7-11 of February when certain big things can be triggered inside the global financial system.  I can’t guarantee that.  But There are certain operations of the light forces taking place – that might result in drastic shifts in the planetary financial system.  It’s a big possibility.  We’ll see how it works out.  (Between 7-11) Yes, between 7-11 Something major may happen in the planetary financial system.  Not speaking about re-set but about a certain event that could catch attention of the masses. 
Alexandra – Very cool.  One of the questions I had for you – this is a little bit going off subject – you know about the blood moons.  Supposedly there are 4 of them in 2014-15.  How does that play a part in the finanial system collapse.
Cobra – It’s not just about the financial system collapse – but about planetary liberation.  The Revelation of -the beginning of a new cycle,  the shift of the ages.  Astrological movement trigger energies that cann then trigger certain changes on this planet
Alexandra – Can you tell the audience exactly what a blood moon
Cobra – A Blood-moon that usually happen around spring or autumn equinox.  This year and next year – they fall on very important on jewish festivals.  It’s a big Omen for Jews. The last time it happened was year 79 when romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.  For their perspective, it happens at a moment of Historical significance.  As you know the Cabal is obsessed with Jerusalem and Jerusalem temple.  Yes, it is a symbolic date for them as well
Alexandra – And they’re obsessed with this temple because?
Cobra – They are obsessed with this temple because their lineage of some of the illuminati priests come from this temple in Jerusalem.
Alexandra – Getting back to the monetary situation Do you agree that the – US will run out of Money in Feb. regarding the Cabal that is.
Cobra – I would not say running out of money, but running out of ways to maintain the illusion of the financial system to be convincing enough for the whole situation to function as it did before. 
Alexandra – Very cool.  We have really made a lot of progress.  All of this stuff’s been working and going on behind the scenes  you and I have been covering it and trying to bring some awareness.  It’s becoming very evident.
Cobra – Yes, it’s becoming more evident.  There are stages that are coming in the future  and it will become much more evident. 
Alexandra – Very exciting time to be alive.  What is your opinion on fulford’s account of Angela’s Merkel’s.  Apparently she had a skiing accident.  She is suspected of being head of german forth reich.  Do you feel that is true?
Cobra – She has strong ties to the Cabal and I have heard rumors that she was threatened.  It’s not so much an accident.
Alexandra – They do that skiing accident.  I remember sunny Bono he had a skiing accident and the same week Kennedy did, I believe.
Cobra – Yes, they usually use ski accidents or airplane crashes.  That is their favorite.
Alexandra – (Laugh) But Seriously.  I’m not laughinW.  what is your feeling about comments of zionists – They are now isolated and being systematically removed that will eventually lead to a process that is going to lead to public arrests of all the top zionist leaders.  It mentions that it will be televised which kind of sounded Like what you have talked about
Cobra – Yes, this is going to happen at the event because zionists are in major positions in cabal structure and they will be arrested only when the event happens
Alexandra – Wow, this is all linking together.  What about his comment about washington DC politician group – He was saying that They very aware of the underground bases. They’ve all been taken over.  All the politicians are very scared about their future.    (It’s true)  I thought this was really awesome – He very much specified and very detailed account on how to liberate the US -He said to occupy and nationalize 12 fed reserve banks branches to audit senate and congress and arrest all those that have been bribed.  Replace Supreme Court Judges who that allowed the fraudulent election of George Bush Jr.  Shut down the US of America corporation and restore the republic. Nationalize any bank that has been carrying out any fraudulent derivative trading. Remove all military and agency personnel who have been bribed.  Write off all debts, public & private.  Start re-building the US with Government issued currency. Is that pretty much how you define the new PFC society that we’ve all been looking for. 
Cobra – Fulford was subscribing one part of the plan for the event and very shortly after the event. 
Alexandra – OK.  Is fulford working, is he fully on board working with you and the resistance as well now? 
Cobra – We have communicated a few times.  He’s not cooperating very actively.  He’s got good info sources
Alexandra – Yes, this is true.  Here’s something I’ve stumbled upon . Do you agree as of  Dec 21, 2012  when everyone was expecting the event to occur.  – was this basically due to the fact that the planet surface was not a high enough vibration.
Cobra – I said long before Dec. 21 when everyone was expecting the ascension to happen and first contact.  It would not happen yet because the world was not ready.  It’s simply that everyone was not ready.
Alexandra – Exactly.  in order for people to withstand, go through the enlightenment process do you feel is it imperative that all addictions be stopped, eating of meat be stopped that the full healing of the body be completed?
Cobra – People need to understand that ascension is the transformation of consciousness.  The whole process needs to go through your consciousness.  It is not something external, it is something that happens within you.  It can be supported by advance spiritual technologies but the process needs to happen within you..  All external change like eating habits are consequences of inner spiritual transformation. 
Alexandra – Thank you for that clarification.  People write me about all the time.  OK Cobra, Now you’re in the hot seat.  what is your opinion of Keenan and swiss endo and, china, there is so much conflicting information going on out there.  I’ve received quite a few e-mails from people that follow galacticconnection.  Everybody is just scratching their head.  . 
Cobra – I would suggest everybody use your discernment. 
Alexandra – Do you also feel that apparently the swiss nntendo trust and the Keish contract is asking people to sign on the dotted line.  – They’re challenging that that is  Another way of hijacking our sovereignty.  Would you agree to that.
Cobra – You don’t need to sign anything if you don’t want to.  It is not anything you need to do. 
Alexandra – I agree.  Can you clarify the difference between tachyon, orgon, scaler wave, zero point?
Cobra – OK, these are all 4 completely different things. (I KNow)  tachyon energy or particles are particles that travel faster than light and are the basis of life transition to liberate the universe.  Zero point energy field is the energy field of the vacuum which transmits information to the quantum fluctuations –  Orgon is energy is etheric prana chi flow that sustains in the etheric plane.  Scaler wave technology is standing wave technology and transfers information through standing waves.  These are short descriptions.  Of course we could go deeper.
Alexandra – that’s great – really clarifying for people.  How many universes are there out there.  According to how many there are, Is there only 1 creator per universe and who created the creator. 
Cobra – There is just one universe which has many aspects.  There is just One creator -I would not even call it the creator I would just call it the one.
Alexandra – is there a prime creator of – sub levels within the universe.  They talk about the 7 sub-universes.
Cobra – I don’t agree with whole idea of creator.  Actually the universe was many facet of the result of magnetic tension between two very strong opposing forces.  It’s not a particular, actually conscious act of creation.  It’s a Dynamic interaction between two forces.
Alexandra – That kind of sounds like the big bang
Cobra – In a way, yes big bang is a very simplified description of one part of that.
Alexandra – Tell us a little bit about the underground bases.  You said they’ve definitely been cleared out. Some of the light forces have moved in, in various areas.  -What are some of the rumors going on around the hollow earth. They’re claiming there’s a hole in the hollow earth.  I’ve seen video’s of light coming out of a certain location.  Light is coming out of this location – dates back to 1987.  Supposedly this location has been closed down  Do you agree with that.
Cobra – Most of those video’s are a result are a result of dis-info and those video’s are fake.
Alexandra – Wow.  Even the one it shows an energy field that is coming out of the hole.
Cobra – Mostly likely, but I would need to see the video itself to be able to say.  the whole idea of the polar opening is a dis-information campaign.  (OK)  It is not like that.
Alexandra – OK.  Another person wrote in:  Cobra wrote about rich people that get rich by their involvement with the cabal and this one might be fiercely against the light forces that the resistance suggest general amnesty for those not involved in deeply inhumane acts.  In this case, is the Russian __Chordekowsky? an example of amnesty. 
Cobra – It’s a very fine line.  People will have to decide that. The consensus of humanity.  Of course those People will need to go through a trial and if the combination of light forces and surface humanity agree with amnesty, that will be granted.  I suggest people not go into revenge mode because that will not solve anything.
Alexandra – Yes, that’s true.  We don’t want to lower ourselves to their vibrational activity.  
Cobra – Exactly.  Of course most people that are granted amnesty will not have access to any kind of power in their future on this planet.
Alexandra – This popped in:  What is your feeling of 3 articles that came out recently about the death of bankers.  One Hung himself, one jumped out of building. One had a sudden death.  Is this part of a cabal war. 
Cobra – asically those people – mainly wanted to reveal the truth about gold price manipulation.  They were simply silenced by the Cabal.. 
Alexandra –  There you go everybody, we finally got that answer.  There is an article out there that says a university student has seen a planet heading this way.  There is a link.  what is your opinion on that.  I can read you a little bit:  “The famous white planet that was discovered in the late 50’s and Dr. Strange said is real  is heading this way.  According to Rob Potter, Dr . Frank Strange is a contactee who met valiant Thor from Venus and there is an object that is benevolent and will eventually arrive here”.
Cobra –  There is no planet heading towards earth. 
Alexandra – (laugh)  You sound sound disgusted Cobra.
Cobra – I’m just repeating what I’ve said many times before
Alexandra – I KNOW.  Regarding the archons, people have this question, please clarify – If there are a whole bunch of Archons, are they actually splitting a reincarnation mission like they want to have clarification on how their incarnations work and how they receive their so called contracts and missions.  Is it like us?
Cobra – They keep re-incarnating in same major blood-line families in a position of power.
Alexandra – OK.  So do they they have some sort of contract like we do. Pretty much the Same?
Cobra – Everybody has a contract.
Alexandra – OK  do you agree with Cameron Day – that it’s not necessarily the contract we  choose.
Cobra – It’s a tricky situation because At some point you have to make a decision to get involved with the process to come here, but from that moment on you were mainly  forced to sign contracts (yes) – you have to cancel out all the contracts even the original decision to get you involved in this process.
Alexandra – It makes more sense when look at 95% of all families are completely dysfunctional
Cobra – Yes yes.
Alexandra –  Oh.  Here’s a good question for you.  This individual said:  I’ve heard that the cabal promoting satanic symbols through the media, music and award ceremonies like the Grammies.  -that they are actually large scale rituals.  Could Cobra give a technical explanation of how does this give them energy and how is this energy used.
Cobra – One aspect of this is to use those symbols to reinforce their deeper mind programing of their mind controlled linchpins to reinforce their control over the system. #2 they use those symbols to control the subconsciousness of the masses to program them in a way that they they will obey the orders of the cabal.  This is how they use them. 
Alexandra – Wasn’t the wizard of oz – wasn’t that consistently used in mind control.
Cobra – Yes.  It’s one big example
Alexandra – What is your opinion of your seat of the soul being in the solar plexus vs. the heart – The solar plexus coming from the heart or the solar plexus.  Which is more significant
Cobra – The seat of the soul as being coming from the solar plexus comes from old chinese spiritual tradition. This is certain phase that then they progress to the heart – the next phase is integrating all chakra’s so you have all the chakras and all the energy vortexes completely active and completely _______?
Alexandra – Good.  Thank you for that.  People want to know even me, did you graduate with honors?  People are blown away with how much you own.
Cobra – This is not from formal education – This is coming from my contact about who I am and my remembrance of my and source or origin.
Alexandra – We’re starting to tie up hour – I really want your opinion on the video that was put out – from another country, I think it was Portuguese – they were comparing your take on Ison vs tolec – Do you want to comment on that?  That had a lot of information.
Cobra – I have stated my perspective ison.  People can interpret it any way they want.
Alexandra – Did you feel that some of the comments were even possible, for example it actually had a  magnetic field of radiation around it and it was in a cage but it was cloaked.
Cobra – People have problem because my perspective is not the same as Tolec had and they want to reconcile that fact  What I’m saying is.  Comet ison was regular comet, no space ship inside or outside or anywhere near it.  Nothing significent. It was important to awaken masses to the reality of existence of states beyond the planet.  Space ships all over the place, in all kinds of orbits around this planet, in the solar system.  They are not limited to any cometary orbit . They are everywhere. 
Alexandra – OK.  Did this one have any connection to the hopi prophecy of blue comet or blue kachina?
Cobra – No this is not yet the blue star Kachina. 
Alexandra – Wow, so this has not come yet.  (Not yet) We’re getting to the top of the house.  I noticed that you put up a cool blog today.  I was kind of freaked out when I saw:  Cobra beyond the Veil.  I thought you might have beamed up to your ship and taken off.  Did you have anything to share with everybody before we go.
Cobra – Yes.  After many decades I had my experience being beyond the veil – It’s a very liberating experience that showed me practically some information, the intel that I’ve received about what’s going on out there.   .   confirm intel I’ve received from the resistance.  We are going to be fee.
Alexandra – That’s awesome.  When did this happen?
Cobra – This happened about one week ago.  (Good for you.  I can’t wait to experience the same thing) You see after the event all this will become possible more and more for people because everybody deserves to be able to freely travel, not only to near space but beyond.  For every Citizen of this planet to become a cosmic citizen.  This is very important aspect of dissolving the core status of this planet.
Alexandra – Very cool.  Please check out his blog www.2012portal.blogspot.com/ – he talks about the stratospheric balloons that we can create so we can all do to create more cracks in the matrix, so let’s do it folks.
Cobra – It’s not that difficult and it’s not that expensive.  People are a little impatient about the event there’s something they can do to help.
Alexandra – Thank you Cobra as usual, for the update of January.  We’ll see you in a month. Do you expect March to be a really positive month for us.
Cobra – Things are going to accelerate from now on so it’s going to be very very ___?
Alexandra – You heard it directly from Cobra.  Hang on to your hats.  Stay tuned.  What We definitely need is everyone to Stay out of Fear.  We do’t have time for fear.  We need to Unite like the Cabal has done for how many years.
Cobra – One thing they learned is they need to cooperate to survive and we need to cooperate to win. 
Alexandra – There you go. I love that.  I’m going to put that on my web-site.  Thank you for tuning into www.galacticonnection.com.  If you have any questions, drop me a line.    For those that are interested in the Implant removal is at the top of the blog.  thanks for everything you do for the light. 
Cobra – Thanks for listening.  Victory to the light is here. 
Alexandra – Bye. 
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