March 2013

Westminster West, VT

Soul Card, Deborah Koff Chapin

Throughout this March, Saturn and Pluto remain 60 degrees apart, forming the angle astrologers call a sextile, a key aspect of awakening. Saturn holds the original blueprint for human design, while Pluto contains the great hidden depth realm of our species. When these two planets form a sextile, the stage is set for awakening to the deeper layers of why your soul chose to reincarnate.

 Each of us chose to be here, but few of us remember why, because you made that choice in the period between death and rebirth. After you shed the identity of your last life immediately prior to this one, you took a look ahead, and, in conjunction with spirit forces, chose one or more key reasons to come back again. These become the prenatal vows that are the strongest forces binding your soul to your body. They give you thrust power to awaken your core purpose and aim your life toward the optimal destiny that is your path of least resistance through this incarnation.

            Pluto’s deepening influence on Saturn this month helps you shrug off whatever stuff of life has gotten in the way of that path. The great depth of Pluto compels you to dig below here say, opinion, and externalized ideas about who you’re supposed to be, in order to remember who you are. The internal framework of Saturn knows the great secret of how your deepest innermost core nature is the gift you’re meant to bring out to the world.

            Remembering who you are on this level is more than an

Deborah Koff-Chapin

intellectual exercise of the kind that aptitude and personality tests indicate, but a full-bodied kickass revelation. I’ve experienced this countless times during my soul-level astrology readings. I’ll be talking with a client and say something to them that will ring familiar, as if I’ve said it before. And suddenly a psychic pop goes off, dissolving a filter that kept them in the dark.

            The set-up is ripe this month for Pluto and Saturn to produce a similar revelation in your own nature. Lessons and themes your soul took on in past lives can become revealed in some new fashion as the underlying arc of your development. Blurry and disconnected events can take sharp focus as being chapters in the greater story of the soul you signed up for before you were born.

            Prior to this revelation, a gap exists between who you are and what you do. Self and World seem locked in an awkward dance that occasionally yields meaning but more often decomposes into a random meandering around and around truth and happiness. What’s difficult to realize during this chasing your own tail, is how much of a role you unwittingly play in keeping the whole thing going. It seems the way of the world, rather than a stage of pre-enlightenment that you got caught into repeating over and over, cradle to grave, life to life to life.

With Pluto sextiling Saturn, the emphasis shifts from keeping up the disguise to the business of awakening. Whatever your business, whatever you do for love and money, if you make your business the business of awakening, the stage is set this spring and the time is ripe to get down into your soul purpose.

The main paradox to realize is that if you manage to pull off a genuine awakening one of the main things you’ll awaken to is how unawake you are. This is the maddening duality of consciousness – the more conscious you become the more conscious you are of how much more conscious you could be!


The solution to this paradox is to place the accent on the root more than the crown, on the here and now of your beingness more than on your future need to awaken. The emphasis can then shift from the goal of becoming the most supremely awake being (which is spiritual conceit) to your ability to discover something greater than yourself that you are a part of.

If you go deep enough down into the core realization of who you are – not who anyone wants you to be, but who, in your heart of hearts, you already are — you will contact the same cosmic design that you find when you expand your consciousness, as many of us did in the 1960s, farther and farther out into the colorful multidimensional universe.


By emphasizing the roots of your awakening more than the far flung expansion, you will keep referring further revelations back where they can do the most good – into the bottom soil of your simple humanity. The great Austrian astrologer Rudolf Steiner said, “For every step you wish to take toward psychic mastery you must take three steps toward becoming a better human being.”


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Mark Borax is a Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in person and classes that catalyze individual evolution.