I’m about your age, also. Here’s an excerpt from my new (in-progress) book about how to remotely sense and/or contact aliens. I must caution: if and when you do this, be sure to remotely check them out first. Abducting gray alignment aliens have a habit of violating people, doing implants, and using people for their purposes. There are smarter, better aliens who don’t do that. So, as this excerpt notes, practice with humans first, then work on a flash sense of other planets. (I know how radically expanded that sounds, but you’ll get to it, eventually).

Alien Science Made Easy

aliensdrawnAliens think in terms of, and interact via, a new kind of
physics. After the Roswell crash it was a mystery, but human scientists had
good clues and evidence to go on. Within a few years, they determined that
aliens folded gravity around their craft to make faster-than-light,
nearly instant jumps across vast distances. Col. Corso said military
researchers concluded that when alien craft flew �it was as if gravity was
being folded around the outside so that the wave enveloped the craft.�106
p. 101, The Day After Roswell In other words, a gravity-like energy
folded inward, while, at the same time, the craft rode a kind of wave outward.
Alien ship and tech-assisted mind communications also went
faster-than-light. It was amazing because it allowed them to communicate more,
in finer graphic detail, than humans did. Our problem was that we assumed that
those faster-than-light jumps went straight from point A to point B, like light

Meanwhile, if aliens fold gravity, it points to how alien
physics actually work. Rather than use huge, seemingly impossible amounts of
energy to rip across space faster-than-light, aliens discovered that gravity is
a nearly instant kind of resonance shared between all atomic nuclei (and
deep/dark phenomena like black holes). Maybe you�re wondering: what is
�resonance?� When you push a child on a swing, if you time each push so that it
matches the child�s motion, the child swings higher and higher. That�s
resonance. When you sit in a bathtub then move back and forth in sync with
water waves, with very little effort you can build the waves up so that they
leap out of the tub. That�s resonance (and that�s essentially what aliens do
with gravity). Remember the science class when your teacher took two tuning
forks then banged one on the table and it caused the other one to vibrate? It
was resonance. Ever been to one of those science museums that have two big
concrete dishes facing each other on opposite sides of a big room? When you
stand in front of one dish and talk softly it resonates, focally, with the
other dish—and someone standing way over there can hear you.

Long ago, aliens apparently
found that gravity isn�t a �force� that travels from point A to point B,
like light does. Instead, it�s an effect, a deeper underlying resonance
that can be artificially created by first converging light waves from opposite
directions along each of three different axes (i.e. x, y, and z although not
always at right angles) so that the rolling hump of each light wave exactly
mirrors the opposing light wave and they cancel out, then by varying the energy
so that it resonates (or cycles) down into and through atomic nuclei
while, at the same time, it resonates far out and around into

Scientist Tom Bearden and
other researchers call this kind of energy convergence �electrogravity.�107
It�s also called �scalar
electromagnetism� or �zero point energy� (they�re all the same kind of
artificial gravity). *When those light waves converge and cancel out, the
energy isn�t gone. Instead, it�s called a �standing wave� and it�s looking for
an outlet, which is why it can be varied so that it resonates down into and
through atomic nuclei (and beyond). It is pulled by, and resonates with what
is, overall, a faster-than-light expansion of hyperspace.
So when we neatly converge
energy and then vary the energy level between two points (or spaces) along the
convergence, it�s as though it amplifies down into and through atomic
nuclei into a deeper kind of hyperspace while resonating far out across space,
at the same time.
According to researchers Tom Bearden and Bob Lazar, artificial gravity
of the sort slows or freezes time and motion where it�s focused (in this case
atomic nuclei), while resonating far outwardly, faster-than-light. So, rather
than collide with and agitate atomic particles, it’s a cold, canceled out
waveform, a �standing wave� that cycles inwardly. That cold, frozen quality can
act something like a superconductor (of time and energy), which allows
it to resonate both inwardly and outwardly across hyperspace at the same time.
*Researchers say there are other ways to create artificial gravity.

Tom Bearden also notes that if you converge and cancel out artificial
gravity (�electrogravity�), it bleeds back into light waves. In short, Bearden says the relationship
between light and artificial gravity is reciprocal, like two fractions that are
upside-down reciprocals of each other.
Each can be converted into the other. *If you think about it, the relationship between light and artificial
gravity is like an inverted, fractional event horizon (merely a
fraction of the larger hyperspace that they cycle into). Artificial
gravity (also known as electrogravity or �scalars�) is often called
�gravitics,� for short. To help show you how aviation researchers have been
studying �gravitics� for decades, here�s a quote from the Dec. 9, 1955 edition
of the magazine Aviation Report:

�Companies studying the implications of gravitics
are said, in a new statement, to include

Glenn Martin, Convair, Sperry-Rand, Sikorsky, Bell,
Lear Inc. and Clark Electronics. Other

companies who have previously evinced interest
include Lockheed, Douglas and Hiller.�108 Reprinted

on p. 38 of Thomas Valine,
PhD�s book Electrogravitics Systems.

In the early 1950�s US companies publicly suggested that
artificial gravitic flight was just a few years away. Clearly, despite current
government secrecy, gravitics has been a prime research interest since the
Roswell crash(es) in 1947, if not earlier. Researcher Tom Bearden suggests that artificial gravity
resonance can exceed the speed of light because it causes a �delta t� effect, a
slight speeding of time (in the space outside of the focus of artificial
gravity) and a slowing of time (inside the focus of artificial gravity). *Other
sources suggested that delta t is really a kind of �alternate t,� or alt t, due
to a slightly more complex, alternate cycling of gravitics into a greater space
within the universe.109 Alien Mind p.
33. See also Newald, Coevolution,
p. p. 20-22, 42-43, 56.

So, according to alien
science, gravity doesn�t do a straight light-speed jump from point A to point
B. Instead, it foldedly twists
or inverts empty space so that it can take shortcuts to other, distant places. Aliens
learned how to vary (and essentially amplify) the gravity resonance in atomic
nuclei so that it ebbs outward, then they focus it far away in order to take
those shortcuts. It isn�t slow like waves in a bathtub; it�s a fast, inverted
folding or looping.

It was a fantastic
discovery. If you think about it, a strange shortcut through space makes
perfect sense. In Einstein�s day,
scientists tried to crash dense atomic nuclei together in order to rip energy
straight out of them. It was all seen as
shooting outward explosively (a very crude model). What Einstein and his
contemporaries didn�t know was that energy waves could be more deftly converged
and timed to essentially pulse-amplify down into atomic nuclei in a way
that also resonated far outwardly, so suddenly, that they couldn�t have
measured it. It happened on a larger scale and in a slightly more elastic kind
of time than Einstein thought possible.

Rather than happen in just
one spot, gravity fluctuations spread out and cycle into many places—they resonate
into a greater, deeper realm (hyperspace). By simply varying the energy level
between two points (or spaces) along that hyper-fast resonance while contouring
it to focus on a distant place, alien ships can ride in it, much like a wave.
*Like Corso said, alien ships are folded inside of that wave.

Now here�s the weird part of
it. When an alien ship suddenly accelerates up to and beyond light speed, its mass fluctuates and
literally disappears for a moment. It disappears because it�s resonating into,
and across, a finer, greater kind of space where it becomes a fractional
(fraction of the universe) kind of waveform, rather than an object thing, of
sorts. And when a ship�s mass disappears, it can be quickly moved across great
distances with relatively little energy. Why? Because, for a moment it doesn�t
weigh anything. New Zealand author and abductee Alec Newald reported that on
long alien trips, mass is suspended at intervals, hence at those intervals
aliens reportedly see their bodies fade visibly. Nonetheless, they sustain
artificial, onboard gravity and don�t float up in the air. Newald says he
experienced this, himself, when traveling with aliens to visit their distant
planet �Haven.�

Here�s an even weirder
aspect. When an alien ship exceeds light speed, its atomic particles bend and
do a half-spin / half-flip kind of inversion. They reverse polarity and down is
nearly up—but not quite. Physicists say that if a photon exceeds light speed
it must suddenly split off into anti-photons that bend out and flow backward in
time.111 Lawrence Krauss PhD, Fear of Physics, p. 87-90 Again, they
essentially do a half spin / half-flip and bend back, or resonate with a
deeper kind of energy. They trace a kind of curvature that occupies a volume of time, rather
than a line in time, and such curvature has the weird ability to resonate,
nearly instantly, down into and across great distances. It resonates down
into a deeper kind of gravity that exists in the universe, a kind of half-state
in which black holes and bizarre energy fluctuations exist but are, in some
strange way, smeared out in time, rather than sitting still.

So, time, itself, is very
elastic. It can nearly be frozen (in a spot where that artificial gravity is
focused), while time in the surrounding space runs slightly faster than normal.
Ultimately, if we step back and look at the broader outlines of alien science,
it suggests that our definition of atoms and their mass is partly wrong. The
new physics show that mass (weight/density) can be suspended, essentially
converted into, or across, a fast change of time.112 This is Bearden�s
delta t, an elastic change of time. Atomic mass appears to be a
semi-frozen artifact of a negative or inwardly-resonating cycle of the larger

I hope I�m not confusing the
reader. It helps to remember that even the old, 20th century version
of quantum physics (the study of atoms, tiny sub-atomic particles and energy)
was, in many ways, weirder than science fiction. A leading physicist, Neils
Bohr, once listened to another physicist present a new theory. Knowing how
strange quantum physics was, Bohr told his colleague �We all agreed that your
theory is crazy�. My own feeling is that it�s not crazy enough.�

all this science talk lose you? If so, don�t worry�

Here�s another, more visual
way to see it all. You may not realize it, but you�ve already experienced faster-than-light
phenomena. For example as Nick Herbert, who earned his physics PhD from
Stanford University, explains in his book Faster Than Light, when radio
waves angle upward to a place where one layer of atmosphere (a dense medium)
meets a much thinner layer of atmosphere (containing positive and negative ions
in the ionosphere�s �plasma�), the phase ripples of radio waves accelerate
faster-than-light, causing a membrane effect, which causes radio waves to
bounce back down toward Earth.113 Faster Than Light p. 57 That�s how
radio signals are bounced off of the atmosphere in order to travel to far-off
locations. Perhaps you�ve listened to a radio station from a state hundreds of
miles away, due to a reflective membrane.

In faster-than-light
gravitics, an analogous effect occurs. When light waves are converged so that
they cancel out and then the energy convergence is contoured or varied, it creates
a kind of membrane effect. Depending on how you contour that membrane, it can
focus and resonate either near or far away. It�s as though you contour a
membrane that�s part of the surface of a vastly larger orb of space, and the
information you converge (i.e. thoughts, or other quantum information) faintly
accelerates toward infinity all around the inside of that membrane so that it
also pulls across and through all of the (tightly stretched) space
throughout that orb of space. And whenever you pulse that entire orb of space
(i.e. by simply contouring it), it faintly affects a further expanse of space
just beyond it (i.e. behind you or much further out). Again, this is called
gravitics, or scalars—which can faintly resonate across vast distances nearly
instantly. It�s as though you�ve created a membrane that�s like a curved dish
here (in your mind), which can resonate with a curvature on the other side (or
sides) of a vast orb of space. Remember, when you converge such energy, it is
tightly squeezed, in a sense, creating a kind of tension that pulls, ever so
slightly, on the entire universe, as weird as that may sound. *At a micro
level, the contouring involves a kind of pulsing of the inward pressure of
so-called �virtual particles.� Physicists note that the inward
pressure of those hyper-quickly appearing, then disappearing �virtual
particles� in the space all around us is 1060 times greater than
the outward pressure of normal energy and matter. This bizarre inward potential
suggests a tight virtual connectedness to the rest of the universe, hence a
kind of mechanism for scalar resonance.

So, alien physics involve a new kind of relationship in
which tightly curved fluctuations way down inside atoms� nuclei nearly
instantly resonate out into a vast, essentially orb-like space on a larger,
cosmic scale. Why an orb-shaped space? Mathematics shows that most
energy-and-gravity efficient shape for any space is a sphere (an exotically
fluctuating, extra-dimensional �hypersphere,� in this case). In short, big
connects to small. The big universe resonates in us all.

In faster-than-light
travel, alien craft both ride and are pulled by a tightly bunched up gradient
of gravitic fluctuations in deep space, a kind of dark energy that alien ships
condense and half-flip / half-rotate into (a kind of inversion),
while also expanding with an outward focus in order to travel. Again, those
gravitic fluctuations occur across very long, orb-like spaces of tightly
stretched half-waves, so if you ride in that wave you can go a great
distance�in a snap. *Those gravitic waves aren�t simply waves on a flat
surface; they cycle into and resonate all across that vast orb-like hump, or
expanse of the wave.

How and why do they do
that? It�s very simple: the universe is
constantly cycling inwardly into a tighter, deeper realm (in black
holes, when atoms �fuse� closer together in every star, and in gravity) while,
at the same time, the universe is expanding outwardly. Aliens simply
know how to connect the two—the inward and the outward. It�s all around
us, all the time, and when aliens (or humans) connect those two energies, it�s
a very fast, steep gradient. They can tease energy out of empty space or do
sudden, long distance travel in an instant. There are limits, of course, but
from the human perspective it�s phenomenal. The best and most capable aliens
are masters of a fine and delicate resonance, not a crude and dangerous

If you�re still wondering
how this can all be possible, it helps to do a simple thought exercise. Imagine
what happens in the instant when a large star becomes a black hole. Just before
it collapses, the bluish star is more than forty times more massive than
our sun. How wide across is that star? If you�ve ever seen a photo of Earth
from space, the entire Earth is 8000 miles wide. Our sun is bigger—nearly a
million miles from one side to the other. However, a star forty times more
massive than our sun is at least 3-5 million miles wide or more, and, because
it�s so massive, completes its fusion cycle faster than our sun (in millions of
years, rather than billions). Finally, it reaches a critical phase where the
fusion of smaller atoms into nickel and iron atoms won�t proceed further. At
that point, fusion energy no longer holds the core�s atoms apart, and the star
collapses into a singularity so dense–with so much gravity that even light
can�t escape it. The collapse is so sudden that even the empty space
contained within those millions of miles is pulled in behind the event
horizon. The collapse causes the black hole to spin, probably many times per
second. But think about that for a moment. It�s as though the millions of miles
distance that light theoretically took dozens of seconds to cross previously is
now spinning around, many times per second. That�s effectively a faster than
light rotation, from the perspective of the matter and the space that went
into the black hole. And that, in turn, suggests an exotic, hyper-fast kind of
torsion involving tidal shifts inside the black hole and bizarre, nearly
instantaneous physics (which, in the end, seems to mirror the nearly instant
gravitic resonance of alien science and remote sensing). In the end, alien
science proves that gravity can�t be a light speed phenomenon; it has to be
much faster.

If you were to use the new
gravitic kind of energy for technology, the first limit you would bump up
against is safety. Artificial gravity can pull energy out of empty space but if
you do it wrongly or too directly and without counter-balanced extra measures,
you can do seismic damage, or in the worst case, literally pull solar flares
out that damage your planet. However, if done finely, in a limited and
carefully counter-balanced way, such energies can be used for science research
or limited space travel. You can effectively freeze time and look at
ultra-microscopic samples, i.e. chemical reactions in process. You can speed
time and run out the half-life on radioactive waste. You can even work with
deeper, extra cycles of gravitic energy and essentially tease out the past
outlines of an injury while at the same time, speeding its replacement by new
tissue. Abductees report that aliens do this regularly, i.e. incisions that
completely heal within hours. Imagine what can be done to remove brain cancer
cells only (not the healthy tissue) then speed their replacement. Better yet,
genetic aging processes could be regenerated via gravitics, allowing for a
longer lifetime. Again, there are limits, but it�s a new kind of science that
has done wonders elsewhere.

Our study of Verdants shows that they try to limit local
delta t (speeding of time) dangers to a given sun by simply scoping their
energy technology out across an
entire galaxy-wide configuration in relation to their galaxy�s central
black hole (and, ultimately, in relation to other galaxies). In other
words, if a Verdant ship is in your vicinity, you�ll note that it cycles energy
(and communications) across an entire, galaxy wide configuration, not merely in
relation to your single planet or sun (you can easily detect this, or even do
it yourself�as we�ll see shortly, via simple remote sensing). So, Verdants prefer to run the energy clock
on a larger space, rather than risk abrupt destabilization of the local space.

Now, here�s how
you can actually do this kind of science�

Although SETI and other groups mistakenly imagine that e.t.’s will
wander in and announce themselves using radio or laser frequencies (our means
of communications), to many of us on this planet it’s obvious that most alien
technology and communications use gravitic energies. For decades we�ve known
that aliens communicate telepathically and they boost their telepathic
signals with mind-sensing / mind-communicating psychotronics. So, first contact
wasn�t done by radio or laser. It was, and for many humans continues to be,
simple telepathy and remote sensing. As a contactee since 1995, I�ve
experienced this directly. It took years of challenging encounters to develop
my remote sensing skills.

Why don�t aliens simply use our telecommunications to speak with us? First
off, aliens don�t broadly beam information out so that anyone (including alien
violators) can find out about them, and secondly, human technologies are part
of a culture that isolates individuals and puts fear into them, while the
shared mind communications of alien societies encourage a larger social
identity. Although transparency of the sort makes you feel naked at first, you
quickly shed egoistic baggage, which makes for a more honest society.
Remote mind communications convey a greater depth and variety of
information--words, graphics, a geometric kind of modeling, and a resonance
with the nature surrounding you/them–all at the same time. So, it�s pointless
to wait for aliens to use our outdated forms of communication. Instead, we
need to use theirs if we want to
know more about aliens. Aliens are waiting for us to get up to speed in that
regard. Please remember, shared mind interactions among aliens
predispose them to think that humans who work for the common good are the most
ready for contact because they’ll understand aliens better.

Using your
mind, you can actually do long-distance communications and remote sensing. But
before you try the long-distance version, it�s best to try doing it close-up.
Here�s a three-day beginner�s exercise that can get you up to speed. *We�ll
walk through more advanced techniques later.


Scientists write that human brainwave frequencies
normally range from 5 to 30 hertz (cycles per second). Brain waves of your resting, tranquil
states are called extremely low frequency waveform (or e.l.f.) that range from 5 to 11 hertz and can
pass through solids easily. So, telepathy is easily possible in such ranges.

Here’s a beginning exercise
that I suggest often. Close your eyes and just relax. Clear your mind of all concerns. Make it a
dark blank. Then raise your hand up and hold it near your head (eyes closed).
Using the structure of the nerves in your brain, try to sense through and
slightly beyond
that hand—not visually but
its energy fluctuations. In both e.l.f. and negative cycle terms, it will register faintly. Once it
registers, move it slightly. You’ll be doing a kind of remote sensing of it (not visual, not through the
arm’s wetware), and the movement vivifies the awareness. It’s as though every movement pulls on a
deeper, more elastic sense of time and fluctuations. *A more vivid example is to have someone
hold a baby close to you when you have your eyes closed. Using the same methods, you’ll feel
the baby’s radiant innocence.

When you do this correctly,
it feels as though your mind�s awareness does a half-spin and a half-flip so that it converges mind
energy and opposing energy waves mirror each other and cancel out. Then you contour your mind�s
focus so that it resonates with the distant surface or space that you�re
sensing. Although it sounds like a jumble of complex parts, it happens all at
once (the contouring aspect is like any of your fast thoughts).

What you’re actually doing is called “toh
shi,” which the Japanese have been teaching and doing for hundreds of years. *Russel Targ, PhD, taught
hundreds in the CIA how to do this.


Step 2: Find a place near a
wall or part of your house where there�s window glass, plus metal and some wood or drywall (a kind
of chalky stucco-like material in indoor walls). Now stand or sit nearby, and, using the nerves in
your brain (not your eyes), “feel” the different areas, taking time
to concentrate on one (i.e. wood), then
another (i.e. glass), then others. What you’re doing is like tasting the elemental energy of each
different material. If this is the first time you do it, you may not notice
much of a difference today
because it’s your first “taste” of each.

However, tomorrow, after you
have a memory for how each �feels” in that sense, you should begin to notice that different
kinds of materials feel different to remote sensing of the sort. Again, the
Japanese call this toh shi
(which means to �see in�). Different atoms in each material have a different
spectrum and emit different kinds of energy, hence your ability to feel a kind
of difference. Again, be sure to do this with your eyes closed so that you
don’t confuse it with visual information.

You have to be able to make
your mind a dark blank before trying to feel different materials in this way. Try it on different
days, preferably later in the evening when you’re more settled and your brain can calm into those low
frequency ranges. You’ll especially notice the contrasts between two
different materials in your immediate
scan. Even
more vivid is the difference between an object or material and the empty space
around it. Then, when you begin to notice that you can sense the feel of
different materials (stick to basics like wood, metal, plastic, etc.), you can
move up to bigger tasks. For example, pick a neighbor’s house and close your
eyes, then feel inside to sense what materials are there. You’ll then sense
their shape. Don’t try to guess or deduce; just let whatever you sense come
into your mind. Try this at intervals later, with different enclosures and so
on. It’s effective over distances. And finally, remember—remote sensing of
the sort takes you into a more condensed kind of physics in which minds can
meet and share, communicate and form agreements. So, go with a very social
sense of the larger continuum, and be on your best behavior.

Before you begin on day
three, you should allow another day for your first “taste” sensing,
then try it again the next day. An extra
day helps.
THREE �a whole different category

Part 3: If you’ve proceeded
through the first two steps, this part is important. Psychologists note that when you begin to do
remote sensing of the sort (or even if you merely think about an extra-sensory capacity), new
dendrite connections grow in your brain between cells. Like when you learn a foreign
language, it enhances intelligence.

If you’re comfortable with
the previous exercises, now you should try sensing into buildings in order to do preliminary whole-body
sensing of humans (their whole bodies). Also, try sensing animals� thoughts (fast but
subtle imagery, feelings�small birds
are best to study because their fast, subtle movements and
impulses are more akin to an alien�s idea of desired mind-impulse speed).

To different sensers, humans will appear to have
different energy features. Some sensers will immediately shift into a
telepathic awareness of an individual�s consciousness. Others will note a
seeming collective awareness quality in the people in a given location. You can
essentially stretch and contour your focus/resolution when sensing people. All
nerve structure has energy that bleeds into the environment, however subtly. If you’ve been doing the
above exercises, you know how it appears. Some sensers may look for a seeming
light, or a glowing quality to the whole human body (which will be starkly more
pronounced in the cranial area). Others sense it like the thoughts in the dark
of their own minds. You may also notice that different people can be connected,
in various ways. *They may not notice that you’re remotely sensing. As one
contact told Phillip Krapf, in order to do telepathy, begin with another
person�s extremities, then work up to his/her head.

Of course, the same basic
considerations are important: non-violation, gentleness, and no sexual manipulative impulses (they would tend to
backfire, anyway). Better yet, there�s a subtle, almost elusive collective
awareness, like a soft, floating microwhisper of the deepest shared
concerns, feelings, and
more–common to most of the people you’ll pick up on. You can tease this out, but remember: it’s part of a
larger social identity that other species, off-world and withal have kept close track of–probably
since we evolved intelligence. So, this aspect of human awareness comes with highly evolved, finely
textured safeguards. When you sense consciousness, you participate in it. Please, don’t tutor a
violent or criminal person in your developing awareness. Unlike some individuals, I would advise
against trying to financially gain from your developing awareness because the highest forms,
the more vastly, deeply connected of all human+ sensitivities branch
out into equalitarian societies
(and a much more equal human future, believe it or not).

You�ll soon see how remote
sensing leads to profound long-term questions and possibilities. When you sense others, you
can tease out details but there�s a larger, vastly more evolved continuum of
sentience in hyperspace that is, in some ways, essentially looking (or cycling)
back when we look out. Here’s an advanced exercise: try to see
yourself from above. If you’re doing this correctly, you may ctually see faint but
exact, real-time details. However, such vividness isn’t so important, nor
usually something that your body energy can sustain for long. You can also
begin to see entire locations from above (this may not go well if you
aren’t a good, non-violating person, I must caution—they aren’t so
welcome withal.)

Once you get the knack of telepathy and remote sensing in
your local environment, you can begin on the long-distance version. This same
capacity for sensing humans is how you can remotely sense aliens, by the way.
But remember: they often have psychotronic systems that can detect who is

Aliens have learned from other species. Aliens talk about a
deeper, finer kind of conversation with the nature around them. Some learn to
shift, or essentially divide their nerve impulses into the deeper and faster
yet fainter universal whole—which is a fractional awareness (fraction of the
universe) rather than the old, primitive notion of being surrounded by
whole-numbered individual objects. Ever communicate with an alien? If so,
perhaps you noticed that they rarely, if ever reduce their awareness to just
the chatter between you and them. They tend to leave it open to a larger
awareness, i.e. their group or possibly more. They know there’s greater, more
intelligent mind resonance on a larger scale. The best aliens know that such
awareness (a kind of looking back through and beyond themselves) can far exceed
their species bounds.

Again, the easiest place to first practice remote sensing
and telepathy is your back yard. Researchers
suggest that animals can sense other animals� thoughts, believe it or not. In
order to simply survive, animals must feel into every kind of awareness that
they can—with one exception: they must try to disguise their location when animal
predators are close. They must hide their nests, food supply, and babies. As
math professor Barbara Shipman at the University of Rochester notes, honey bees
do a pollen-locating dance for other bees that corresponds to what
mathematicians call �the flag manifold,� which is actually a fifth dimensional
configuration. Lacking rational skepticism about telepathy, animals are free to
do a kind of extra sensory perception. For example, just before the tsunami
devastated Southeast Asia in December of 2004, dogs tugged their owners uphill
and elephants picked people up and carried them to higher ground�before the tsunami was even visible.

In other words, animals can expand their consciousness and
feel into places that direct, line of sight vision cannot. Your best place to
begin sensing such consciousness is with the smallest birds in your back yard,
i.e. finches, juncos, or hummingbirds. Here�s how to do so. Feed them and place
clean water outside for them to drink. In a safe place that rats and mice can�t
access, place bird seed for them to eat, and whenever you go outside to fill their
feeder the small birds will quickly be aware of your presence. Once you�ve
provided for their survival, you’re regarded as friendly and supportive. You
become an extended part of their community.

Animal communications don’t use words or our kind of
“language.” Instead, animals communicate ideas and imagery. Your pet
dog or cat may do the same with you. Some people pick up on such animals� imagery,
and when you respond the animal simply takes it in stride. With small birds, if
you want to feel into their non-verbal communications, you must remember that birds
move quickly and their hearts beat rapidly, so that translates into fast, subtle shifts of consciousness. Again,
those fast shifts of consciousness and concept are much closer to the alien
standard of thought and communications--for many reasons (information density,
rapidity, subtlety and the ability to simultaneously be aware of other individuals
and/or group communications). Aliens resonate thought via gravitics, as we
learned in earlier chapters. Given the fact that gravitics (scalars) can nearly
instantly shift back and forth across the mind, aliens do fast, condensed bursts
of thought. It�s a subtler, better way of communicating.

When practicing with small birds, remember: small birds first
whistle to get attention, which is when they communicate the other fast but faint pictorial, diagrammatic
information. So, be sure to preface your communication to them with an
imitation of their little whistle, then vary it the way they do � when they
respond. An upbeat, friendly chirp means hello,
I have something to communicate. Another reason why it’s best to start with
little birds is that they don’t harass other birds so much. Instead, they group
together for protection, so they�re slightly more communicative.

Speaking from years of experience with birds in my backyard,
I know that small birds can sculpt and focus, dim or soften their second depth
communications to you–the idea seems to be to not broadcast it to competitor
bird species or predators. Birds don’t worry so much about walls and enclosures
because, like humans, their mind resonance goes right through walls (although
it sometimes helps if the birds can see you outside). At first, a feeding
bird�s communications may elude you. They whistle or chirp to each other in a
way that appears to be a preliminary signal to pay attention to the finer,
information-packed second depth imagery and body movement communications that
their brains are capable of. Animals actually feel a kind of emotion (nurturing
love, closeness, appreciation and gratitude, and a sense of community). For
both safety and closeness, small birds gather together on wires to share that
last, fading warmth of the sun’s rays. In that respect, birds are more social
than humans—they gather more often. And how do birds communicate that an
entire flock will shift direction in flight? It may be like what dolphins
reportedly do. They inflate their awareness out into a second depth, a kind of
telepathic sharing, and the entire group can pick up on it. While flying
together as a group birds are safer, hence their communications while in
formation may resonate out into the whole group.

So if you feed small birds then reach out with your thoughts
to rapidly communicate the pictorial thoughts and ideas of your care for them
(i.e. your food and your awareness), don’t be surprised to hear your little
bird friends chirping and faintly resonating fast-burst pictorial ideas to you
then chirping to their mates that you (the provider and bird-aware human) are
stepping outside. Here�s a helpful hint: You don�t communicate with a single, one-dimensional point in the bird�s
head; you communicate and listen into a larger space there. With birds
it’s a fast, subtle
message, but they get very excited if you concentrate on them and communicate
imagery then respond to their thoughts. The simple trick is to think in their
terms, not so much ours. The first test you must pass with small birds is to
know that they are often chased away by jays or other larger birds. So, in
order to watch out for each other, small birds stick together and communicate
as a group. You’ll have to listen for the soft chatter of that smaller-sized
bird community .

And if you�re sympathetic and trusted, they�ll certainly
communicate with you. Compared to humans, they�re very trusting and innocent.

By practicing with birds, by learning to pick up on their
fast shifts of consciousness, you’ll be more competent to interact with aliens
and understand their fast shifts of thought. Remember, aliens don’t necessarily
begin with the human mammal�s idea of consciousness. Don’t assume that the
slow, rolling motions and physical impulses of our ape precursors are the model
for aliens accustomed to mind-activated, mind-sensing psychotronics. The truth
is, birds are closer to an alien kind of rapidity and subtlety (fast shifts of
thought), even though an alien�s large body frame may seem to align with our
simian notion of physiology.

Through practice with small birds, you may also learn to
sculpt and contour your awareness. It’s profound and liberating to see that
supposedly small-brained birds can be so fast and can pack so much detail into
quick bursts of communication (location, intensity, familiarity and belonging,
food concerns, survival, family, weather, and even sentience). But you have to
listen without presumption.

On the other hand, when you remotely sense people you can
get a nearly instant sense of their feelings, moods, concerns, and underlying
considerations but it’s a kind of snap, or
flash sensing of such (not a visual flash, not in a way that you want to be too
noticeable about). With aliens, you get a sense of whether or not they�re
secretive about a potentially harmful agenda, or whether they lack material
motives here and are simply studying us. Know how to not violate aliens and
know how to pull back yet keep your sensitivity alive in the surrounding
continuum if you encounter a problem case (if complications arise, think about
telling someone you can trust and try to get word into internet circles).

Finally, remote
sensing expands your awareness in a way that begins a process of discovery,
plus a very agreeable kind of humbling, a transparency in which no one can
continue to violate others without losing out in a major, all-of-time way.
Remote sensing also allows us to locate and isolate human offenders of the
worst and most brutal sort.

You may wonder—how is long
distance remote sensing possible?

science is so simple that a pre-teen can understand it.

Not only do traveling alien ships do a half-spin and
half-flip into a deep down tied to way-out-there resonance, but when alien
minds interact across great distances, they do more or less the same. They
resonate down into a deeper sub-nuclear structuring of space (it feels like
your awareness nearly instantly half-flips and half-spins or faintly reverses
polarity almost 180 degrees�a kind of inversion) while your mind nearly
instantly resonates out all across a vastly larger orb of space and focuses on
a different place, person or mind. We call that remote sensing, or telepathy.
Remember, the various quanta (atomic particles) of your brain are curved and
shaped like all others in the universe, so they can resonate neatly and tightly
with them. And it isn�t merely you resonating outwardly. Instead, a larger,

greater resonance converges back upon/within you. That part of it more clearly
defines what such resonance really is (a larger continuity that you become
sensitive to and part of).

When you do this nearly
instant half-flip, half rotation of your mind’s awareness it feels
like it converges and concentrates slightly more along
an inner axis (in your central brain stem areas). If you could see
inside the central parts of your brain, the nearly instant flow of this energy
would roughly follow the line of a question mark (?) moving up from the bottom
dot (the lower part of your head) then bending part-way toward your forehead as
it goes around the upper curve of the question mark (still in the central parts
of your brain) then bending back around toward the back of your head as
it curves down then slightly inward–past the left hook of the question
mark. However, this nearly instant, looped movement isn�t along a sharp line
because it occurs along a smeared-out space. It simply converges and cancels
out energy from above, below, and around. *Finally, when doing telepathy and
remote viewing, you only notice that instant looped (?) routing in your head
initially. Thereafter, you gently hold and contour that converged
configuration in the central parts of your brain, allowing you to smoothly
use the rest of your brain for thought and essentially faded, parallel
contouring. All of this feels fairly relaxed � with just a slight tightening.
So, for near spaces like another city, the curve or parabola of your contour is
less open, while for a more distant, larger space (another planet or the entire
galaxy) the curve or parabola of your contour is more open. It resonates with
the distant other sides of that larger, contoured (orb-like) space or membrane.
You�ll do all of this intuitively without thinking about it, later.

In short, your mind converges
energy waves that seem to cancel out on a surface level, yet when they�re
intricately and nearly-instantly varied, they resonate down into and across a
slightly deeper kind of hyper-space. When your mind merely contours this
kind of convergence, it varies the energy level (so that has a smooth feel,
rather than a rat-a-tat-tat pulsed feel to it). Because this kind of remote
sensing / telepathy occurs across a distance, it has a kind of out-of-body

Believe it or not, the furthest
parts of the universe far off in one direction are expanding at speeds
approaching the speed of light, while the opposite sides of the universe are
doing the same. So, put together, the universe is literally expanding faster
than light. Rather than flatly rip the fine-scale structure of space
apart, that outward pull marginally cycles tiny atomic quanta inwardly, where
they roundly resonate with the larger expansion of space, or hyperspace. *Those
furthest parts of the universe aren�t flat, linear extensions–-instead, they
curve tightly.

Let�s repeat that because it�s
important. Rather than flatly rip the fine-scale structure of the universe
apart, the outward expansion of the universe is curvedly paralleled by the
inward cycling of gravity, black holes, and the squeezed-together fusion of
atoms in stars. So, the outward expansion of the universe is both connected to,
if not determined by, an inward cycling of the universe (and vice versa). Those
two energies resonate with each other, all around us, all the time.
Again, aliens know how to contour that inward energy so that it resonates with
the outward. Please remember, an atom is mostly empty space, and the same is
true of your mind and body. So, that same hyperspace resonance occurs in and
around every atom of your mind and body. All you need to do is learn how to
curvedly contour and vary it—almost instantly to do remote sensing.

People who take time to get up to speed on remote sensing have what is,
in effect, a second depth of awareness because they both think and feel beyond
their immediate, physical bodies. Second depth awareness involves a deeper,
often intuitive awareness of gravitic resonance on a greater, outward scale.
Second depth awareness allows telepathy to network through many different
people at the same time and eventually graduates into a higher order of
thought: community of mind. When you do
such, remember:

the shared universal standards for doing so are civilized, non-violent,
and equalitarian. If you proceed otherwise, you probably won�t get far. Among
aliens, second depth awareness is as necessary as is a child�s ability to
de-center (see him/herself as not being the center of everything). It�s simply
another stage of maturation.

The best way to visualize how
remote mind communication occurs is to compare it to what scientists call a �quantum mirage,� a simple yet
important science phenomenon.

The Quantum Mirage Model of
Resonance (feeling into extra-dimension)
For the beginner, we can offer a
simplified model of how a mind resonates with a distant place.
In a graphically simplified sense, you resonate all around the inner surface of
a great, expanded orb-space, which is like a membrane. So, way over here, you
contour the focus so that it also coheres far away—on the inside edge of the
opposite side of that orb-like space. You perturb and contour your focus, which
goes hyper-quickly all around the inside of that vast orb-space, but your focus
is diametrically opposite (or anywhere else you choose along its curvature).
How far, how thoughtfully, and to what depth you resonate within all of that
space depends on your thinking and your character—which is why it helps
to read and think about alien thought and standards.

So, to do remote sensing you instantly expand your awareness
out like a great balloon of space, with your perspective a little to
one side of the center of that space. You can faintly feel the
difference between dense planets vs. the empty space all around them. How does
that feel? For practice, try sensing the difference between objects
around you and the air or space around them. When you do, you sense the
difference with your brain�s nerve structure. You need to be resting with a
clear mind when you do this. You can do it once you’re settled. For example, I
can sit in a room, and without knowing which direction the moon is, I inflate
out into that entire distant space so that the dense, rocky moon stands out
(albeit faintly). Then I can sense from any perspective out in space—it's as
though the resonance goes throughout the entire sphere of space between me and
the moon and an equal distance behind me, also. I feel a faint but clear
resonance throughout the space I�ve just contoured: if feels like a finely
fluctuating but connected plasma, and dense bodies stand out. If I slightly
vary my one side of that space, it immediately pulls and resonates the other
side. Due to the expansion and inward cycling of the universe, when I fluctuate
the near side of that space, I resonate with the entire space (it�s like slightly
stretching a giant balloon in and out, nearly instantly).

However, as you get
better and more skilled at this, and, more importantly, as you begin to feel
into and participate in the larger community and assimilate alien norms
(and their better science), you begin to notice that this kind of mind
resonance has an extra, hyper-fast aspect, which is like a �quantum
mirage.� Here�s what a quantum mirage looks like. Imagine a tiny enclosure that

have sucked all the air out
of. Inside is a vacuum—nothing but empty space. When scientists focus energy
so that an electron or a photon appears in one corner of that enclosure,
similar particles quickly appear then disappear in the
opposite corner of the enclosure! That�s why it�s called a quantum mirage.115
Physicist Peter Horava, at the University of California, Berkeley, suggests
that space-time, itself, may actually be a quantum mirage.116 http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/08/spacetime-is-a-mirage-einsteins-heir-1.html
IBM scientists working
with quantum mirages suggested that they might be used to do a kind of remote
sensing. Ironically,
long-distance human telepathy (and remote sensing) does exactly that.

Once you become familiar
with the feel of the long-distance (gravitic) resonance described in previous
pages, with your mind you actually do the following. Nearly
instantaneous gravitic resonance occurs in a way
that�s like multiple shells of a quantum mirage but those shells aren�t in a
lab enclosure. Instead, they occur in a vastly
larger, orb-like configuration of different, successively larger concentric
shells such that mirage fluctuations appear in each next outer shell so
hyper-quickly that they�re distributed or can be variably focused throughout
that next shell (or far beyond). Why? Because gravitic fluctuations of the
larger universe are all around you, also. So, you can focus and
configure such resonance using your mind. You can do so because gravitic
resonance can be contoured deftly with little energy.

And just what are those
shells? They�re a deeper, and, at the same time, a further-out kind of gravity
that exists in the universe, a kind of half-state (or alternative fractional
state) in which black holes and bizarre energy fluctuations exist but are, in
some strange way, smeared out in hyperspace. *Think of them as rapidly
appearing, then disappearing �virtual� event horizons that you can finely
contour and focus with your mind�s resonance. It can be big or small—however
you choose. It occurs in a slightly faded, subtle way, like all remote sensing.

Aliens do this daily (in the next chapter, we�ll show how
more vividly). They share thoughts and communicate or do remote probing far out
into larger spaces. CSETI director Dr. Steven Greer does it and writes about
it. And, along with numerous other human remote sensers, I rely on such methods
daily.117 In short, what once seemed impossible is, according to
numerous aliens (and humans), now easily possible. However, if you�re new to
this, it may sound so weird that you wonder how you could ever do it. It takes
a little time to develop such sensitivities, so be patient. And remember,
aliens do it every single day, and so can you–once you�re ready. (The fact
that you�re even reading a book like this shows that you�re willing to venture
in a way that could soon allow you to do so.)

To recap, when gravitic fluctuations (like those contoured
by your mind) are focused near one side of a resonance shell-space, they
fluctuate more rapidly just beyond the opposite side and into the next
larger shell, which causes faster yet fainter mirage fluctuations into
and around that next shell (that next shell can be vast and huge, depending on
the scale of your awareness). So, those mirage fluctuations have a
multiply-scaled, hyper-fast information capacity much like a so-called �quantum
computer,� which,
strange as it may sound, solves a problem by hyper-quickly calculating all
possible solutions except those listed in an equation. *The
furthest outer �shell� is the universe.

Now here�s the weird part. Because there is or can be no
�outer� shell of the universe (every place seems like it�s the center), the
outermost shell is inversely mirage-linked to the innermost (like reciprocal
fractions, in a sense—i.e. what Bearden describes). Again, that kind of
linkage is finely and deeply fractional. Why fractional? Because in the overall
physics of the universe, the only whole-numbered (one) quantity is the
entire universe—when modeled from the very beginnings to the very ends of
time. All the rest, including those furthest-out-tied-to-deepest-inward
fluctuations, are merely fractions of that larger whole. That�s why scientists
see a smeared out, non-local quality in all atomic particles. That�s probably
both how and why all quanta fluctuate and resonate so elusively. Remember,
we�re talking about the quanta (atomic particles and energy packets) of your
mind and how they can resonate into and across a hyper-intelligent universe. If
you�ve ever interacted with aliens, in any way, or if you�ve ventured into
remote sensing you probably already have a feel for how this is done.

Again, it�s like an inverted (fractional) event horizon that resonates
across a BIG orb-like space (or a mixed alien community), cycling both finely
inwardly and further outwardly at the same time. So, all across and within that
inverted event horizon are fractional wave fluctuations. Because
they’re fractional, they whip across the entire, larger space faster-than-light.
That’s why you don’t see such fluctuations as hot, local waveform. They cycle
far out, hyper-quickly in hyperspace (hyperspace is a slightly deeper kind of
half-state in which black holes and exotic energy fluctuations occur).

Because those fractional waveforms tie big cosmic parameters (gravity)
to tiny sub-atomic parameters, they smear out into a slightly deeper kind of
hyperspace that you don’t see so visibly, but you can certainly sense it with
your nerve structure (which is composed of such resonance). You can sense
fractional waveform when, using your mind, you remotely scan alien energy
networks, or when you simply communicate (telepathically) into and across
hyperspace. It’s easier than it sounds. Those mirage-like
fluctuations go both to and from a person when he/she remotely communicates (or
resonates) into and across hyperspace. Meanwhile, it�s important to read and
think about aliens and their science because when a person sees otherworldly flight
craft or beings he/she often won’t even notice what�s beyond his or her
learning and awareness, or character. For example, some people see bizarre,
unexpected alien vehicles in broad daylight, but because the sight is so far
from what they�d normally expect, it doesn�t quite register in their minds. So
they see it, but they don�t talk about it later.

If you remotely interact with aliens, your personal
character may come into question because in an inhabited universe no crude
offender (or brown-nosing elitist) can just glom onto more advanced minds. An offending, low order mind simply doesn�t sense the finer,
tighter details of greater community character. So offenders don�t think as
clearly and sustainedly or as honestly as do minds of the greater, mixed
community. This one, basic distinction is most important, as we�ll see in later

Nonetheless, in a larger, mixed community of human and alien
mind interactions, it�s safer and better to be careful if either human or alien
violators are around. If you remotely / telepathically interact in a mixed
alien-human community (a mix of different types and categories of aliens plus
humans) you�ll hear a lot about this.

In short, we don�t have to be slaves to an offending group
of aliens. We can now interact with or investigate a mixed variety of distant
aliens in a way that exceeds any single regime�s bounds. There are larger,
finer parameters that better minds both visit and look back from, when compared
to offenders. The potential and capacities of those larger, finer parameters
are phenomenal. So, in many ways good minds can vastly exceed offending minds.
Good minds interact using a language of open ideas and resonance, while
offending minds are limited to closed, often domineering limitations.
Good minds go further.

The quantum mirage model of resonance is useful in remote
sensing and in shared community of mind. Long distance resonance of the sort
allows us to explore new contacts with distant (and neighboring) aliens, right
now, as an alternative to the gray alignment. In fact, we can interact and be
aware in more than one location, sometimes smearing out into, or across a
number of distant locations. We�ll talk more about how to do so in the next

In order to exceed the limitations of gray alignment
offenders, you must first be better than they are, i.e. non-violent /
non-violating and non-destructive. It�s simply a matter of self-control and
always thinking in terms of the larger universal premise (which is both
friendly and accommodating). Only then can you look back on, and skip over or
probe an entire offending network—all the way across and beyond it.
Better minds both inhabit and are more deeply composed of those extra
parameters and considerations.

Because the universe is deeply inhabited by and partly
composed of highly evolved mind(s) that encompass large group interactions, we
sometimes find that more information streams back through and beyond a given
individual than he or she actually sends out. However, you must first learn to
recognize, then sense such detail. Aliens do so by seeing themselves as mere
fractions of a greater universal whole. They keep their awareness alive that

In larger group mind interactions, there may be tight,
fairly evolved character requirements. In such communities, the finer, greater
topology (an elastic, ever moving geometry) of honesty always goes further and
sees/knows more than greedy, dishonest minds. That much is a mathematical
certainty. Why?

Because dishonest minds collapse into and are limited by
their own, peculiar illusions and arrogations. They separate from the larger,
finer reality, so they simply don�t go as far. Better, more capable minds
usually don�t fall into the low-order rut of greedy, destructive offenders.
They skip over them, yet via subtle bursts of energy they can probe the details
of an offender�s entire network. *The best and most capable aliens commit to
improving both themselves and others.

If this kind of great-scale, long distance mind interaction
sounds phenomenal, that�s because it is. And you can easily be part of it—if
you do so carefully.

Hyper-advanced aliens sometimes try to show that empty space
isn�t really so empty, after all. Long ago, human physicists found that
supposedly �empty� space teems with the hyper-fast appearance and
disappearance of high-energy particles, which trace out �virtual� event
horizons. So, in a sense, the universe is constantly cycling back into itself
via those virtual fluctuations, gravity, and black holes. In other words, time
cycles deeply into a strangely connected yet very real kind of hyperspace
(which is probably what makes seemingly empty space possible, in the first
place). Unlike old human theory, alien science shows that time doesn�t run off
along an infinite, straight line, nor does the universe simply expand forever
and fade out like burning physical embers. Instead, the universe cycles back
into itself. The greater cosmos cycles into tiny, sub-quantum phenomena (i.e.
in your mind), and vice versa.

Some hyper-advanced aliens have stated that the universe is
much older than our 13.7 billion year Big Bang scenario (which is defined by
event horizons, not necessarily an end point).118 Alien Mind, Alien
Agenda, also eastern cosmologies If the universe actually is older than we
thought, and if mirage-like resonance cycles a hyper-elastic kind of time back
into itself, then the universe isn�t merely inhabited by a visible diversity of
aliens. Instead, the resonance of an older, fainter and more tortuously folded
universe suggests that the universe isn�t simply intelligent at a distance; it
is intrinsically hyper-intelligent.

How could that be, and what does that actually mean?

It�s due to the fact that community of mind connects over
vast distances via inverted (or reciprocal) event horizons that can trace out and resonate with each
other faster-than-light—-they appear and disappear so fast in �empty space�
that most people don�t even detect them (you actually do this in remote
sensing). *Those shell-spaces we talked about earlier would be contoured by
(twistingly folded, or inverted) hyperspace event horizons. So, a greater,
faintly extended universe of the sort would twistingly fold back, or cycle into
itself—with a subtle kind of equivalency. Once again, we see that a basic
kind of equivalency is the premise for both the physics and the ecology of the
entire universe.

And why would that be important? Because the universe
isn�t a vast, intricately connected puzzle waiting to be hot-wired by human
sociopaths and alien repeat offenders. The distance across and within those
great shell-spaces of mind interactions cannot be crossed, cannot be known by
minds that don�t accept the basic, universal terms of non-violence and
non-destructive ecology. Crude, degraded minds fail to register the finer,
greater ideas that have prevailed over time. The two are simply a mismatch;
they don�t equate. So, an unregenerate primitive can�t feel into greater
interactions to which his/her mind is numb or insensitive.

Nonetheless, in human-alien interactions we must be careful
not to help offenders or fall into the trap of crude violators. We�ll discuss
how your mind can leap far beyond them then look back through and beyond
them via a phenomenal double distance, of a sort. You can do the same when
violated by offending aliens. How can we possibly do that? The answer is both
simple and easy to understand. Again, as the universe expands, it
ever-so-slightly pulls on the very structure of empty space—all of the empty
space, everywhere, including the space in the atoms of your very own head.
Rather than flatly rip the fine-scale structure of the universe apart, the
expansion of the universe is curvedly paralleled by the inward cycling of
gravity, black holes, and the squeezed-together fusion of atoms in stars. So,
the outward expansion of the universe is both connected to, if not determined
by, an inward cycling of the universe (and vice versa). Those two energies resonate
with each other, all around us, all the time. A good mind can simply resonate beyond
an extra double distance—beyond the limitations of alien offenders. We�ll
explore how to do so in the next chapter.

sounds more complex than it actually is, or feels, when you begin to interact
with aliens. While on the subject, here are some basic guidelines for safe
human interactions with aliens.

Some simple guidelines for
interactions with aliens

1. Listen
for extra details. Don’t assume you/we know all about aliens.

2. Don’t
appoint yourself a representative of humankind. Seven billion people here
expect you to respect their rights and existence, your global responsibility.
Don’t make yourself look ridiculous by saying you’re an ambassador. You can’t
possibly be�unless named by an elected, representative global assembly of

3. Don’t
offer information that can be used to (possibly criminally) manipulate
humankind. Don’t prime aliens on strategies for easy ways to “handle”
humans. Some aliens, i.e. so called “gray” related colonizers, have
been known to ask about just that. If you inform them that way, other
neighboring aliens and humans will cite you for naively violating your own

4. Remember
and be sure to remind aliens that humans are in the process of a fast burst of
change, so it takes time for new, alien-related ideas to sink in. Remember how
long it took for you to feel comfortable with how aliens think and behave?

5. Always
think and act as though the interaction includes other humans. Otherwise, you
may stray unwittingly or certain aliens may try to inflate your ego, thus
making easy, stupid play of you. Please, report what you learn to other
humans—allow their inputs and critiques in order to better test and refine
your observations.

6. Get
rid of all violent or misplaced metaphor in your communications with aliens (and
in mind communications with humans). That makes for a greater, more agreeable
and trusting community (more individuals interacting with shared purpose).

7. Remember
that alien mind and technology looks at and perceives the whole cloud of your
thinking, not just a linear string of words you emphasize. If you can, try to
arrange your thoughts so that there are different, ever subtler envelopes, or
clouds of considerations surrounding any thought. Aliens can be expected to
have mastered the ability to communicate those secondary and/or tertiary
thought clouds effectively (which is an easier way to think,


8. Given
their larger experience, expect aliens to subtly try to frame the context of
the interaction. They may try to give you hints or indirectly steer your
inquiry. Know when they go coldly silent for fear of saying too much—those
moments are indicators of how they structure their approach to humankind.

9. Don’t
expect aliens to answer your every question or fill your every cup. Don’t ask
for material reward, which would contaminate both your thinking and theirs.

10. Be careful
to watch for and report on any manipulative behaviors (by definition neurotic)
or resource motivations among aliens. Imagine what your human peers will think
if you’re perceived to be helping an alien colonizer.

11. Look and
listen for indications of further, either monitoring or sub-networked aliens
(other populations) either listening to, or possibly orchestrating the doings
of the alien(s) you interact with. Older, more evolved populations may be
bundled into the interaction.

12. Keep in
mind the fact that over time, aliens can be expected to have moderated or to
have genetically altered the intensity of their emotions in order to better
work together. So, any gushes or strong emotions on your part may be seen as
unusual, or, in some cases, even primitive, by aliens. Expect to see/perceive
subdued, relatively dry emotions among aliens (as though the volume were simply
turned down one third or less).

13. Expect to
encounter aliens who value the collective social identity over individual
identity. Group mind interactions will have cultivated this for long periods of
their histories.

14. Finally, be
aware that, due to intricate long-distance networks of interaction, aliens
probably think of “civilization" as a greater cosmic complexity,
rather than frame it in terms of one population or another. However, don’t let
yourself be duped by aliens who tell you that they officially represent that
entire, universal civilization. Look for counter-posed checks and balances
between alien populations, a hoped-for (yet not always realized) universal
equivalency, overall.

15. Above all
else, don�t abandon all critique when interacting with aliens. Instead, work to
transcribe and refine your critique. Please, for your sake and for the rest of
us who live on this planet, keep it alive.

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> Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 21:03:42 -0400
> Subject: Re: [prepare4contact] Re: Oldest Group of Known Aliens Announce Themselves
> Thank you for your kind response(s) to a post that could easily have
> elicited a venomous reaction.
> I am in my 50’s and have had an innate sense since I have been a young
> child that extraterrestrial life exists and visits the Earth. This,
> of course, to the ridicule of the majority over the years. I was most
> disappointed by my maternal grandfather. He was a brilliant man who
> still read books on anything that piqued his interest well into his
> eighties, including technical books on aerodynamics, etc. I could
> never get him to consider that within the enormity of the universe,
> other civilizations most certainly had to be at least reasonably common.
> I have always (despite how I may have come across) considered myself
> very open minded regarding the overall topic. Sometimes I lay in bed
> and say silently “Contact me, you will not find a human more eager and
> more accepting of friendly contact. I know you exist, just give me a
> sign”. Obviously, THAT hasn’t worked.
> You reference that the methods are outlined for anyone to check on. I
> am also sensitive to the fact you must be tired of continually
> responding to amateurs who ask for guidance. But could you PLEASE
> just spoon feed me a few tidbits of how to begin trying to communicate
> with these other wonderful beings?
> Robert